Yacht week croatia girls for dating

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yacht week croatia girls for dating

I've been on four all-girls trips on The Yacht Week and it has quickly become one of with your girls, it is also a perfect time to meet people from around the globe. TYW has routes in Montenegro, Italy, Granada, Greece, and Croatia (you can. You may see - as I did - an Australian girl so drunk she keeps kissing two men on I joined the Yacht Week for its "black route" - one that sails around the At the marina, a short drive from Split airport, I meet our skipper for the . together in to form a small armada, sail around some Croatian islands. Sailing, parties and Ultra Europe festival with World s elite DJs. Sail Week Croatia Sail to 5 Dalmatian islands and meet people from all over the world. . It is the home of the most famous Croatian beach, Zlatni rat. . On our boat there was ten girls, no doubt we tested his patience but despite this he never le.

We flew into Split, Croatia, then actually stayed in a hostel the night before we headed to our marina — there are multiple starting marinas. Ours was called Marina Kastela, and was apparently the best because it had a grocery store really close and was only 20 minutes outside of Split. Since we were the opening week, we had special programming: Dangerous start to the week. Dinner was in a castle. Opening party in a castle.

We docked, dressed and headed to land, by way of climbing over boats. Dinner was three courses and average. The wine was amazing and we plowed through so many bottles — hey, there were 9 of us! Eventually people left the tables and headed for the dance floor, where we spent the next few hours. Komiza Trogir to Komiza was long, but we stopped to float. Then I steered us there. We left Trogir at around 9 a.

yacht week croatia girls for dating

Our hostess, Robyn, was up and preparing the most gorgeous spread of food and we, various degrees of hungover, came out, made plates and headed up to eat on deck it was pretty hot down in the galley anytime the sun was up. Trogir to Komiza was a long trip and we stopped somewhere in between to swim with some of the other boats. Dinner and walking around Komiza. When we finally got to Komiza, the sun was setting but we all took deck showers: Bathing suit stays on and you use the hose at the end of the boat to rinse off.

Once dressed, we went on land via water taxi to grab dinner at a so obviously overpriced restaurant we had a special menu I am willing to bet was kunas higher in price than the regular menu. It was yum, math was hard and then we started wandering around Komiza.

So, even though not everyone was down for a party, we all had to go to catch our ride at the very least. This party in Komiza is really chill and right on the beach. We later realized that this was apropo for any TYW party. Enjoy we did and we abandoned the party sometime after one to go hang out on our boat. Vis At some point during the first two days, we told our skipper, Ante, that we really wanted to see the Green and Blue Caves and Stivina Bay, a spot he really wanted us to see.

We gotta do those three things.

yacht week croatia girls for dating

Since Komiza and Vis were really close, our day heading to Vis was to be the day we explore the caves. So, at 8 am on day 3, we were headed to the Blue Cave.

I remember being SO tired and just… hot. I jumped into the water immediately, with no regret, then we got in a small boat and a tour guide took us into the cave. The tour was super short and we were at the bay by, like, 10 am. Stiniva Bay was bay far the best part of the day pun intended. We had to swim or take the dingy in. Once there, the beach is rocky but incredibly picturesque.

yacht week croatia girls for dating

We had a lil photoshoot. After exploring the bay, we headed back to the boat because we assumed it was time to go to the Green Cave. Instead we found a sleeping skipper and floated near the boat instead. The Green Cave was similar to the bay — we had to hop into the water to swim or take the dingy in. Ante arranged a military tour of Vis that ended with wine and cheese.

We got to Vis at 4, pulled our dingy to land by a rope seriouslythe hopped in a van with a man named Marco from Out of Vis World — a tour company that has my love for its name alone.

10 Reasons The Yacht Week Should be Your Next Girls’ Trip

The tour takes us to the top of the island and we get to see out to the most breathtaking view! Post wine, we headed back to our boat where Robyn made dinner. Tropical retro themed and in a fortress — of course. We learned during our tour that Vis has narrow roads and steep ledges — not for the faint of heart.

Remember to pack for the themed parties, like Tropical Retro. Anyways, we taxi-ed to land then started the trek up the hills in a huge charter bus with other TYW people, which was a little scary, but we lived. We, instead, hung out at a cocktail table and took tequila shots chased with corona like any decent Texan would.

I think this was my favorite party. The night started with a live band — not a DJ! I danced in a champagne shower. You will never ever be completely clean on TYW. Our sailing lesson took place a little bit away from the few boats still remaining at port.

yacht week croatia girls for dating

No Liam Neeson rescue will be necessary. As we headed into the trip, the ladies in our crew were a bit anxious about safety at night and in the clubs a la Taken. However, the majority of the nights, our skipper and host escorted our crew to the water taxis — and handled the payment from the aforementioned kitty — as well as to the parties, which were private, Yacht Week-only events at rented-out clubs.

The hosts and staff on site were welcoming and fun and really good with namesand after the first night or two, you walk into the party and immediately recognize a handful of faces.

There were fellow partygoers at nearly every water taxi and plenty of TYW crew there to keep a mindful eye on the inebriated masses. As with any club, keep an eye on your drink, but still feel free to let loose. Your boat, as far as we know, is not haunted. Neither does living in close quarters with people, sharing drinks, water bottles, and spit with strangers from other countries. Your flight back from Split will be like a cross between a Sunday flight from Vegas and a fifth-grade classroom in December.

Accept the illness as the last price you pay for glory. Do not shit where you eat. But if you do… Given the close quarters during Yacht Week, you might think this is a literal statement, but you know what we mean here.

How much should I budget for Yacht Week in Croatia

Easy to say, harder to do. Remember how you stocked your last fraternity formal? And 5x the water. It might seem excessive, but given the sun, booze, and general mayhem of Yacht Week, plan to drink a gallon of water a day. We had a grocery cart and a half full of water bottles for our six-person crew and ran out on day six. This is the place where the dolphins are probably going to join underneath your yacht while you sail towards the main port.

yacht week croatia girls for dating

The town is filled with stunning architecture, seaside cafes and superb restaurants serving local food and hand picked local wine. During the day do the Military tour or hire a scooter or convertible and explore the rich history of the island.

For the night we are taking you to Fort George, built in Arguably the best day while doing SailWeek Croatia. Yes, you've guessed it! It's the time to do our famous circle raft party.

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Just imagine more than 50 boats, your friends, you, sun, cold drinks and the biggest floating sea festival you'll ever attend. Makarska One of the biggest towns on the route, guarded by the 1, metre high mountain.

Most famous for its beaches, seafront promenade and wild nightlife.