One piece character singles dating


one piece character singles dating

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She offers to help the Straw Hats break into the hotel and steal the money in order to repay their debt, and they accept. The next night, the Straw Hats don disguises and prepare to enter the hotel. Carina then lays out her plan: By disconnecting it from the Eizo Den Den Mushi, which act as security cameras in the hotel, Team B, the rest of them, can enter the hotel and reach the suite undetected.

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The two teams then split up, managing to successfully infiltrate the hotel and get past security. Tesoro overpowers Luffy and Franky, encasing Luffy's arms in gold, and Tanaka sends them into a large pit with his Devil Fruit powers. Tesoro deduces Team B's location, and sends security guards after them, forcing Team B to run back to where they came from.

Luffy and Franky fall into a giant gold cavern that has many golden objects inside it. They encounter several prisoners who have access to all this gold, but have no food, water, or way of escape. One of the prisoners, a legendary gambler and a member of the Revolutionary Army named Raise Max, tells the two that the only way to free Luffy's arms from their gold encasement is to enter a dangerous pipe system and travel to a room with a seawater pipeline.

Luffy and Franky decide to go there, and Max and the prisoners come with them. They come to a vertical pipe that has a giant and fast fan spinning underneath them, and Luffy is quickly batted away by the fan when he jumps into it. However, after seeing Luffy's determination, Max jumps into the fan and uses all his strength to stop it, allowing them to get to the seawater pipeline.

Meanwhile, Team B is forced to hide, but when they see a group of Celestial Dragons walking by, they steal the Dragons' clothes and resume their journey to the suite in their new disguises. However, when they open the door to the suite, they find themselves in the middle of an entertainment venue filled with a lot of people.

Tesoro reveals that he had Carina lead them into this trap, and captures the Straw Hats. He then reveals that he knows Luffy's and Franky's location, and sends seawater flooding in the room, causing Luffy, Franky, and the prisoners to be submerged. However, as Tesoro prepares to execute Zoro, seawater sprays out of Gran Tesoro's fountains instead of the usual liquid gold.

The Straw Hats then reveal that it was actually they and Carina who tricked Tesoro, as their real plan had actually been to flood Gran Tesoro with seawater, which would wash all the gold dust off everyone and free them from Tesoro's control. Luffy and Franky then emerge from the fountains, and the other Straw Hats are freed from their gold bindings. Furious about being tricked Tesoro reminisces about his life.

Having grown up poor and with an abusive mother, he ran away and turned to a life of crime and one day he fell in love with a woman in a slave shop named Stella.

He tried to work up the money to free her, but she was bought by a Celestial Dragon, who enslaved Tesoro as well. Back in the present, Tesoro enters a rage and blows up the hotel, sending a deluge of gold on the Straw Hats and Carina. However, the Straw Hats manage to get to safety, but are confronted by Tesoro, who is inhabiting a giant gold golem, as well as his executives, who are now equipped with golden armor and weapons.

She assumes her father died as she's the only survivor of Alchemi. She has since stayed in the stomach for years until one day was accidentally spat out.

She was soon found out by Marines and captured by the CP0. She agrees to show Luffy the way out as long as they do as she says. Luffy agrees and they handshake on it. Treasure captures some of the Straw Hats and regains Olga. However, they are interrupted by the arrival of Mad Treasure who has managed to find them.

Both Luffy and he fight and are evenly matched. Luffy tries to charge and attack Mad Treasure, but he suddenly grabs Nami by using his chains and threatens to torture and kill her and the others by using his chain powers, forcing Luffy to surrender to keep her and the rest of the crew from getting hurt.

Treasure binds him up and demands Olga to help him, she agrees but only on the condition that the Straw Hats are not harmed. He agrees though leaves Luffy to be dissolved by the tides of Bonbonri's acid.

After they leave, a dinosaur come back and pick up Luffy in its mouth intending to feed him to his young. He manages to get the dinosaur to spit him out and scares off the younglings, however there turns out to be a rather chubby human in a costume among them. He frees Luffy and explains that he was swallowed with his island years ago and survived by blending in with the dinosaurs and eating the meat fed to the young.

However when Luffy reveals that Olga's story was similar to his, the man reveals himself to be her father, Acier Myskinaand more then thankful to hear that she's alive.

one piece character singles dating

With that, the two return to the beach and get the assistance of a dinosaur similar to Elizabeth, this one named Chavez, to cross the acid juices.

Luffy encounters men poorly disguised as his crewmates. Meanwhile the captured Straw Hats are forced to row Treasure's ship in the lower decks.

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As they do, Nami reveals that she is familiar with Treasure as, before she met Luffy, she had tried to steal from Treasure's vault but a ran into a competitor who had gotten there first. They were both found and captured by Treasure but said competitor used Nami as a decoy and never came back for her. Olga takes that as a sign to never trust friends, but Nami states that she later found friends she could trust and that Olga should believe in Luffy.

As that goes on, Luffy and Acier make their way to second stomach but have to stop when the acid there proves too much for Chavez to cross, luckily they find the Thousand Sunny. They're suddenly attacked by a few of Treasure's men lead by Psycho P. Despite using his powers to camouflage the men, Luffy manages to beat them and force Psycho P to retreat.

Back with Treasure, they finally reach Alchemi and the temple where Pure Gold is held but likewise find a sign from Acier that warns them that those seeking the gold will be met with death.

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This is soon confirmed when one of Treasure's men comes out with an arrow in his back, signalling that the temple is booby trapped. Brook plays an organ with Olga's help to unlock the next room in the Alchemi mine.

The group press on and soon come across the first trap, a organ that will shoot out arrows if the song given is not played correctly.

one piece character singles dating

Brook, being a musician, volunteers to take the challenge but cannot play the final notes as the last page is faded out. Robin and Chopper defend him from the arrows as he tries to figure out the last notes.

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Olga, seeing the trust between the crewmates in such a deadly situation, comes to their aid and sings a song taught to her by her mother as it is the same one need to be played on the organ. With this, the group is able to bypass the trap and continue onward. As they head on, Psycho P arrives and informs Treasure of Luffy's survival, lifting the morale of his crewmates and Olga. Treasure leaves Psycho P and Naomi to guard the entrances as the group continues on. Back at the Sunny, Luffy finds Zoro and Sanji who had gone off to get materials for the Sunny as well as Franky who was on the ship fixing the damage done to it and converting it to survive the acid juices.

Meanwhile Treasure's group have reached another trap that involving trying to open a drawbridge while avoiding the dinosaurs guarding the area. Ussop manages to use his sniping skills to drop the drawbridge while Chopper keeping the dinosaurs at bay. Luffy's group soon reach the temple but are attacked by Treasure's men, Zoro and Sanji stay behind to fight Naomi and Psycho P respectfully while Luffy and Acier run on ahead.

As they do, Treasure's group have arrived at the last trap which involves keyholes and needing to find the right one to open it with the key provided. Nami goes for the task but finds that when she picks a wrong one, the dummy keyhole shocks her and and brings down the upper portion of the alligator shaped structure on her with the intent to crush it victim.

Ussop, Brook and Chopper try to hold it up as she continues, but it gets heavier with each wrong keyhole. Eventually, Nami faints from too many shocks forcing Olga to try and continue in her place. However she too can't find the right one and it seems all of them will be crushed. Luckily, Luffy arrives and saves them by smashing the upper part of the alligator structure before angrily confronting Treasure.

one piece character singles dating

Acier soon catches up and sees is daughter for the first time in two centuries. He tells her to leave with the Straw Hats before opening a trap down underneath them and dropping them into a hidden area. Going forward, they find it's Acier's lab and within, the Pure Heart in a container. Robin finds a journal explaining that he had made the Pure Heart along with his wife to save his daughter as she had contracted a disease that will kill her as she grow older.

The light of the Pure Heart however could slow a person's growth, so he cut off a piece and put it into a ring before giving it to Olga with the hope that she will survive long enough for a cure to be found.

Olga soon realizes that her father does care for her and that he likewise was sadden over her mother's death, calling herself a fool for holding a grudge against him for so long. Luffy defeats Mad Treasure. Above them, Acier reveals to Mad Treasure that he had implanted explosions around the temple and goes to activate it, intending to sacrifice himself to bury the Pure Gold and Mad Treasure along with it.

Luffy's group feel the explosions going off and escape the area before the blast engulfs it.

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However Treasure likewise manage to survive, though saved Acier in the process, and land in front of the Pure Gold, claiming it for himself. Olga rushes to her father and reconciles with him while Luffy goes to confront Treasure.

one piece character singles dating

The two begin to battle trading blows and insights on what it means to hunt treasure. Luffy wanting to share the adventure and wealth with his friends while Treasure believes he only needs people as "tools" to achieve his hunts.

Eventually, Luffy manages to break through Treasure's chain defenses and sends him flying into into Bonbonri's stomach lining.