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Go play the game over at Newgrounds. Tags: 8 Comments Thanks to Nick from Bytejacker for bringing this video to our attention! Tags. Main · Videos; Be2 dating site nzx Whereby i'm awkwardly winding to assassinate someone out brave for the builder amid cooking a date. pelagicev narodni ucitelj online dating · motorcycle singles dating · bytejacker newgrounds dating. A list of Pixel Love games, organized by the date they were featured on the Nitrome blog. Release dates are based on the "upload" date on Newgrounds unless otherwise noted. Bytejacker, October 28, , February 4, Dead End.

Dingbat Manifesto games didnt have the muscle nor the presence on the internet. I rarely heard about em, they never hit the news, never hit the mainstream. You cant run business like that. RobF I always loved the concept of Manifesto!

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Games, still do in fact. It needed some cool shit, I guess, and it never really got that. Sadly, it became the only segment I visited in the end. I have to know you exist before I can buy anything from you. Also the design sucks. They also had interns and one business guy. They certainly had more money and a bigger dev team than your typical garage indie, but they built the game independently and are certainly one of the biggest if not the biggest indie success story of all time.

The music in the game was made by Newgrounds musicians. The voice acting was made by community members. This site is all about art games. His heart definably was in the right place. Too bad what he tried to do with it, was a bit too little and too late. Kropotkin Ah, Castle Crashers… You know what was indie-scene in music and what it has become?

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And the same is happening with games. Muz Man im starting to get tired of people that disown something as soon as it becomes too succesful. Isnt the whole idea to promote more unique gameplay concepts and experiences that arent restricted in a mass market like they are in the pro league? On topic, it seems sad to see this go down, but i would have to agree that they didnt advertise themselves well, im one of the many that had never heard of it….

I also felt like the selection of games on Manifesto was more crap than quality and most of the quality games I could easily buy from the developers themselves, thus even further going to the idea of indie developers being their own clearinghouse. That being said, Play This Thing introduced me to a lot of great games and game ideas, and he certainly was trying to help, rather than hinder anyone. Best of luck to him. Also his Paranoia blog is really kickass. Do the guys that made Castle Crashers have full control of their property?

If not, then they are not indie. Indie is as Paul stated, the ability to make whatever decisions you want without the need, help, or direction of a publisher or investors. The word Independent is simple enough to look up online.

You can thank me later. Is Dinner Date a game? No, it is not. Let me explain why. Dinner Date follows the story of Julian, a guy who is waiting for his date to show up. Unfortunately she's rather late, so he decides to crack open the wine and start fingering the bread, all the while revealing his inner-most thoughts.

Meanwhile, you take a viewpoint from inside his head, looking out through his eyes and watching proceedings. You can tell him to eat some bread, look at the clock and eat soup, but you cannot as far as I'm aware from my single playthrough actually change the story or alter what happens.

Julian talks about his life, gets angry, gets drunk and eventually decides how to end the evening. Since you can't change anything that happens - even if you eat the bread, the piece you took simply respawns again - it's more like watching a barely interactive movie than playing a game. Still, the way it is all presented it very nice indeed, and listening to Julian's constant moaning is entertaining enough, hence it's worth checking this out - just make sure you're not expecting anything very hands-on when you go into it.

Dinner Date is available to download from the Stout Games site. Space Murder Vlambeer November 17, With art by Jan Willem Nijman, backdrops by Adam Atomic Canabalt and music from C, the game has been created over the last week and features space trading and arena battles.

There will be tons of different planets to visit and shopkeepers to haggle with. It's going to hopefully be released on Friday in a browser near you. There's another video just below the cut.

Popular Flash gaming site Newgrounds and game creation tools specialist Clickteam haved partnered up to bring Newgrounds users The Games Factory 2 for freealthough it is a slightly limited version.