The voice ireland 2014 filipina dating

The Voice of the Philippines (season 1) - Wikipedia

the voice ireland 2014 filipina dating

Born to an Irish/American dad and a Filipina mom named Gina, she is set to . Hawaii, the Hollywood singer, actress, model, and voice actor is of Filipino, . Josh Chan in the comedy-drama series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (). The first season of The Voice Teens is a Philippine reality singing competition on ABS-CBN which began airing on April 16, Lea Salonga, Bamboo. Check out the top youtube channels in Philippines on Vidooly. Get 50 Joining Date: Joining Date: . I Can See Your Voice PH.

During the first season, the voting lines were immediately open after all artists have performed and viewers were given 10 minutes during commercial break to vote. Once the show resumed, the results were announced on the same night as the live results. Each night will be a performance and results night.

Two teams will perform per night.

the voice ireland 2014 filipina dating

After each performance per team, the voting lines will be immediately opened; it will be closed after the commercial break. Before the night ends, an artist will be eliminated per team. Development[ edit ] The Voice of the Philippines' official logo. The Philippines was then listed as one of the countries who bought the rights for the franchise as posted in the website of Talpa.

The Voice of the Philippines - Wikipedia

Live and Gandang Gabi Vice last December 30, A teaser, showing the recorded snippets of the blind auditions, was aired on May 15, A primer, dubbed as Mic Test: The Voice of the Philippines Primer, was also announced in the same night. It aired on June 9, The said auditions were only open to people with Filipino ancestry in Southern California. Radio screenings were called The Voice ng Radyo English: The Voice of Radiowherein daily and weekly winners have the chance to directly go to the Blind auditions.

LiveSarah Geronimo 's night variety show, on February 10, After the initial Producer's auditions, the aspiring artists were then invited for the Blind auditions.

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Prizes[ edit ] The winner of The Voice of the Philippines is set to win an entertainment package from Sony Braviaan Asian tour for two, a brand new car from Ford Philippinesa tax-free cash prize of 2 million pesosand a four-year recording contract from MCA Universal.

However, Laurenti Dyogi, the initial director of the show, denied the rumors. However, Gonzaga denied the reports, "I know kuya Gary and Martin did The X Factor so they will definitely not be part of the choices 'cause they already did the X-factor.

the voice ireland 2014 filipina dating

The Voice is definitely going to be very different in approach [from The X Factor]. One writer from Malaya Business Insight commented that the show has an interesting set of mentors. Atilano of the Philippine Daily Inquirer was even amazed and was surreal for the line-up of the coaches. For the four's caliber in their respective genre, he described that the show will surely be a different one.

Sarah Geronimo Sarah Geronimo, dubbed as "The voice that captured our hearts", was announced on February 6, as the first official coach. On February 6,singer and actress Sarah Geronimo was announced as the first coach on The Voice of the Philippines.

the voice ireland 2014 filipina dating

At the same time, the network announced that her weekly show Sarah G. Livewas due to air its final episode on Sunday, February Osorio said, "Sarah Geronimo moves on to fulfill other commitments.

Geronimo further stated that she will just focus on why she became part of the show. She furthered added that, with her also a product of a singing search, she believes that she can help the artists who will become part of her team.

She also said that she will be open to the views and the preferences of her team. I've never mentored anyone. But they convinced me that it was really their choice that I'll become part of the show.

They believe that I can deliver. It's a singing talent search so it's close to my heart and it will also improve my personality. It's also part of my growth as an artist and as a person. So I said, go," she replied. On what the thing she loved the most in the show, she said, "Working with these great young talents.

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I know there are still many unknown people that are really good singers. I'm glad that there will be a Season 2, and I hope that there will be a Season 3 and 4. I've learned a lot from them. Every chance that hear them sing, it's an amazing moment, an amazing experience. Today's music is really different. It's not what most people grew up that you need to sing the highest notes.

It's all about good music, how you give your own interpretation and it's the uniqueness actually. That the trouble me sometimes. I also said that I really don't know how to speak well so that is why I'm straightforward. Sometimes other people say that, 'Sarah always repeatedly speak what she always say. Your ability in singing is nothing when I don't believe in you. On February 10,during an appearance on the last episode of Sarah G. There's a time for everything and this is it.

I want someone who is open to all kinds of music; someone who is willing to listen and willing to learn. I watched the US edition and I liked the idea of not being a judge but a coach, a mentor.

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And the US show attracted singers and artists from different genres and that was dependent on who was sitting on that chair, so I thought, why not put my 10 cents in the pot?

I have learned a lot from the artists and even a little bit about myself these past couple of months. I keep telling myself, don't play the game, change the game and just be real.

The official coaches of the show will be sitting on a chair facing away from the stage and artist. If they like what they hear and want to mentor the artist for the next stage, they will push a button on their chair that would turn the chair around to face the artists for the first time.

This concept was created to avoid any due prejudice of their physical bearing and life-story. At the end, each of the coaches will have a certain number of artists in his or her team who will be advancing to the next round.

The Battles[ edit ] The next stage called "The Battles," is where a coach will build from his or her team pairs of 2. They are mentored and developed by their respective coach in the process. A vocal showdown will commence in the Battle stage where only the artist whom the coach deemed sung the song assigned better will advance to the next round.

Each artist had to sing in order to convince their respective coach to pick them for the Live shows. Only one artist will win in each group. At the end of this round, three artists per team will advance to the Live shows.

An artist will be given a song to sing for a chance to advance to the next live show, and ultimately, the finals.