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Лучшее предложение (Apartment), Batumi (Georgia) Deals

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Лучшее предложение (Apartment), Batumi (Georgia) deals

If you re installing a long run of coaxial cable to connect the router to gracja na lodzie online dating wall outlet, avoid kinks in the cable. Although health conditions are poor, malaria has been eradicated. But they were terrible people who were trying to murder nice people. Looking at McCool you will immediately figure out just how out of Undertaker's league she is. Access to the personal data stored in the Records shall be restricted only to the employees of Inter Expo Center Ltd.

In particular, these officers shall be authorized on the need-to-know principle by an order. Access to the processing of personal data to other employees is limited to cases where they are explicitly granted such access rights and in accordance with the need-to-know principle. In that case, the right of access shall be granted on a case-by-case basis by the department where the authorized employee is involved, with explicit authorization specifying the personal data and purposes for which the access is granted, as well as the period for which it is provided.

Personal data processed by Inter Expo Center Ltd. Third parties may have access to such information only if they have such statutory powers or such a right is given to them on other grounds. Disclosure of such information must be expressly authorized by the Inter Expo Center Ltd Manager, by taking appropriate measures to ensure compliance with the personal data legislation as well as compliance with the obligation of confidentiality and security of transmission of any data exchange.

Authorized employees entrusted with the processing of personal data by the Records shall: Organizational and technical protection measures Physical protection of personal data contained in the Records. Defining Controlled Access Areas; All physical areas with paper and electronic records are kept and restricted only to employees who need access through the "need to know" principle in order to perform their duties.

All records and documents in paper form containing personal data are locked in lockers that are locked in a restricted room accessible only by authorized personnel. Data is protected by the use of physical access control tools such as access control through smart cards.

All premises where paper data is stored are located in restricted areas and are protected by access control, smart cards, lockers, or the like. Electronic media, including servers, are similarly protected in controlled areas.

Personal data shall be processed in a non-public part of the premises which is physically restricted and accessible only by staff for whom access is necessary for the performance of their duties.

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Communication and information systems used for the processing of personal data are separated from the areas accessible to outside persons and are physically protected, as access is limited to those employees who require such data access for the performance of their duties. Physical access to restricted areas, including those with information systems computers, serversis only possible through access control doors via smart cards. Access shall be granted only to staff that is directly entrusted with the task, in order to perform their duties.

Technical measures Access control system, with smart cards, restricted cabinets, individual password on each computer, individual password for access to Officeindividual password for access to mail, fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems, live security and security alarm systems.

Personal protection Knowledge of the legal framework in the field of personal data protection shall be provided in the training program, which has to be passed by the employees and shall be organized by Inter Expo Center Ltd. They are required to read and understand these internal rules upon engagement and to update their knowledge of data protection at least once a year. Familiarization with these internal rules shall be done upon signed acknowledgement.

Sharing critical information between staff e. Employees must undergo personal data protection training immediately after recruitment and at least once a year. Personnel training for events threatening the data security shall be provided in a training program that the employees must get through immediately after recruitment and at least once a year. The employees are instructed to immediately notify their supervisor if they have any doubts or are aware of a threat to the security of their personal data.

Documentary protection Defining the conditions for personal data processing Personal data shall be collected only for a specific purpose in order to support the legitimate interests of the data controller or, to the extent necessary, to comply with the legal obligations of the data controller. Each type of data is classified according to its purpose and nature and is protected in accordance with the requirements set forth above.

Regulation of access to records Access to records is limited and is only available to authorized personnel, in accordance with the Need to Know principle.

Setting periods for storing personal data Data storage is in line with the purposes for which the data were collected and the statutory time limit.

Personal data shall be stored as long as is necessary to achieve the purpose for which they were collected or as required by the applicable law. For example, data from the Staff Records is processed for 50 years after the termination of the legal relationship, in accordance with Bulgarian legislation.