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As part of the registration process, here are two more important tips you might find useful. Synthetic biology is indeed built on a myth, that we can engineer life rationally, that the promises being made will come true.

It's reverse engineering - now we have to fill in the truth to this mythology. Narrative can create many versions of the truth, opening up the space. There are many ways of being right.

In narrative, there is the celebration that what is being told isn't true, in science it's the opposite. The pursuit of science is constructed on the belief that it is for the greater good, it is not intended to hurt someone else normally. A Life in Poems by Ruth Padel Arshia suggested that synthetic biology perhaps is not about the creation of life, but about the translation of transferable identity.

Could you clone a bacterial and transfer it's identity? This brought us back to the discussion about epigenetics, and Karma. Each story has many ways to be told, from Valmiki to your grandmother's version, to the sanitised Amar Chitra Katha comics we've been looking at! You shouldn't tell a myth without knowing what it is about. But where do artists and amateurs come into the story? Do you have to be an expert? The interchangeability of vocabulary is something to consider In science, each has a clear meaning, but we can use them in different contexts.

You need to be an expert in the language to use it - its use differentiates science and art. How does that affect inter- or trans-disciplinary working? The themes found in mythologies are often universal.

The great skill from the team will be to pick a story that has a trope in many cultures. A local but global story. Science will be a central character in this story; the trajectory from A to B is for us to claim. We were amazed that the entire film was shot twice, in Hindi and Tamil. One of the lead actors in the Hindi version played the opposing role of demon in the Tamil version. In mythology, travelling from A to B can be an epic journey, with many tales along the way framed by the larger narrative construct.

Is the potential for the epic being rejected by the rational myth-making in synthetic biology? Yesterday evening with Arshia we discussed whether science was about closing down possible narratives to find the truth, whereas story-telling is about opening up the space.

Some of the discussion this morning focused on this question: Today, the team are continuing the task to tell a myth through a bacteria, this time producing a Bollywood inspired poster. We looked at a great selection taken from the Taschen book, The Art of Bollywooda historical archive of the poster genre. How are the key elements of the story conveyed? What metaphors are used?

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The Fake Science blog shows how new myths can be constructed to create a critical commentary. We reviewed the first iteration at the end of the afternoon, now the final version must be created by tomorrow! A New Myth The team presented their Bollywood film posters of Hindu mythologies told through bacterial universes this morning. Beautiful renderings, extremely complex metaphors told through graphic representations.

The bacteria that we came up with is known as e-li. It is a photophilic light loving bacteria.


Every time the intensity of the light changes to a certain extent the bacteria replicates. And there are restrictions to how the bacteria replicates. When the bacteria replicates it does not have the same information to that as the real. As it moved closer and closer to the light it replicates with lesser info each time leaving it to its final form. The bacteria and its functions with all its restrictions, has been used as a metaphor to represent the karmic cycle.

We introduced the concept of shadow as a metaphor. We could also relate it to a general human behaviour. It is our natural tendency to follow the light and leave the darkness behind. We tend to run away from the darkness but it does follow it. But the more we go toward enlightmentthe intensity of darkness reduces.

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These are the first and foremost gods that rule the heavens, earth and hell. In a over populated culture of bacteria. This then activates the SHIV-gene bacteria to in turn produce a chemical which start disrupting the bacterial cells in the colony.

The SHIV-gene bacteria once activated has no control over killing the other cells. The subjects are happy and so are the gods. Soon after reproduction hastens up and there is over population again so the whole process is initiated making it a loop. So wait up until then. The soma bacteria are not just one bacterium but a pair of bacteria, which are co-dependent, unstable in the absence of each other.

One bacterium is harmful in relation to the human body, whereas the other one is harmless, but it is to be noted that it is not of a curative nature.

christina agapakis bacterial encounters dating

The habitat of these bacteria is common rust. While they live in their rusty habitat, they live in colonies but there is no activity of exchange taking place. The minute it comes in contact with the human body, the bacteria get activated at once. It commutes throughout the human body, causing harm. The minute it comes in contact with a white blood cell WBCthe two bacteria start exchanging their genetic material rapidly. While the WBC recognizes that one bacterium is harmless, it also realizes that the other one is harmful.

But due to the rapid state of exchange of genetic material, the WBC is unable to recognize the harmful one and try and kill it. While the harmless bacterium contains a protein, which the WBC cannot counter, it cannot kill either of the bacteria. Thus, the WBC can never destroy the soma bacteria at any given time. Soma Gods and Demons churned it from the ocean. Now we make it in the lab. Soma bacteria contain Muscimol-producing genes bioprospected from the mushroom Amanta Muscariaa psychoactive yet highly poisonous drug.