List of summer camp activities in bangalore dating

Best Guide to Craft Camps for your Children in Bangalore

list of summer camp activities in bangalore dating

Meeraqi is organizing the summer camp for kids in Bangalore near you in your paper in our list of summer activities to help your children involve themselves in the Please find below the exact dates and timings for all these offerings. Click HERE for Summer Camps for Bangalore With the Summer has various workshops like writing, comics, cooking spread over different dates and timings. kids pencil drawing, oil pastels, water colour and different types of crafts. Children in Bangalore will be spoilt for choice this summer as the city comes up with an impressive list of summer camps and workshops.

We will also introduce your children to the art of aerial yoga wherein they learn to let go and fly above the surface of the earth.

list of summer camp activities in bangalore dating

And once a child experiences this liberation, they will always remember this feeling when they are going through a tough time in life.

We understand that the world functions on these three major skills and we want to add sticky fingers and cut up sheets of paper in our list of summer activities to help your children involve themselves in the meditative processes of arts and crafts.

list of summer camp activities in bangalore dating

Music With all this in place, we cannot afford to forget one of the most important senses, i. Now talking is something most children are great at but listening is something they are not. Through music as one of the summer activities in our summer camp for kidswe intend to make listening as much fun as talking or singing for your children.

Smartness Training But listening is different from obeying and strict obedience is also not something we should expect all the time. As adults we have the choice to do something or deny doing it.

20 South Bangalore Summer Camps for your kids to enjoy this Summer

This is because we have seen the world more than children have. But also, this is why being smart is very important for a child. The world is expanding so rapidly that our children cannot always be under our protective wings, which is why we want them to question everything around them for which we will be doing many awareness activities that fall under the category of smartness training.

Shyness Eradication We also want our children to emerge as bright and bold individuals who can make their own decisions fearlessly. Stage Show Performance All these activities will come together in a final stage show performance which will be curated by us and will include the skills that they have learnt in their summer camp for kids This performance will become a great memory and an important milestone of their young lives, which you and they together will look back to all the time!

At Meeraqi, we believe in creating experiences that stay with our souls and transform them in some way, rather than do the routine and just create enjoyment-oriented activities.

list of summer camp activities in bangalore dating

Hippocampus Summer Camp Brief: Hippocampus has various workshops like writing, comics, cooking spread over different dates and timings. Check their Facebook page for more. Hippocampus Learning Centre Contact: This camp caters to improve memory, attention, concentration, relaxationcreativity, IQEQ.

Teaches kids to relax and utilize our minds in a better way. Shraddha Academy,21st Main.

list of summer camp activities in bangalore dating

This camp teaches kids pencil drawingoil pastelswater colour and different types of crafts. Core College of Fine Arts,13th cross, 2nd stage City: The activities include jewellery, recycled art, scrapbooking, nature walk, clay work, mosaic on terra cotta bell and many more.

list of summer camp activities in bangalore dating

Rs Contact Details: Camp includes activities such as basic gardening, learning about recycling, zumba, story writing, self development-communication skills. Ekta gives the kids an opportunity to choose from a range of camps like Martial arts, Self Defence, Dance, Drawing and a lot of other activities. All the activities of our summer camp are based on our yearlong activities.

Summer Camps Bangalore | Bangalore Summer Workshops for Kids

We have designed all the activities based on our hands on experience working with children and with the help of subject matter experts. Most of the activities are appropriate for children above 3 years. Children should be used to classroom atmosphere and able to follow teachers instructions.

Create your own package!

summer camp in bangalore

You could also take a combination of activities and day care. You can also enrol for single session of most of the activities by paying per session.

Most of the activities will run simultaneously in different classrooms. There will be dedicated breaks for snacks and lunch.

BLOOMING KIDS - Preschool Bangalore - Summer Camp-

Please ensure they get napkins and tissues with them. Parents are expected to adhere to batch timings strictly.

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This will help us to provide the best possible experience to your child. During day care time children spend time relaxing, socializing with other kids, making new friends: Children can enrol for activities in the morning and day care from noon onwards.

Parents can also opt for only day care if they wish to. Lunch time and Snack time is considered as day care. For day care fees click here 3 Fees The fees for your child will depend on 1 The activities you choose 2 duration of the summer camp you choose Hence the fees will vary from child to child as per the activities and duration they have enrolled for.

Please visit us and we will help you finalize the package. Enrolment Information for parents: