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Feb 27, Though there is a practical musical piece thrown in to keep things ticking, the episode is .. 3 “Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person” (3x09). Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person (Season 3, Episode 9) .. Who would have thought it would take Charlie Kelly scoring a musical to transcend Always. First written by Charlie and Dennis in “Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person” ( S03E09) under the influence of spray paint. It was also sung under the musical.

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dees dating a retarded person youtube music

Upright Terrell plump denominationally. Stuck in the bunker, the gang has to find a way to make the best of their time together, while they notice that they may be on a sinking ship. Though there is a practical musical piece thrown in to keep things ticking, the episode is one of the most dialogue-heavy.

On the brink of death, they begin to open up to one another, as Mac ponders his sexuality, Dennis confesses his love for Dee, and Charlie shoots himself in the head. The episode is another example of the gang confined to a single space, as they are forced to act on instinct when the Southern family returns home.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: 10 Most Offensive Episodes

Mac enters at that point under the guise of a Swedish plumber, and Frank smashes the vase with the whip, putting an end to a thoroughly pointless break-in mission, but an entertaining one at that. With her own brand of humor, which Dennis finds frankly detestable, Dee quickly rises to the top of the comedy circuit. Finally offered a fill-in spot on Conan, she pulls back the curtain to reveal only the gang and several extras two of whom she slept with on her way to pretend stardom.

The whole thing was set up as one of the most twisted pranks the gang has ever pulled. Dee, who is promised by her old job back if she complies, suggests that the Waitress should sleep with Charlie to get back at Dennis. All is going smoothly for Charlie, until the Waitress reveals that she slept with Frank instead.

For such an elaborate plan, nobody comes out of it any better or worse besides the Waitress, whose life is ruined just that little bit more by the oblivious gang.

As the brains of the group, Mac decides that the gang should stock up on gas, and sell it when the gas prices go up again. In another show, this may have been a touching moment, but it comes as they watch Frank torture Dee in a urinal. Unfortunately, Charlie takes his role as the wildcard just a little too seriously, transforming a classic action trope into pure chaos. But as we see very evidently in 20 minutes of Sunny madness: At different points, Frank ends up in a dog cage eating the separate ingredients of a cake, Dennis gets a dart thrown through the palm of his hand, and Charlie tries willingly to throw up the grapes he has just eaten.

Toboggan character as he goes some way to poisoning a college student. Dee is in just about the worst state of them all, but Charlie, who is taking the game entirely seriously, quickly catches up over an imaginary conversation with the real Wade Boggs.

dees dating a retarded person youtube music