What to do for 6 month dating anniversary

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what to do for 6 month dating anniversary

Try creating a remembrance of the 6-months that you have been together. A true anniversary date is one in which you take your S.O. to the. You can do better than another dinner-and-a movie date. theme parks—will help you celebrate your sixth-month or year anniversary in style. Far past the first date butterflies, but not quite at 'till death do us part, six months into a relationship marks a special time. Your connection is still.

There can be nothing more relaxing than that? Try a fullcherishing each day that the two of you have spent as a couple! This is highly recommended for those looking for something memorable, and yet, impressive!

Pinterest If your significant other is a petrol head, who loves anything racing, consider buying them access to a racetrack. Make sure they at least get full six laps, driving a car or bike of their choice. There are a number of places which provide such gift packages.

Dine out Image source: Shutterstock Not once, but six times! The finals day or the 6th day should be your anniversary! Take you partner each night to different but equally suave restaurants and eateries. Just make certain you save the best for the last! For the foodie couple, it cannot get better than this! Marathon babies Image source: Pinterest If your partner is also a big lover of movies, like yourself, for film watching, you can either self, try suggesting a film marathon.

You can watch all your favorite movies, snuggles up on a comfy couch. You can play this in two ways. Depending on your level of stamina for film-watching, you can either go for films which collectively add up to six hours in length, or you can watch six films at once, if you are a real movie buff!


The latter can be a great choice for movies which are series in themselves, say, James Bond or Twilight etc. Pinterest This is one of the most romantic ideas on this list. Carve your and your partners names into a tree somewhere to celebrate your 6-month anniversary. This is one of the most permanent option you will find!

Plant a seed together Image source: Pinterest If we are talking horticulture, there are a lot of ideas that you can work on, How about planting a seed together?

what to do for 6 month dating anniversary

It could be six trees or even shrubs, maybe. Anything that will be a long-term reminder of your togetherness. You two can watch the plants bloom along with your relationship. A walk through memory lane Image source: Pinterest Try creating a remembrance of the 6-months that you have been together. A true anniversary date is one in which you take your S. It is simple, and yet, heart-warming.

Role play Image source: Pinterest This is a fun one. Like in the previous idea, you need to revisit the place you went on your first date. However, you guys have to pretend as if you are meeting for the first time. You can act as though both of you are on a date with other people, who have stood both of you up!

Now one of you can make a move on the other! You have to play along until you leave the restaurant. Yes, this is a pleasant and much required bit of silly, plus, a great chance to re-ask and re-feel all the questions and feelings that you might have forgotten!

Sharp six shooter No, no, we are not in any way suggesting that you start shooting each other! We referring to the tequila shots! Start your fun-fuelled celebration night at a club, lining up a row of tequila shots, six glasses each. Hit the road Image source: Pinterest This will need you to bid goodbye to some of that dough that you have been saving up in the bank. Go for a vacation together. It is not only a great anniversary gift but it also signifies a major leap for your relationship.

The trip will help you blow some heat too, Depending on your budget, choose a place anywhere around the globe. This is sure to help you enjoy your anniversary to the fullest!

what to do for 6 month dating anniversary

These 17 amazing 6 month anniversary ideas will let you surprise your partner, ensure a great celebration! Mark the date and celebrate it with your sweetheart.

what to do for 6 month dating anniversary

Keeping this in mind, surprise him by planning a hiking trip on that day or for the weekend. It has to be planned out a bit early so that you can arrange for all the necessary gear required for this purpose. Another way to give a pleasant surprise to your man is by sending two tickets to his favorite sporting event or music concert. Personalized Gifts Gift him the latest bestseller by his favorite author with a nice love note inside it and I am sure he will like it.

You can add a lot of fragrance to his life by gifting him the cologne which he likes the most. Now that you are together for 6 months, you have some idea about his likes and dislikes.

These 20 Anniversary Date Ideas Are so Far from Lame

So, try to use your creative ideas to prepare personalized gifts for him. Gift Ideas for Her The Classic For any occasion, any time, women love to get flowers and jewelry from their men. Even a single long stem rose along with a beautiful card which says you care can be a very romantic anniversary gift.

You can also give her other flowers like Carnations or Daisies. Send a bouquet to her office with a sweet love note and a beautiful and stylish bracelet or a set of earrings. I can assure you that she will not stop smiling the whole day!

Super-romantic 6 Month Anniversary Ideas to Keep the Spark Alive

Be Creative Those who are creative can create an artwork or write a poem for their beloved and gift it to them. This kind of gift will be special and closer to her heart as it has a personalized touch that show all your emotions and feelings which your words cannot express. Recreate your First Date with Her A very cute date idea to make your 6 month anniversary really special is to do all those things that you did with her on your first date!