Mallige idli in bangalore dating

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mallige idli in bangalore dating

Rava Idli Recipe- Learn how to make Rava Idli step by step on Times Food. Find all ingredients and method to cook Rava Idli along with. Havnur Circle Rajajinagar and see it's menu for Home Delivery in Bangalore. Idli Vada. Medu Vada. Rava Idli. Curd Vada. Single Idli. Mallige Idli is Soft and fluffy Idli is one of most popular breakfasts in every south Indian family. It is perfect baby food(after 8 to 9 months).

Grind it to a smooth batter using a wet grinder.

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You can grind it using a mixie or blender too but the results may vary. Unlike the normal batter, you need to grind this batter to a very smooth paste. Do check it by taking a little batter between your fingers. You should not feel any grits in the batter. When the batter is ready, mix in the salt.

mallige idli in bangalore dating

The consistency of the batter should be similar to regular idli batter. Remove the batter onto a large bowl giving enough room for expansion.

mallige idli in bangalore dating

Let the batter ferment for hours until it doubles in volume. At this stage you can make the idlis or refrigerate the batter to be used later. Place the stand in the idli cooker and steam it for minutes.

Let it rest for minutes before demoulding.

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Perfect spongy, white idlis are ready to be served. For Mallige Dosa The same batter is perfect for making soft spongy dosas too.

mallige idli in bangalore dating

You may not get crispy dosas but I enjoy making thick spongy dosas with some holes on top. It goes very well with some spicy curry.

The dosas using this batter may not have a deep golden color like the traditional batter. Another option is to mix 1 tbsp of gram flour besan to 2 cups of batter before making dosas. Wash and soak them together.

Mallige Idli/How to prepare soft and spongy idli using rice/Idli sambar recipe in Kannada

Traditionally, all these ingredients are soaked separately. But now, with the modern wet grinders it is not necessary to soak them separately.

mallige idli in bangalore dating

Allow them to soak for a minimum of hours. Keep them in hot box or serve directly on to a plate. Always serve idlis hot. Use an air-tight container for storing the batter. I usually remove the batter into my tupperware container and cover it with a normal loose steel plate while it is fermenting and once it is fermented I cover it with a lid and refrigerate the batter,this way the batter will be fresh and does not turn sour.

Mallige Idli | Soft and Spongy Idli for Breakfast

The idli batter turns sour quickly if you add salt while grinding the batter and that is the reason few add salt while making idlis. It is your wish to follow which way you want.

I prefer to use whole urad dal,if you do not get it use regular ural dal broken. But always use good quality fresh urad dal for preparing idlis. If you are using mixer you can use 3 cups of idli rice for 1 cup of urad dal for making idlis.

mallige idli in bangalore dating

Use cold water while grinding the batter in mixer as the batter tends to get heated while grinding in mixer. Once the batter is fermented do no stir it much which makes the batter looses its air bubbles and in return the idlis will not be softer.

After days the idlis might not turn soft with the same batter,you can add a fat pinch of cooking soda mixed with 2 tbsp water into the batter and mix it well and make idlis.

Your idlis would be definitely soft.