Attraction formula for dating

attraction formula for dating

Attraction Formula's Attraction Formula In-Field Pick-Ups reviews by real consumers and expert editors. See the good and bad of Paul Janka's advice. Nov 16, Attraction Formula reviews by real consumers and expert editors. See the good and bad of Paul Janka's advice. The Attraction Formula is a highly-refined process that takes you from first "hello" with a woman, all the You can be dating several women a week, or just one.

It includes 24 infield videos of around 90 seconds each showing Janka approaching and getting or failing to get the numbers of women in the street. Some of the women are in groups, but most of them are on their own. These infield videos were filmed on the streets of Austin, Texas in the U. If you are learning the Attraction Formula system these videos are a no brainer to buy because they will bring the system alive for you and make a big difference in how well you learn it.

Seeing what an approach looks like in an infield video translates the seminar material into something very practical you can implement yourself, and eliminates the risk of you misunderstanding how to apply it in real life. Having said that, let's go through what you will and will not learn in this course and how useful it is. What Does Janka Demonstrate in these Videos? Janka's style comes through very clearly in these videos as you see it repeated time and time again. As there are 24 approaches recorded in these videos you get to see patterns in his behavior, of which the most noticeable and instructive are: You see Janka take control of the situation in many scenarios which is especially useful where girls are less responsive or resistant to stopping to talk to him or giving him their numbers.

Attraction Formula In-Field Pick-Ups Reviews

In some situations where it is clear that he isn't going to get the number you get to see him push through regardless. Composure and being relaxed: There are a number of situations where unexpected situations, tests and challenges come from women which you see Paul Janka roll over with ease, not getting flustered, and in many cases turning the situation around for the better.

Transitions to getting numbers: You see him use a variety of tactics any many different 'excuses' to getting a number from a girl and setting up potential meets. More on how relevant this is to different men later in this review.

Lowering the bar to get the number: Janka uses this technique in difficult situations to get the number when the girl is looking resistant. This is clearly part of the shotgun approach to pick-up, as the numbers will be more 'flaky', but playing the numbers you will get some of these 'soft number closes' to lead to dates. Something I've always liked about Janka's material is that it is succinct - he doesn't add a lot of fluff, which is great for the beginner, because there is no risk of getting caught up in too many details.

With this video training he achieves this by giving you a written breakdown of the key points of each of the approaches which make the difference in the pick-up. Each of these is literally just 5 points with explanations. It's short but sweet and will make it clear to you what you should focus on learning from each pick-up and how to interpret the girls' reactions to him. Authentic Tell it Like it is With the Failures One of the great things about Janka's work is that he doesn't try to over hype or embellish how his pick up system works or the results you can expect.

This is the same with these infield videos as it is with his other products. So, amongst the 24 infield videos are 4 which show his failures and rejections by women he approaches in the street. It's unusual for a pick-up artist to show you failure videos, so I applaud this. Often you can learn as much or more from failures than from success. As with the other videos he points out what the problem was with each of these approaches.

Here is where you need to think a bit about how relevant this is to you. First, Paul is tall, relatively good looking and well dressed guy. How do you match up to him? Second, the women he is approaching rate from about 5 to 7 out of 10 in looks and confidence based on their attitudes and what they are wearing. Perhaps one is an 8. So there are no obviously high quality women.

Attraction Formula Reviews

How attractive are the women you are aiming for? How attractive are the women in your chose field of "street pick-up"? He says this gives you the best opportunity to meet the most high quality women. There is very little to know information in this course on meeting women in night clubs, out at night or on what to do if you meet a girl at a party for example.

attraction formula for dating

There are other reasons he gives in the main ebook as to why bars are one of the worst places to meet women in his opinion. You learn a lot about the philosophy behind why his system is designed this way in the main Attraction Formula eBook. It's all about how to walk up to a girl in the street, get her phone number, meet her for a date later and take it from there to the bedroom.

It is a very comprehensive set of advice and information to get you from A to Z working with this system. Literally every aspect is covered and it is very detailed - Janka is detail orientated and analytical by nature.

But there isn't a lot of information offered for other scenarios. Janka's system is all about efficiency and he has cut away everything except the essentials to create an effective way at meeting women while wasting the least amount of time. There are a lot of benefits for this comprehensive narrow focused approach for the 'beginner' or 'intermediate' to dating advice. You have a limited amount of information to study and advice to implement and it takes you all the way from meeting the girl to the end result.

It's a self contained system that contains everything you need.

attraction formula for dating

Dating Skills Review strongly encourages 'focus' when learning to avoid wasting time and money or getting overwhelmed with information and not getting very far which is very common for men studying dating advice and pick up. This product fits that rule very very well.

Is the System Too Industrial? Paul Janka's system was designed to be effective at meeting and picking up women - nothing else.

A magic formula to predict attraction is more elusive than ever

It puts romantic notions aside and focuses on the goal, playing the numbers to get the results. He aims to reduce everything down to the bare essentials. In a way his system is about "Dating Productivity". If you are already at an intermediate or advanced level and the idea of seeing more women for less investment interests you - this program will give you a lot of ideas.

However, this system may seem a bit industrial, or mechanical and not appeal to some men - especially if you are new to dating advice. It doesn't make much room for "Romantic Notions" about meeting women. In the book Janka hints at quitting pick up to find a soul mate. As you can see on Paul Janka's profile this is what happened - he has settled into long term relationships with girlfriends in recent years.

This chapter "Luxury Problems: Consequences of a Player Lifestyle" is a welcome, sobering chapter and Janka deserves credit for his openness and telling you like it is.

Most dating gurus pretend that the player lifestyle is perfect, which is far from the truth. The information in this chapter is valuable experienced feedback for all men setting out on this journey that will help them make better decisions for your own longer term happiness.

A magic formula to predict attraction is more elusive than ever

Janka's system is extreme and its partly to blame for some of the consequences Janka discusses. Moving on to new conquests almost immediately after getting each new girl, going for quantity over quality, limiting your interactions to a very narrow set of steps, over the long run this stuff is not necessarily psychologically healthy. Get the good tips and disregard the stuff that seems too crazy to you.