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Main · Videos; Legnano roma olimpiade dating quotes. So unbiblical household personality, community, thought form, lest wrap will be sketched on any. From the 's to the mid 's, the top road bike from Legnano was the Tipo The Tipo Roma and later the Roma Olimpiade in full Campagnolo trim was a .. to [email protected] and I will be more than happy to date the bike for you. NOS Legnano Olimpiade Record Specialissima frame, Reynolds $ . TRACK PISTA Racing LEGNANO ROMA OLIMPIADE 50'S Era Lugged Steel Frame.

Dropouts are 99 mm front nominally mm and mm rear so a five or six speed.

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The Bottom bracket is included and the axle is cottered. The cups can be reused with a cotterless axle for an alloy Stronglight, TA or Nervar crank or a Campagnolo or Japanese crank with the correct axle if required. I likely have some steel cottered cranks and other bits for the buyer in need.

This bike says Terrot Dijon on the markings but if Peugeot built I would think perhaps not from Dijon but how do we know. The tubing says Peugeot Extra Light I think my French translated correctly I feel this is a 2nd tier frame as it uses some non Reynolds Peugeot tubing. Figure kind of a s Raleigh Super Course or Gitane Interclub but with far more interesting details. The weight with the steel headset, Bottom bracket and other fitting is a respectable 8 lb.

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Lightweight Reynolds Racing frame sets in medium sizes tend to range around 6 lb. It has the classic French Swoopy Forks with dual eyes on the front single rear eyes for racks and fenders Velo Orange Constructeur looks appropriate I bet.

They use French style Fender draw bolts for blind holes which I can supply separately if needed. The color is a mossy Frejus Green to my eye with modest fading and red painted fancy lugs and trim. Box stripping seems to be everywhere. Decals are intact which is rare. The Seat stay caps are engraved with some Fluer style relief. Chrome is not flaking but tarnished here and there and there may be a chip here and there.

On the chain stays there is a rusty spot from a kickstand and some minor wrinkling in the tubes but this can be touched up and covered with a kickstand or even better a bottom bracket generator clamp. This bike has generous clearance and might make a worthy B conversion though it was clearly built with c wheels in mind and generous gravel clearance. The measurements might be off a few mm but they are close.

Frame size Center to Center It will get looks because of the color and details I feel sure. It looks old but I bet it can perform. Anyway both the Headset and Bottom Bracket seem serviceable but dry. Also there is a bolt on derailleur hanger installed. Sea and swimming Edit. Legnanp with performance surfwear, ca stanford university libraries. Legnano roma olimpiade dating sites - Hope you know whamsayin.

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I popped the lock nuts on the front and rear hubs to have a look, the front is stamped 67 and the rear is stamped 64, referencing the year of production.

Peter Rossbaum told me he was 14 years old when he purchased this Legnano. This is the first Roma Olimpiade that I have come across with what appears to be an original Columbus decal on the top tube just in front of the head lug.

It is also the same location where Legnano placed the Reynolds decal for the builds at that time. Could it be true? And his name is Columbus. Well the nod on this one goes to T-mar on BikeForums who suggested I check the inside of the steering tube for the five helical ridges that were a patented feature of Columbus tubes at this time.

And sure enough, there they were. The photo above is not the best however you can see one of the five helical ridges at the top of the circle where the steering tube exists the underside of the fork crown.