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High abundances of egg cases of an unknown species of scyliorhinid catshark were found among coral in Mississippi Canyon, Gulf of Mexico Etnoyer and Warrenchuk, In the Gulf of Lions NW Mediterraneanperiodic dense shelf-water cascading events supply large amounts of organic material to bathyal and abyssal areas Canals et al.

Recruitment of the highly mobile deep-sea shrimp Aristeus antennatus is enhanced in years following such events Company et al.

In Blanes Canyon NW Mediterraneanbenthic, and intermediate nepheloid layers, with significant amounts of suspended sediment, are present year round. There is evidence that the juveniles of some deep-sea shrimps Plesionika heterocarpus, P.

Images showing diversity of habitats in submarine canyons. B Field of the sea pen Kophobelemnon at approximately m in Whittard canyon. C Coral habitat at approximately m in an unnamed canyon north of the Porcupine Bank showing a brisingid seastar, Solenosmilia coral, bamboo coral, and white and yellow sponges. D Biotope at to m depth on a vertical wall in Whittard Canyon dominated by large limid bivalves, Acesta excavata and oyster Neopycnodonte zibrowii.

The scleractinian corals Madrepora oculata and Desmophyllum are also present. Cruise CE E Cold-water coral community at about m in Whittard Canyon with bamboo coral in the foreground and Solenosmilia to the left.

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The crinoid is Koehlermetra and orange brisingids are top left. FCold-water coral community in a canyon in the Bay of Biscay. Dead framework of a colonial scleractinian is colonized by a Paragorgia and an unidentified gorgonian as well as many ophiuroids and a brisingid asteroid.

Ifremer, BobEco cruise GA hexactinellid sponge, probably the genus Farrea in an unnamed canyon north of Porcupine Bank. HStalked crinoid Anachalypsicrinus neferti on a vertical wall in a Bay of Biscay canyon. Canyon Effects on Benthic Sessile Fauna and Infauna In the benthic realm, enhanced primary production and current regimes provide suitable ecological niches for large and abundant suspension and filter feeders, such as sponges and cold-water corals Figure 1.

Resuspension of particulate organic matter POMcombined with a slower deposition of particulate matter descending from the euphotic zone, leads to higher levels of particulates and nutrients in the water column inside canyons Bosley et al. Suspension feeders and demersal planktivores likely benefit from these high concentrations of primary producers Vetter et al.

In Whittard Canyon Celtic Margin of the NE Atlanticaccelerated currents increase the organic matter influx and therefore the availability of food compared to less active areas on the continental slope Morris et al. Furthermore, the scleractinian coral Lophelia pertusa was observed at great depth and higher densities in this canyon, than usually recorded in the NE Atlantic Huvenne et al.

The deepening of the distribution of L. Likely mechanisms for food transport include hydrodynamic processes such as gravity currents and internal waves, or by the trapping effect of the canyon topography itself Huvenne et al.

Similarly, high densities of gorgonians, pennatulids, and sponges in Pribilof and Zhemchug canyons Bering Sea may be supported by enhanced levels of primary productivity delivered by strong currents Miller et al. Likewise, canyons intersecting the shelf break in East Antarctica, experience strong currents and particle fluxes and support dense communities of corals and sponges Post et al.

Patches of detritus have been described as hotspots of food resources in canyons. These patches not only support locally high numbers of deposit feeders that benefit from the accumulation of macrophyte detritus, but also a variety of crustaceans associated with down-welling Vetter, ; Okey, Overall, the presence of detritus patches in canyons provides an additional food source, contributing to higher densities, and biomass of infauna in canyon sediments than in sediments on the adjacent shelf and slope Vetter and Dayton, Their results suggest that available food sources, including detritus, as well as topographic and hydrodynamic features of canyons, influence meiofaunal abundance and biomass.

Within canyons, the complex topography alters current regimes and therefore, sediment-transport processes, influencing the patchy distribution of large sessile megafauna. The dissymmetric distribution and abundance of corals between opposite flanks of a canyon is a common feature reported from Lacaze-Duthiers, Cassidaigne, and Cap de Creus canyons in the Mediterranean Sea Orejas et al.

Similarly, distribution of corals and sponges at the heads of shelf-incising canyons seems to be related to strong currents that expose underlying bedrock in these areas De Mol et al. At a smaller scale, steep features of exposed rock, such as vertical walls and overhangs, facilitate the settlement of the scleractinian corals L. In addition to currents and topography, substrate heterogeneity is a key factor contributing to the highly diverse faunal assemblage present in submarine canyons De Leo et al.

Submarine canyons host a wide variety of substrate types, including mud, sand, hardground, gravel, cobbles, pebbles, boulders, and rocky walls, occurring either separately or in various combinations Baker et al.

Most species are restricted to either hard substratum most scleractinians, antipatharians, most gorgonians, most sponges or soft substratum most pennatulids, some scleractinians, some gorgonians, some sponges. For example, in Pribilof and Zhemchung canyons Bering Seagorgonians, and sponges were associated with hard substrate, while pennatulids were associated with soft sediment Miller et al. In Bari Canyon Adriatic Seadenser sponge aggregations were found on rocks and dead corals than in areas with heavy sedimentation rates Bo et al.

Sponge diversity was also positively correlated with substrate heterogeneity in five canyons off the southeastern Australian margin Schlacher et al. Examples of substrate types in submarine canyons. A Stony corals predominately the solitary coral, Desmophyllum dianthussponges and a brisingid sea star populate the rugged, manganese-encrusted rock ledges observed on the wall of Nygren Canyon.

B Chutes, pictured here in Lydonia Canyon, are formed by physical abrasion of the carbonate-rich rock. C A variety of coral species and limid bivalves colonize the edges and smooth faces of tabular blocks and eroded mudstone and siltstone in Oceanographer Canyon. D An extensive field of Paramuricea sp.

Note the octopus center photo sheltering in a small cave. An orange, rubber work glove partially buried on the floor of an un-named minor canyon adjacent to Shallop Canyon. E Numerous, large colonies of Paragorgia arborea were observed on the walls of Heezen Canyon. Corals, some as large as 5 m, attached to steep, clean walls, grow into the canyon channel.

Structure-forming corals can occur in dense patches, fields or reefs in canyons. Coral colonies can form mound-like features bioherms or are found attached to vertical walls, overhangs, drop stones, or any exposed hard substrata within canyons Orejas et al.

However, patches or reefs, particularly those composed of scleractinians, often have a low density of live corals and a high amount of sediment between the colonies. Nevertheless, there are several examples of fish and invertebrate associations with corals in canyons. In the Bering Sea, rockfishes, sculpins, poachers, and pleuronectid flounders are associated with high densities of gorgonians, pennatulids, and sponges in Zhemchug and Pribilof canyons Miller et al.

In The Gully NW AtlanticMortensen and Buhl-Mortensen found a positive relationship between coral species richness and the total number of megafauna taxa, however, the abundance of fish was not correlated with the abundance of corals. Coral species richness was an important factor in explaining the variation in both fish and crustacean assemblages in northwestern Atlantic canyons Quattrini et al. In the canyons off Newfoundland, however, sea pen fields did not noticeably enhance the densities and richness of megafaunal assemblages Baker et al.

Sediment instabilities and turbidity flows give rise to disturbance regimes in canyons that can affect the dynamics of some benthic populations and communities. For example, episodic disturbance events, caused erosive flows, and sediment-mixing processes linked to current modifications induced by the canyon topography, contribute to the instability of sediments, making conditions unfavorable to many infaunal species Romano et al. As a consequence, differences in life-history strategies are reflected in species composition of the infaunal assemblages e.

Sediment removal from the shallower canyon regions toward the deeper margin areas can also cause a decrease in overall available nutritional material.