The gym 3 dating simulator walkthrough

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the gym 3 dating simulator walkthrough

Dream Daddy is a dating simulator that took the gaming world by storm. Throughout the game, the player has the opportunity to go on three dates did not choose to meet Craig at the gym the following day in the beginning. Welcome to the final episode of The Gym! I cut out most of the smut. You'll just have to play the game yourself to see that! The Gym #1. Go north then west from Blaino's Gym. Keep going . She'll go on a date with you and ask you to take her to the temple. With Rosa, go north.

It is incredibly ambitious and very well done. Of note is the fact that stuff happens in this world even if the main character is there or not. The player may set off a chain of events that occur in a location that he may choose not to visit at a particular time, but they happen anyway and there is consequence later in the game because of it.

Ideally what I see is a dynamic world filled with characters with certain wants and needs and routines that may change due to character interaction with them. For example, a girl you see every day at the library may not be there after certain interactions, you may find her at the gym instead depending on what you did or what events you set in place that affected her.

You start the game with some skill points that you can assign for example, Charisma, Intelligence, Physical Attractiveness, etc. Even things like Niceness or Sense of Humor can be potential attributes. You need to be at a certain skill level in an attribute to unlock certain dialogue options or even have a certain combination of skills at certain levels to unlock other options or certain activities.

These skills can be increased in game for example, going to the gym a lot can increase physical attractiveness. Also you can choose to be either male or female which drastically changes how the game is played, as well as choosing sexual orientation.

There is also resource management to consider too. It starts off low. You also can buy things like Gym Membership and University Enrollment which increases the areas you have access to, the skills that you can acquire and increase, and the people you meet at various locations. For example, going to University and taking Psychology may give you hints during dialogue choices.

Right off the bat you have to get a job what will be available will be determined by what attributes you picked. So you can start off in the lowly mailroom or security guard working the night shift at an office building for example. If you have good Dancing and Physical Attractiveness scores you can get a job dancing at the local strip club, or being a bouncer, or being a bartender, or being a model, or picking up the photography skill and being a photographer. Each job may give you certain perks you can exploit.

There could also be a way to progress in certain careers or you could meet people n one career that may open up another career path. As you progress in the game more work and recreation options become available. Click on Mickey and choose Play Swingset of love There's nothing more romantic than a couple playing on a swingset together. Click on the swingset and choose Swing. It is not necessary for Mickey to actually get on the other swing. Once Riley gets off the swing, Mickey will ask her to be his girlfriend.

Making out in public? It won't be available until the lifetime relationship with Mickey goes over 45 so keep interacting with him until the Make Out option is available. Mickey will give Riley a painting. Time to go home, hang out for a bit and go to sleep. Take the time to study any skills Riley needs for a promotion, call a sim if she needs another friend in order to be promoted. Riley will then decide that she's out of shape.

Invite Sim to Community Lot and pick Mickey as the person to invite. Get changed into everyday if Riley is still in her PJs, then head out to the taxi.

Bikini season is coming up and Riley wants to get into shape. Click on one of the treadmills they help you earn body skill faster than the weight machines and have Riley start running until she gains a body skill point.

Mickey will show up and start running, too. Hot tub hijinks Riley's had enough and wants to relax in the hot tub with her new boyfriend. Click on the hot tub in the back left of the lot and have her get in. Then click on Mickey and choose Ask To Join.

This can't be good He gets into the hot tub with our lovey dovey pair and ruins the mood by thanking Riley for a great night. Mickey's not too impressed. Just what does Dylan mean? When he tells Mickey to stay out of it, he launches himself at Dylan. Then breaks up with poor Riley. I think this outing is over All this is too much for Riley, who decides to go home and wallow in self-pity.

At least she got a nifty statue from Lead's Gym. And how did he get in? She needs the company. I've seen a bit of confusion over this goal. Some people say that you need to improve your charisma in order to complete it but this is not correct. What you actually need to do is click on Dylan and choose Flirt Dylan says all sorts of tender and loving words.

the gym 3 dating simulator walkthrough

He's only ever been thinking of Riley, couldn't stop thinking about her after they split up in High School, he'll always be there for his one and only, blah blah blah. It's only fitting that Riley give him a tender kiss, isn't it? Tender kiss for a tender guy Click on Dylan and choose Kiss Dylan is all overcome with emotion. They can set up family right here in Four Corners and live close by Aunt Sharon, since Riley is her favourite niece.

Riley is a bit puzzled by the favourite nicece comment but decides that she'd like to make out with Dylan, anyway.

the gym 3 dating simulator walkthrough

Make out with Dylan Click on Dylan and choose Kiss After that little interlude, Dylan suddenly says that he got a call from work and has to get going.

But not before he gives Riley an "antique" rug. Looks spiffy in the bedroom: Riley still can't get over the whole Mickey debacle. Let's hope he can forgive her Time to take care of any needs that are getting low then go to bed. Riley, heartbroken, decides that she'll go shopping with Dylan and maybe get him to buy her some new dresses.

Call Dylan Use the phone to Call Sim, then pick Dylan and choose to talk to him. Do not invite him over, do not call transportation and ask him out. Dylan begs off, saying he has to work. Puzzled, Riley sets off for the Corner Boutique on her own.

Off to the boutique Call taxi, then pick The corner Boutique as your destination. Get changed into everyday if Riley is still in PJs. Alas, Riley cannot buy anything for herself but she can try on some outfits.

Click on one of the clothes racks and choose Try On Do this twice, so Riley tries on 2 outfits. Just as she's finished who should arrive but Dylan! And what's he doing pinching Ashley's bottom? He shouldn't mess with Riley! The triumphant return of Riley "Black Eye" Harlow! Click on Dylan and choose Fight Riley will give him a pounding.

He was no-good scum, anyway!

Walkthrough part 3 (third week) : SummertimeSaga

He tells Riley that she and her whining aunt will be sorry that they crossed him and conveniently leaves behind his wallet containg simoleons. Time to go shopping! Finders keepers Riley now needs to spend at least simoleons on clothing. Click on one of the clothing racks and choose Buy Everyday clothes cost simoleons each, formal cost each, sleepwear cost 75 each, swimwear cost each, undeis cost 50 each and workout gear cost each.

Time to go home Just then, Mickey turns up with Agora. This is too much for Riley, who just wants to go home Affairs of the heart weight heavily on her mind. She really could use a friend. While you're waiting for the next goal to roll around, have her take care of any needs that need it and maybe practice a skill. You won't get the next goal until the following day, so have Riley work on her skills and take care of her needs.

The it's time to go to sleep. The next day, have Riley go about her normal routine. You won't get the next goal until Riley returns home from work. Mickey will be mine Sim and invite Mickey over to the house. This goal seems to pose some difficulty for both. Basically, you need to have Riley interact with Mickey, talk, flirt and kiss until Mickey's lifetime relationship to her is You can't see his relationship levels so it's hard to tell just when this will happen. He may also initially refuse to come over.

Call him and have Riley just talk to him until their relationship improves, then try inviting him over again. It may take you a couple of times of inviting Mickey over to complete this goal.

It may take a while, but eventually the lifetime relationship is high enough for Mickey to caress Riley and tell her that although he really likes her, he's made a commitment to Agora and he will stand by his word to her.

You get a bear for your troubles. When Riley gets back from work, Dylan arrives in her front yard and starts kicking over the trash can. He says Riley and her aunt have cost him everything. Riley is a bit confused. Aunt Sharon is staying with a sick friend, isn't she? When he's done ranting and raving, he runs over and pokes Riley.

At this moment Aunt Sharon arrives with the police. The police arrest Dylan and take him away. Talk to Aunt Sharon Riley wants to know exactly what happened. Click on Aunt Sharon and select Talk Looks like Dylan had kidnapped her, hoping to get his mitts on her fortune, and, failing that, to marry Riley then do away with her so he could get his hands on the money.

And Agora was in it with him! Turns out Aunt Sharon escaped from Dylan's basement using her army training and swiped his TV to boot: Time to tell Mickey all about it! He can't go marrying that Agora with all this going on! Riley needs to find out where the wedding is taking place. Use the phone to call Fiona Fortuna, then select to talk to her. Time to stop that wedding! The wedding is taking place at Old Grove Gardens. Call a taxi and select Old Grove Gardens as your destination.

Expose Agora Time to talk to mickey and tell him about what's going on. Click on Mickey and select Talk Riley will tell all and Mickey will confront Agora, who will then attack Riley. Not to worry, though. Riley wins this fight easily: The police then show up and take away Agora. At this point Mickey gets down on bended knee and proposes to Riley. Right here, right now! Click on the wedding arch and choose Get Married. Riley will automatically change into a formal outfit.

Once she and Mickey exchange vows, he becomes part of her family and brings a whopping 43, simoleons with him! Ashley gives them a hot tub, then Mickey whisks Riley away to the Simaican Isles. Aunt Sharon greets them warmly and announces that she's giving the house to Riley. She's off on a date with a fellow she met online and gives Riley a bed. My simlogical clock is ticking Riley wants to become pregnant. You can use either the double bed that's already in the house or replace it with the one Riley got from Aunt Sharon.

Have Riley relax on the bed then click on Mickey and choose Ask to Join. If chimes sound after the deed is done, Riley is pregnant. If not, you will need to have them try again. I've always used the gift bed and had Riley get pregnant on first try all three times I played through her story. Depending on the day of the week, Mickey may have the night off.

Once Riley is pregnant she will most likely be able to go to work for one day, then will be placed on maternity leave.

She will remain at home for the rest of the pregnancy. Pregnant sims are rather difficult to look after. They get hungry all the time, then suddenly their bladder need will drop and they will have to race for the toilet. They get tired easily and need to sleep a lot. Sim pregnancy lasts for 3 days and on the third day Riley will be ready to give birth. Mickey, being a Romance sim, is kind of a problem in all this. He'll keep having wants to woo hoo and kiss with different sims.

I would ignore these for the most part. No point in making him have an affair and driving Riley into a jealous rage while she's pregnant. She's going to be difficult enough to deal with as it is. Have her work on skills and friends needed to get the next promotion.

the gym 3 dating simulator walkthrough

Once Riley's stomach pops out, you will get the next goal within a few hours. Then there's nothing else to do other than wait out the three days of pregnancy until the next goal rolls along. Mickey and Riley need to throw a party for at least 3 guests and achieve a "Good Time" rating for the party. Have one of them use the phone to Throw Party. You need to have them invite people with whom they have achieved friend status. Hopefully they have 3 between them. Unfortunately family don't count.

Don't worry if neither of them has 3 friends themselves. It is enough for one of them to invite at least 1 when they activate Throw Party, then have the other one quickly use the phone and simply Call Sim and invite the rest of the guests. The game will treat all of them as if they were invited to the party.

In order to achieve a "Good Time" rating make sure that Mickey and Riley talk to each guest at least once. Make sure there is some food served, otherwise the guests will raid your fridge for snacks. Make sure that either the radio or TV are turned on so the guests can have some fun. Last but not least, you can have Mickey get into the hot tub and ask all three guests to join him. If you don't succeed the first time, just try again the next day.

If your party achieves a "Good Time" rating Riley will give birth Give the kids names, and then after a couple of minutes you will get a chapter summary. You can now play the neighbourhood of Four Corners in free play mode! The SimSat Communications Satellite.

the gym 3 dating simulator walkthrough

The launch was flawless, the hands have been shaken and the bonuses are in the mail. Now Vincent eagerly returns to his modest mansion in Bitville to see his new girlfriend, Samantha Hayden. Samantha told Vincent she had a big surprise waiting for him when he got back.

Perhaps Vincent's luck is changing You'll have a little bit easier time playing Vincent than Riley. For one thing, he's got a lot of money so buying stuff won't be a problem. He's also at the top of his career so you don't need to earn any skill points or make new friends. His lifetime aspiration is different from his current career but I would recommend that you leave him in his current job to make things simple.

You can always have him get a new job once his story goes into free play mode. He's happy to see her and wants to give her a kiss she'll never forget. Kiss Samantha Click on Samantha and choose Kiss Samantha wants to make their relationship "official".

While he was away, she had planned their wedding and even bought a wedding arch with his Titanium Card. Things are moving a bit fast here. They've been seeing each other for 3 weeks and Vincent's been away for 2 of those.

He wants them to take some time off. Well, Samantha isn't having any of this. She thought he loved her! This is not the last he'll hear from Samantha Hayden!!!

the gym 3 dating simulator walkthrough

Someone has really made a mess of Vincet's house while he was away. Time to hire some help! Hire a maid Use the phone to call Service, then select Maid from the available service people.

Someone will be right over. Vincent can't believe that Samantha bought a wedding arch. Time to get rid of the eyesore. Take down the wedding arch Click on Buy Mode, then click on the wedding arch and press the delete key on your keyboard. The mess is really getting him down, though. Comfort food Press H to have Vincent automatically make a meal or click on the fridge and choose from the available menu.

I would recommend that at some stage you have Vincent study cooking. At the start of the story he has zero cooking skill points. Higher cooking skill helps to guard against fires. Having cooking level 3 or 4 is good. Vincent's friend Greg comes through the front door. Time to find out what's been going on. Chat to Greg Click on Greg and choose Talk Greg's sorry about the mess he made and apologises for being unable to stop Samantha from installing the wedding arch.

She was a bit On the bright side, he's bought a new computer for Vince to replace his old one. Install the computer Go into Vincent's inventory, select the computer and place it on the desk in the study at the back of the house. I would suggest that you have him study cooking and take care of his needs until it's time to go to bed. The next day you will have free time until about 5pm, when the phone will ring and Vincent's friend Greg will invite him to come bowling.

Time to hit the lanes Use the phone to call a taxi and choose Baliwood Star Lanes as your destination. Greg and Vincent's other friend Sherman Boggle will come out to greet him.

Time to knock down some pins. Click on a free bowling lane and select Play. The guys will talk as they bowl and Sherman says that Samantha was probably just after Vincent's money. Greg will then point out that the girl selling coffee is rather cute and encourages Vincent to buy a cup of coffee. Espresso yourself Click on the coffee machine and select Order Coffee. Vincent will order a coffee and use a lame line to get the girl's phone number.

Her name is Naomi. Play pool After some time Greg will have had enough of bowling and suggest a game of pool. Click on the pool table and select Join Greg. Greg will keep suggesting that Vincent give him Naomi's number but Vincent wants to keep it for himself. Naomi, then Sherman will leave the bowling alley.

At almost midnight Samantha will walk in with Vincent's competitor, Johnny. Flirt with three girls Vincent decides that since Samantha has moved on so quickly, it's only fitting that he showed her that he's no slouch, either. He will flirt with three girls and show her how completely he is over her. Click on a female sim and choose Flirt Charm or another Flirt interaction. Rinse and repeat twice more. Don't worry that Vincent will get shot down in flames.

It's part of the storyline. Samantha will ridicule Vincent's pathetic attempt at making her jealous. Vincent decides to head home but not before Greg tells him that he signed him up for an eDating service. Can't wait to see what sorts of ladies come looking for our hero! When Vincent gets home the pool table he ordered on SimBay arrives.

Go into his invetory, select the pool table and place it somewhere in the house. The rest of the evening is yours to do with as you please. Vincent is probably pretty tired so take care of any needs that are low then have him go to bed.

At 3pm Vincent will decide that he should call Naomi and ask her out. But he needs to get changed first. Change clothes Click on the dresser in the bedroom and choose Change Into Change your appearance Why stop there? Micht as well change Vincent's appearance. Click on a mirror and choose Change Appearance. I gave Vincent a new, more spiffy haircut. She will be more than happy to meet Vincent at the park: When the taxi arrives, select Cliffside Park as your destination.

Get to know Naomi Vincent wants to get to know Naomi better. Use the various socials to increase his daily relationship to her to at least Play Myshuno Naomi wants to play Myshuno. The game will show you where it is located. Click on the game machine and select Play. Naomi is quite impressed with Vincent's Myshuno skills: Chat to Naomi Vincent wants to keep getting to know Naomi. So click on her and select Talk Who should show up just then but our old pal Samantha!

She's chatting out the front to a girl and isn't bothering our lovebirds for now. So far, so good. The girl who was talking to Samantha then approached Vincent and makes some suggestive comments to him. This upsets Naomi, who doesn't want to have anything to do with Vincent any more. Vincent is confused and just wants to go home. Help him do so. The SimSat will be in orbit over Bitville tonight!

Call Naomi Vincent wants to call Naomi so she'll give him another chance. Alas, all he gets is her answering machine. She must be screening her calls. Goal, at 3 pm for me, Vincent had just returned home from work Vincent wonders if maybe Naomi had sent him an email. Check email Click on the computer and select Check Email. There's no email from Naomi but there's one from a girl called Sasha who wants to meet Vincent at Arcadium Plaza at 6pm.

Seems that eDating thing is coming through! Might as well check out this Sasha chick but need to gussy up first. Click on a mirror and select Gussy Up. Greet Sasha at Arcadium Plaza.

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If you don't call a taxi by 5pm, you may as well leave this goal to the next day. It makes no difference to Sasha what day you meet her but if you arrive at Arcadium Plaza after 6pm she won't be there and you'll need to wait til the next day anyway.

One way or the other, call a taxi by around 5pm and select Arcadium Plaza as your destination. Since it takes such a long time to get across the house I had Vincent wait out the front for the taxi so he didn't waste any time. Get to know Sasha Vincent wants to get to kow Sasha better.

Maybe they have some similar interests? Interact with Sasha until you raise Vincent's daily relationship to her to about Help Sasha pick an outfit Sasha wants to try on some clothes. Follow her into the boutique and make Vincent hang around while she tries on clothes.

You have to keep an eye on him because he will tent to wander off, try to sit on the bench outside or chat to random passers by. Try to keep him relatively close to Sasha. In the end she will choose an outfit and Vincent will pay for it. Sasha says she likes children and thinks their kids would be really cute.

Material Girl Walkthrough – VN Walkthrough

Seems like she's just after his simoleons! Time to end this date. Luckily, here comes Vincent's old golfing buddy Dr Oglethorpe who likes nothing better than to spend his money on pretty girls.

Dr Oglethorpe is so happy, he gives Vincent a new grill. Since things are going so well for Sasha and the doc it's time for Vincent to go home. She would like to meet him at Don Calamari's, Vincent's favourite restaurant.

And she just loves their coffee, too. Tux time Well, Don Calamari's is a pretty fancy sort of place so Vincent decides to change into a tuxedo. Click on the dresser and select Change Into You should make sure that most of Vincent's need bars are full so that he doesn't rush off to the toilet or start stinking up the place in the middle of proceedings. To Don Calamari's Once his need bars are pretty full Vincent will decide that it's time to go.

Use the phone to call a taxi and select Don Calamari's as the destination. Vincent spots Alexa by the coffee bar. Hey, she's kinda cute: Order coffee Alexa just loves coffee. Won't Vincent join her for a cup? Click on the coffee bar and select Order Coffee. I can't contain myself The coffee proves to be a bit much for Vincet. He needs to get to a toilet. Click on the toilet and select Use.

Seems that Samantha is hanging out in the kitchen. What cold she be up to? Be seated Finally, Alexa pauses between cups of coffee and says that the food smells very good. Why not get a table? Dinner for two Once you are seated, Alexa suggests that Vincent order for both of them. You can get a clue as to what a sim wants to eat when they first sit down and take out a menu. A though bubble above their head will contain a picture of the food they most want to eat.

On an outing it usually leads to a better score if you order the food that sims want to eat. Shortly your food will be brought out.

If you missed the little picture clues, it's going to be a looooong time before the sim takes out a menu and the thought bubble appears again.

Best just to get it over and done with. Alexa thinks her food tastes a little bit funny. Vincent takes the chance to finally introduce himself: When Alexa wakes up, she's mortified and leaves in a hurry. And on top of that, the waitress takes away Vincent's partially eaten meal! Don Calamari emerges and apologises for the food spiking. Would this coffee machine make things better?

Time to pay the dining bill and leave. Then his pal Greg turns up and suggests having a house party and inviting Alexa and Naomi. They would both, naturally, be delighted to come over. Go swimming Vincent wants to get everyone into the pool. Make him either dive or get in, then click on each guest in turn and select Ask to Join.

While everyone is having fun in the pool, Samantha marches in the front door, then does something to the big stereo in the entry hall. Kick up the jams! The party needs a bit more of a kick start. Click on the stereo and select Turn On.

Seems something is wrong Fix the stereo Click on the big stereo in the living room and select Repair. It's a shocking experience, for poor Vincent. Take a shower Click on a shower and select Take a Shower. Greg then comes over and tells Vincent that he saw Samantha entering the house earlier. So she's the one who sabotaged the stereo! And she must have put up that girl to flirt with Vincent in the park, too!

Serenade Naomi Vincent decides that a serenade is better than a stereo any day. Click on Naomi and select Flirt After this romantic interlude, Vincent decides its time to go to bed.

Clear out the crowd Click on one of your guests and select Say Goodbye To All the guests will leave. Vincent will then get a phone call from Sherman. Apparently Smanatha is up to her old tricks and is now pushing Johnny into a quickie wedding.

A delivery guy then appears and gives Vincent a bar. Time to go to bed. Maybe he knows something? Chat with Sherman Click on Sherman and select Talk Turns out he can confirm that Samantha was behind the dating disasters with both Naomi and Alexa.

Call Naomi Vincent wonders what Naomi is doing.