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And more than twice as many have downloaded the game, making Wordfeud among the most popular free downloaded programmes in Sweden. So what lies behind Swedes' sudden romance with Wordfeud? Many are familiar with it, and may also have nostalgic memories of having played it in different phases and situations in life before.

However, a recent study carried out by research company Novus Group International estimated that a full six percent of the Swedish population are Wordfeud players. They play the game daily, and so do most of their friends. Sweden's Wordfeud frenzy reached a fever pitch recently after complaints arose about the dictionary used in the Swedish version of the game the game can also be played in English, Danish, Dutch, French, Norwegian, and Spanish.

Newspapers were flooded with reports that the prestigious Swedish Academy Svenska Akademienresponsible for awarding the Nobel Prize for Literature, had rebuffed efforts by the Wordfeud's developers to obtain the Academy's official Swedish dictionary, the Svenska Akademiens ordlista SAOL.

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A lot of people were upset about the allowance of conjugations, and some common words didn't exist in the previous dictionary. The head of the Academy, Peter Englund, downplayed talk of any conflict and soon confirmed that the Academy would indeed allow Wordfeud to include SAOL in its next update.

The person with the greatest vocabulary wins, and you want to show the other one that you're better in your native language. And if you get sick of playing your mother tongue, you could always swap to another language.

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This adds another degree of challenge and can throw experienced players off-guard. It's a small, but useful variation of the popular board game.

  • Wordfeud: Swedes' latest smartphone addiction
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Wordfeud also allows you to play Scrabble in languages other than English - a useful feature for both native speakers and those wanting to practice a foreign language. Unfortunately, there are only a number of random Scandinavian languages available.

Adding such global languages as French, German and Spanish would definitely increase the number of players and be a nice addition. Having selected all of these options, you can either play against a friend or the app can find a random opponent for you. Personally, I would've loved to see Facebook integration so that I could invite my Facebook friends to play, but this is still missing.

A Day in the Life of a Crazed Mom: Word Feud Again!

You can play several different games at the same time and they are all listed on the main screen. Wordfeud FREE also allows you to add a profile picture to your account - a very cute and useful gesture. Wordfeud doesn't fall in the same trap and has a very reliable notification system.

Not only do the notifications work, but they are also fully customizable.


You can adjust the ringtone, vibration and light settings to notify you about the moves of your opponents. Less clutter, fewer problems and more fun.