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The history of Bangladesh after independence begins in with the independence of . In July , however, after the government hastily pushed through a Bangladesh's state religion and provision for setting up High Court benches in observers believed to be the nation's most free and fair elections to that date. Nov 12, DHAKA: Bangladesh poll authority on Monday deferred the date for next yet to come up with any reaction after the fresh EC announcement. Nov 12, Authorities in Bangladesh agreed on Monday to delay national elections by a week because of Opposition demands for more time to prepare.

What do I need to know about verbal and non-verbal communications? It is not necessary to maintain a distance when speaking to someone. Though shake hand is not customary but very much appreciable especially when a foreigner does it. Normally shaking hands with a male, using the contemporary expression of goodwill, i. But avoid shaking hands with a female. Eye contact is not unacceptable whether male or female. It is important to note that the female in Bangladesh normally shy to have an eye contact with male at the first meeting.

And also according to custom it is considered impolite.

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But this situation is mostly in rural areas. Touching someone when speaking is not common unless the relationship is become more close but this is not acceptable in case of female.

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Politeness and courteousness are desirable and prevail among Bangladeshis. Tone of voice and directness: Bangladeshis by nature are soft spoken and dislike loudness and highness of expression.

And directness may pose insult, therefore better to avoid. There are some gestures that are considered rude in Bangladesh such as showing thumb in an upward way or blinking your eyes.

In the local greetings "nomoscar", "salam-ali-kum-salam"people do not shake hands. Either they fold their hands or touch their forehead. In many cases a low-caste person cannot hand you a glass of water, rather they put it down in front of you for no contact is possible.

Generally in this regard Bangladesh is better than India in so far as it is less caste-ridden, however they do ultimately come from they same Hindustani culture so it gets expressed. Young people have to show respect to older people by touching their feet.

Women wives have to do this to men husbands generally. In the case of Canadians they are not expected to follow this, however this does not mean approaching such formalities by being too casual. Eye contact is not a problem except for women who are walking down a street. By giving eye contact, they tend to get attention from young vendors or other males.

There is no problem with facial expressions or gestures. Rather generally people relate in an emotional way so they like this. Directness is not appreciated however. It is important to be delicate and say things in a non-forthright way otherwise it leads to misunderstanding. Cultural Information - Display of Emotion Question: Are public displays of affection, anger or other emotions acceptable? Expression and display of affection in public as well as emotions is acceptable because these acknowledge the sentiment of a Bangladeshi.

Expression of anger in public might create violence. This is true throughout Bangladesh. Public displays of affection, anger or other emotions are not appropriate as people generally are very formal with each other. When you are in a position of authority you must act like a father or mother.

This means that you need to hear many things patiently before reacting. Those who are less in age cannot act emotionally with their seniors.

What should I know about the workplace environment deadlines, dress, formality, etc. There is no such dress code unless specially mentioned. Normally decent and clean dresses are used.

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In case of female, use of local dress like "salawer and kamij" are appreciated and wearing any kinds of short dresses should be avoided.

Usually Bangladeshis are reluctant to meet the deadlines, punctuality etc. Dress needs to be conservative. The local dress is most appreciated. Addressing colleagues and supervisors should be formal. Using surname with "ji" on the end awards respect. Stressing this and ensuring adherence to timings is important.

How will I know how my staff view me? Whilst Bangladesh is still a very young country true independence was only gained init has a recognized long-standing tradition of culture, writing and poetic excellence. But unlike Mushfiqur, he fell prey to his inexperience and rush of adrenaline under extreme pressure exerted by a disciplined Bangladeshi bowling attack. Wednesday's match was about Mushfiqur, though. The Pakistani new-ball bowlers got into the act straightaway.

Bangladesh Police Break Up Opposition Protest as Election Nears

The diminutive wicketkeeper grew only in stature and guided young Mohammad Mithun 60 off 84 in a run stand for the fourth wicket which gave the Bangladesh bowlers to defend. The edge through to Sarfraz off Afridi on 99 would have hurt but he had done something that a passionate Bangladeshi crowd here would cherish for long.

There were those deft touches, crisp drives, disdainful pulls and clean sweeps. Bangladesh had their crisis man answering the call once again with a knock which give them a chance to settle scores with India. The match was about the pace and movement of Junaid Khan and the maturity and class of Mushfiqur.

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The opposition also wants parliament to be dissolved first and for a neutral caretaker government to take office, but Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has rejected the demands. The opposition, including the main Bangladesh Nationalist Party, fears the election will be rigged if Hasina remains in power while the vote is held.

The BNP boycotted the last elections in over fears its would be rigged by Hasina. A majority of parliamentary seats were then won by Hasina's party unopposed. The boycott triggered widespread violence across the Muslim majority country, leaving dozens of people dead and hundreds of voting booths vandalised.

The ruling Awami League party and main opposition alliance, the Jatiya Oikya Front, held two rounds of discussions at Hasina's residence in the past week.