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The story can be seen here or on the CMS Web site. In Orikumi, in cooperation with the NGO "Laguna e Kalter", were organized meetings with pupils and teachers of the Orikumi high school.

These activities were followed with a local workshop in Vlora. Mlle Narimane Derghal nany-k caramail. Melesha Banhan mgunning sat. Any other information that you can provide me with will be greatly appreciated as we offer continuous training sessions to both our staff and the community on environmental issues and this information can prove very useful. Jorge Cappato, Coordinador nacional, and his colleagues at Proteger rios.

Here goes a summary both in English and Spanish. The region has Ramsar sites of unique landscape, biological and cultural value: The outstanding variety of aquatic birds is one of the main attractions in this area. For copies mail to: On Humedales Chaco, see also: Alejandra Cornejo acornejo cedepesca. El DMH coincide con las vacaciones escolares, por lo cual obligadamente o lo trabajamos antes o despues las vacaciones son de diciembre a marzo.

Paola Germain pgermain criba. Tenemos material sobre estos lugares que vamos a incluir en la muestra.

Por el momento estamos trabajando en esto, pero puede ser que se agruegue alguna otra actividad que se nos ocurra. Alejandro Felipe Oliver afo ecosrioplatenses. Osvaldo Montenegro omontenegro malargue. Alejandro Giraudo alegiraudo arnet.

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Viviana Pusterla vpusterla temaiken. Adjunto un link en el que se puede ver el folleto y el poster, para que, si es posible, sea publicado en la pagina Ramsar http: Many activities have been planned across Australia to celebrate World Wetlands Day. These activities include seminars, guided walks, learning about the fauna and flora of wetlands, festivals, bird watching, displays and wetland rehabilitation activities. For further information on activities and communication products, visit www.

The website will be updated as new activities are registered. The possible suggestions for activities working with local "Landcare" groups in several locations include guided walks in Corio Bay Ramsar site and Port Curtis. John Caven johncaven optusnet. Members of the Metropolitan Branch of Field and Game Australia will commemorate this occasion this year on 31 January by visiting wetlands, cleaning out nest boxes, replenishing straw, all of which is aimed at improving the efficiency whilst educating the general community and informing all levels of government.

It is planned that this will assist our community consultation phase. The local rangers planned guided tours and information talks from experts in water management, flora, fauna, threatened species and water watch. Activities were organised from 2pm to 4pm with a total of 60 people joining in.

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A great display was erected with many handouts, stickers, posters, display of local animals, hands on activities and free refreshments. The weather was great and it was proposed to organise activities again for next year when water levels are higher.

A big thanks to those from Mt Gambier who helped on the day. For more information on the Fauna Park see http: We will send a report after the day, including photos. Thanks very much for your support. The Borrell-a-kandelop meaning resting place for waterbirds in local language project is running a free bird identification day on the Western District Ramsar Lakes site. We will have the assistance of local expert naturalists who will help us to identify migratory and non-migratory birds.

A number of local agencies have joined together to run activities for WWD Students from a local primary school will come along and participate in Waterwatch and stormwater education activities and also become wetland detectives for the day on their discover the wetlands walk. The role of science in managing tropical rivers, wetlands, estuaries and coastal ecosystems.

We will be acknowledging WWD and using the promotional material to send a positive message to participants about the significance of our wetlands. Kylie Yeend, Project Officer ramsar wetlands. Here is his report with photos. Landesregierung in Linz, in cooperation with the national government, indicates that Austria is designating its newest Ramsar site, National Park Kalkalpen in Upper Austria, to be effective as of 2 February Descriptions of all five can be found here.

The "Life Minister" presents the new five Ramsar sites - all of them in the mountains! The Minister also will present a new Brochure "Ramsar in Austria" containing information on the general Ramsar commitments as well as on all the 16 Austrian Ramsar sites. The fund will be managed by "Naturschutzbund". Two more Ramsar sites are in preparation. Wetlands at Work for Us' at Dirk Francisco internship bas.

These include the world's first Jaguar reserve, a Ramsar listed wetland site, and the world renowned dive destination - the Great Blue Hole. We work closely with the communities that surround the protected areas - recognising that their cooperation and input is essential to our work. BAS is the oldest conservation NGO in Belize, and over most of the 21 years since Belize's independence from Great Britain has been charged with managing eight of Belize's most biologically and topographically diverse protected areas.

Most of the activities are geared towards the school children from the communities. Valerie Higgins and all at the Bureau, We welcome the Bureau's initiative to involve local NGOs, working for wetlands, in the campaign celebrating the World Wetland Day, by providing information materials in a form that could be published in local languages as well. Congratulations for the wonderful choice of a motto for the campaign! We got them right on time - Every Regional office of BSPB will organize something interesting for the celebration for the local public.

Together with "Green Balkans" from Plovdiv in the framework of our cooperation with Danube Environmental Forum we organised this. Valentina Fidanova from "Green Balkans" will send you several copies from the Bulgarian version of the sticker. An article is under preparation for the environmental bulletin "Ecopolis" here in Sofia.

The information materials you sent to us will be used also during the planned trainings for NGOs and school pupils later this year. Mekong River Basin, above. Prom Nga stwetlands camintel. Nous comptons ONGs.

Chi Napoleon Forpah nforpah yahoo. Highlights will be on the wise use of wetlands in Cameroon, functions and values of wetlands, the challenges faced and the progess Cameroon has made towards the ratification of the Ramsar Covention. There will be a field visit to strategic wetlands sites at the center of Bamenda town and in the Ndop plains. Last year over visitors participated in the two-day festival. The weekend's events run in honour of World Wetlands Day, and feature salmon stream and hatchery tours, activity stations in our wetlands-based Ribbitting Gallery, animal features in the Graham Amazon Gallery and a variety of family shows based on wetland conservation that include tips on what 'you' can do to help the future of the world's wetlands.

Cathy Olliffe olliffe sympatico. Wetlands protection has always been very important to us -- last year we published bookmarks on the subject and we are also involved in a battle to save a Provincially Significant Wetland from being sold off by developers. Kelly DiDomenico kd trafalgar. We would be grateful if you could send us some materials to help us out. Tasha Murray, River Works Coordinator riverworks vanaqua. Volunteers from the Vancouver Aquarium and other community groups will participate in a scavenger hunt to learn more about local wetlands, and contribute to the restoration of the bog through a debris cleanup.

I would like to give something away to the participants who come out. If you could send some of your stickers the ones with the lily pads are nice! We are also preparing for this year's contest celebration. By using celebration activities, we want to promote the development of wetland conservation and wise use and draw broad attention to the business, not only domestically but also internationally.

According to the plan, Mr. Together, some congressmen of environment committee and members of CPPCC, the national top politic advisor body, will also be invited to attend the activities. Zhou Shengxian and Mr. Zhang Jianlong, Director of China Ramsar Convention Implementing Office, the certificates to honor their outstanding contribution to China wetlands conservation in recent years.

Moreover, we plan to award the new proposed 14 China Ramsar Sites with the framed certificates made by Ramsar Bureau at the news conference. Additionally, representatives from other governmental sectors and agencies related to wetlands, as well as some NGOs, will be invited to the celebrations. Lo Wai-an lowaiyan conservancy. As a champion of sustainable development, we are dedicated to the protection of the environment and the conservation of natural and cultural heritage.

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of both this and future generations, and to ensure that Hong Kong shoulders her regional and global environmental responsibilities. We achieve this by advocating appropriate policies, monitoring government action, promoting environmental education and taking a lead in community participation. In the coming WWD, we will also organise activities in collaboration with the government and other green groups.

We would like to request for some of the items for information and education. Welcome to our Web site, though most of the information is in Chinses, photos are still attractive http: The reedbeds over 46 ha is probably the largest reedbed in the Guangdong Province, Southern China. On 2 February, to further encourage public participation in wetland conservation, a group of secondary school students will help clear Mikania micrantha in the reserve.

In addition, WWF Hong Kong is also co-organising wetland awareness activities with local NGOs in neighbouring Macau, to further raise the awareness importance to local community. Se encuentra a una altura de mtrs s. Two posters were produced - one was result of the open contest for the primary school children, the theme was protection of wetlands and the best work was awarded and printed as a poster.

As National focal point for implementation of Ramsar Convention my team and I produced the poster, the motto was: The picture was taken in Lonjsko polje. The folder was also printed with a short explanation of main values of the Ramsar sites in Croatia.

On this occasion the Minister of Environment held the press conference and I personally gave three lectures on Wetlands Day in three different places. These activities were supported through three radio emissions and a number of newspaper articles on this subject in which I was explaining the importance of the protection of wetlands.

Also a very instructive exhibition on Ramsar sites and the role of Ramsar convention was installed in the main hall in the Ministry building and lasted for two weeks. In short we did our best to stress the importance of the wetlands in Croatia. Jan Woollhead jaw NPK.

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The site include also historical monuments of national importance, for example, remnants of an old medieval herring market.

The event is a sailing tour with the old post boat delivering post and goods to the few inhabitants at the fjord. From the boat we will look at the wintering birds and tell about their conditions, the ecology of the fjord, and the settlements.

We will also have a walk of the peninsular Albuen. Since the project's policy is grass-roots involvement, special emphasis was put on celebrating that day in its protected areas. Coordination with local mosques was rendered to include the issue of environment and wetlands conservation, in their Friday prayers preaching, on Feb.

T-shirts and stickers for that special occasion were produced and distributed, and the Project Assistant obtained sponsorship from Pepsi Foods, in the form of crisp bags and soft drinks, distributed to the attendees on the WWD. Following is a report of activities held at each protectorate - Zaranik, Omayad, and Burullus - in celebration of that day. Olga Quevedo Pinos oquevedo espoltel.

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El evento se trata de una serie de conferencias sobre los humedales que ya han sido designados en el Ecuador y las politicas ambientales respecto a los mismos. Jugal Tiwari jugalt yahoo. So far seen species and photographed species. I wish to bring out poster of some endangered species like Arabian Bustard and White-eyed Gulls", as well as a slide show for the people on 'Birdlife of Massawa Eritrea'.

WWD was celebrated for the first time in Ethiopia through an awareness raising workshop at Jimma University. The workshop was held in Jimma, the major centre in the southwest highlands of Ethiopia where wetlands are a recurrent landscape feature.

These headwater wetlands in the Nile and Omo river systems are under increasing pressure as a result of population growth, upland degradation and commercialisation. Jimma University, one of the new regional universities, is in the process of developing new teaching and research activities, one of which will focus on sustainable wetland utilisation. For more details see: Here's a photo of the building and a bit more detail.

Florence Lecossois stagiaire forum-marais-atl. Luc Brun lucbrun wanadoo. Here are some details. View this superb page at http: Here is a reprint.

The Water Management Agency of the Rhone-Mediterranean-Corsica RMC catchment basin in France Agence de l'eau RMC hosted a perfectly organised meeting on 29 January, as a contribution to World Wetlands Day, in Lyon's state-of-the-art Conference Palace and brought together people to discuss the National Wetland Plan, representing many different administrations, elected councillors and mayors, river, water and wetland technicians, managers and scientists, industrials, local stakeholders, farmers, fishermen, hunters, NGOs and user-groups, coming essentially from the extensive catchment basin covering about a fourth of France's territory.

The World Wetlands Day open house at the Biological Station of the Tour du Valat in southern France was marred by obstructive demonstrations by representatives of a hunters' association. Aura Penloup penloup tour-du-valat.

Nicaise Rabenkogo rabenkog inet. Dr Michael Trepel michael ecology. The programme is available at http: Charles Amankwah amankwah wildlife-gh. Deposition of proper food to the waterbirds in many frozen wetlands; Protection of wetlands from any illegal activity, mainly illegal hunting, by the Body of Wildlife Protection of our Federation; Participation in the National Agricultural Exhibition in Thessaloniki, where on the 2nd of February we will inform, using leaflets, video and slide shows, the thousands of visitors about the importance of wetlands in the conservation of biodiversity and in fulfilling human needs; Completion of the midwinter waterfowl census, that were made by the Game-biologists of the Federation; Press releases, interviews".

Hans Jerrentrup ecoconsult-epo kav. In the course of our projects and especially the public awareness work, we are planning a large event for the celebration of the WWD and later in March again we will organize several meetings with stakeholders of the area.

It would be therefore very useful if you could still mail us a series of the beautiful Ramsar Poster Exhibit, as well as some more stickers and the Functions and Values package. Urania Giannakou ran vet. Presentation of the traditional musselculture's techniques, within the Ramsar area, by local fishermen, for students.

Birdwatching for locals, with competions and awards the WWD Ramsar posters, stickers and calendaries. A wetland organized walk along the coastal zone, for all the participants. After the closure of the events and if the halcyon days are still with us, a picnic for the students will be held in the delta area. Ramesh Lilwah rameshlilwah yahoo.

Guyana is not yet a signatory to the Convention on Wetlands but we are certainly a part of the wetlands family and wetland ecosystems are part of our natural wealth. We acknowledged World Wetlands Day this year at the Environmental Protection Agency of Guyana by mounting a book display on wetlands.

All our Ramsar publications were viewed by the staff of the Agency and others who use the library. Dr Janos Tardy of the Ministry for Environment writes: Some participants had been given an overview on the current scientific and nature conservation activities of Northern Hungary. High-level decision makers from central and local governments, representatives from research institutes and educational organisations were presented as well as the media.

It is our belief that WWD events can help to convey the Ramsar message and ultimately achieve the wise use and conservation of wetlands. The Web site www. A report will follow. A birdwatching programme is planned for WWD in order to sensitize the local people to the values of wetlands. Rakesh Fauzdar of the Keoladev Research Foundation surajziddi hotmail.

Following the events, Dr Suraj Ziddi of the Keoladev Research Foundation sent to the Bureau a thorough hardcopy report of the events with photographs and press clippings. This function is always organised in Harike wetland, where local people are also invited to share their views about benefits to them from Harike Wetland and students are apprised of the rich flora, fauna and functioning of wetland.

Last year we had received material from the Bureau.

Press releases -

I shall be extremely thankful to you if you send me the material [for WWD] -- Your help will go in a long way to organising and educating the students and local people. The WWD would be celebrated jointly by Chilika Development Authority, Pallishree a leading NGO working in Chilika area, State Tourism Department and the local community to commemorate the vibrant cultural heritage of the Chilika lagoon which used to serve as a natural port for the maritime trade in the past, a boat rally along with the boat sailing festival would be observed during the WWD More than number of traditional boats decorated with ethnic touch and the local fisher-folk dressed in their traditional attire will participate in the boat rally as well as boat sailing festival.

Rucha Chitnis rucha11 hotmail. The response was great! Here is a brief summary of what we did. If you could put it up on your Web site we would be thrilled. We hope this acts like a mulitplier effect and students the world over can get proactive and start a chain to save these precious ecosystems!! Dr Sukanta Banik sukbanik sancharnet. For this purpose we have conducted a seminar on Conservation and Sustainable use of Wetland on this day. The seminar was followed by 50 scientists to observe Int.

Dr Paresh Pandya reports by letter that Gujarat Vigyan Parishad, Centre for Environment Education, and Kotak Science College Saurashtra UniversityRajkot, celebrated 2 February in the Kutch region of Gujarat with a week's programme of an exhibition, poster display, video showings, drawing and essay competitions, and has launched a state and district public awareness campaign on wetlands and their cultural values.

Iran, Islamic Republic of. Karin Dubsky dubsky iol. Marsha Mason mmason nepa. Additionally, there will be a tour of the Black River Lower Morass Ramsar Site, and as well, a talk that includes a presentation and exhibition. Steve Sawa, the mayor's environmental aide in Narashino city kankyou city.

Gathuru Mburu gbm iconnect. They serve thousands of people around them. The public education will be geared towards empowering the community around the dams to take charge of protecting them. It was an excellent day. The children were brilliant and had been amazingly creative around this year's theme of 'Water, Life and Culture'. And here are some photos of the schoolchildren, Masai dancers, and decorative banners.