Dating a man who is damaged goods

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dating a man who is damaged goods

K I'm not going to beat the dead horse by getting all mad at you because you used the term "damaged goods." I know what you meant so I'll. Men like this resent women and online dating is full of them; All his friends are single . By damaged goods, do you mean a guy with potential?. First of all, let's get something straight! What does it mean to be an emotionally damaged man? How do men become emotionally damaged?.

He will then proceed to inquire if you have ever visited that area of Brooklyn, and, if so, would you ever buy property there? Do you want children? Do you believe private schools are a sound investment? You get the picture. This is all done with absolute premeditation towards keeping you dangling on a tampon string while he sows his royal oats all over the tri-state area. He Kills an Inordinate Amount of Time with You He professes to have zero interest in you beyond your sexual prowess, yet he follows you around like a forlorn service dog.

If you work with him, he will arrive early and spend his pre-clock coffee time longingly gazing outside his office window, eagerly anticipating your arrival. The blinds on said window are broken and bent from his coffee laden hands ripping them apart in desperate search of your Hyundai Sonata.

dating a man who is damaged goods

When you finally do arrive, he grabs the mail key and runs outside to the mailbox, full well knowing that it is only 9: He then invites you to his office for a quick cup of instant. The ten-minute java break becomes a virtual five course meal overlooking the Italian countryside, during which time he probes you for your opinion on everything from euthanasia to his facial hair until the search party your boss organized finally finds you.

dating a man who is damaged goods

He Throws "Mantrums" at any Slight Odor of Rejection The emotionally handicapped man is hypersensitive to any form of rejection, whether perceived or real. To him, a missed call isn't just a missed call. It's a travesty, a betrayal. Again, he will either seethe in passive aggressive silence by deliberately ignoring your return call less than four minutes later, or will answer the same on the fifth ring with the hostility of a self absorbed premenstrual teen girl.

It must be something real important". I needed some candles". I'm going to go do me, you go do you". Breathe deeply and count to three. This information will typically be sought out within the first three minutes of seeing him, and with the subtlety of a Mac truck going miles per hour.

A long, awkward silence ensues as he eagerly waits for you to extrapolate on your dalliances with Darius.

dating a man who is damaged goods

You refuse to take the bait, and he begins rattling off questions like an un-medicated kid with ADHD and a paintball gun. What is the Zagat rating of the last restaurant Darius took you to? Did he order for you? Did he order house wine or wine from the wine list? Better call a lawyer unless you plan on being interrogated for the duration of the evening. He's Lax on Birth Control Call me crass, or more pointedly, totally irresponsible. I won't argue the point. But if he knows that you aren't on any method of birth control, yet has no qualms about taking orgasmic liberties with your vaginal canal, this backwards bachelor foresees a future not just with you, but your potential demon seeds.


He wants to create a picturesque suburban house of cards based on a mind altering, infinite dose of L. Just think of all the possibilities in terms of the Karpmann Drama Triangle alone! Today I will play enabler, you play the victim, and Joey Jr. Then, next week, when your mother comes, you and Joey Jr. However, instead of gracefully and appropriately acknowledging your admiration, he insists ad nauseam that you are obsessively pining for him. In his grandiose mind, you have an altar erected in your basement in his honor, complete with fragrant incense and foodstuffs as offerings to the gods.

I bet you think about me every night before you go to bed". But it doesn't take a degree in abnormal psychology to figure out that your on pretty heavy rotation in his romantic fantasy file. Unlike the stereotypical "bad man" in a Lifetime movie, the damaged man will slyly keep tabs on you. He is suave, and, to the untrained eye, entirely inconspicuous, much like an off duty police officer in a seedy club.

He would never be so bold as to demand information from you, as he does not wish to appear as psychotic as he really is.

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To that end, he will casually glance at the notifications on your Android, albeit under the guise of looking at your nifty and useful apps, one of which he may potentially download. He will scan the return labels of mail left on the table in your foyer, the contents of unlocked bathroom cabinets and drawers, and any online account for which you made the costly mistake of checking the box "remember this computer".

He breathes heavily in your ear for a few moments. Will he finally tell me he loves me? How do men become emotionally damaged? What kinds of things need to happen to them to become so closed and not ready to show their emotions?

Is it something that maybe happened in their past or was it a certain woman who was guilty of this damage? I think these questions are very difficult to answer, especially if you have never dated that kind of guy. Unfortunately, most people think only women have feelings and emotions. They are mothers or sisters and they are always there for their loved ones. Maybe they are ashamed to do that. Maybe they just want to look like alpha males.

They think that if they do that, they will be exposed and hurt by the people around them, including their love partner. No matter what the reason is, it is a fact that men are human beings. Honestly speaking, there is something attractive about emotionally damaged men. I am not quite sure what it is.

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Maybe it is their half-smile that never reaches their eyes. Maybe it is the mask they constantly wear on their face to hide their inner battles.

Maybe it is that look they get when another man is talking to you. The catch is, an emotionally damaged man also needs love. Well, there are girls who date men like that. They love them with all their heart and help them fight against the old demons still living inside them. They are there to tell them that even bad times will pass and that no matter what happens, they will be there to comfort them and to give them their support.

Every emotionally broken guy has a bad past. There is something that made scars on his heart. Just think of Christian Grey. He was a millionaire, a successful businessman, he was handsome and polite but he was still broken. He was incomplete for his entire life.

dating a man who is damaged goods

And love is an essential part of our life. If you are wondering what it feels like to date an emotionally broken man, keep reading. Here are some tips for all of you out there who are struggling with your Mr.

Be patient Emotionally damaged men have been hurt. They have been through hell and back and all they ask for is someone to love them.

What does it mean when a guy says he's damaged goods?

They just need someone who will accept them with all their imperfections and to be able to love them without limitations. Tell him that you love him. Tell him that he means the world to you. Once he hears this coming out of your mouth, he will fall in love with you even harder because he will know that there is a woman in his life who is ready to accept him the way he is, with all his scars and the demons from his past.

dating a man who is damaged goods

He will finally be happy and satisfied because his life makes sense. Because he needs to hear those words. They are like fuel that is moving him forward. If you are patient, he will open up to you. He will tell you even his darkest secrets. Finally, he has found a person who was worth waiting for. And he will never let you go. Living with an emotionally damaged man is like a roller coaster of emotions.

So, if you are going to date a man like this, make sure that you have enough strength and energy because it will be exhausting. You will put up with his insanity because you know that it will last only for a few days and after that he will again be a loving and caring partner. If you love him, be prepared for switches in his behavior.

You need to know that he will feel great one day and be possessive and jealous the next.