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Mzansi Magic’s next dating show is all about single parents looking for love

blind dating actor

imagine, I've been on every kind of blind date-running the spectrum from One roller-coaster week of dating in Los Angeles will be etched in my mind and my Date number four with a chiseled-good-looks actor ended early for me when he. Actor Thomas Gumede is one of the producers of the show Single Parents will be joined a month later by a speed dating reality show called. We all go on blind dates, but not all of us go on Blind Date, the TV show. a part to list "profession," with a disclaimer like, "If you're an actor.

What did you talk about?

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He told me session guitarist horror stories. Dates we'd been on. Think he got on to juggling babies… Any awkward moments? But maybe I thought he was nuts when he sat on the bar stool later, with a scarf around his legs. He didn't check his phone, fart, turn up drunk or talk all about himself, so yes.

Best thing about him? Would you introduce him to your friends? I seemed to meet all of his at the bar after. Could he meet the parents? He'd be skinned alive. Did you go on somewhere? Yep, Ronnie Scott's for jazz. He knew everybody in the room. And… did you kiss?

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And he didn't ask nicely. If you could change one thing about the evening, what would it be? To have cut out the starting-off-as-strangers chitchat. Marks out of 10? Girls, this man is single.

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Would you meet again? Not for a date but out with friends, yes.

Blind Dating Cast List: Actors and Actresses from Blind Dating

David on Edwina Before the date, what were you hoping for? No expectations; let anything happen and just go with it. Smiley, friendly, easy to talk to.

Careers, banana hair, jazz, film, circus hoops, illegal swimming, Old Vic tunnels. A joke I made about juggling babies upside down while dressed as a transvestite and listening to a Hitler speech. Best thing about her?

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Good sense of humour, easy to talk and listen to. Would you introduce her to your friends? Could she meet the parents? At her own peril.

Actor/Director ‘Speed Dating’ evening

To Ronnie Scott's till 2am. The night before I took a weird American sleeping pill that turned me into a zombie. Do I have to? It's not Best In Show. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps… but probably not. On the night itself, we stayed out in Soho. It was a great night but I think we'd done enough damage to each other by that point.

I didn't do it to meet the love of my life, just to have a bit of fun, and it was, so, thanks! I'm in a relationship now. My boyfriend jokes that it was a bit of a shock Googling me for the first time and finding out about my love life from the national papers, but he doesn't mind really. After I sent the initial email in to Blind Date, I didn't expect to hear back at all, so it was a bit of a surprise when they got in touch.

The date itself was fine, it was interesting getting to know a complete stranger. I remember it was just after Shrove Tuesday and she mentioned her dad was a priest. I'm not religious myself, and although I don't really like to generalise, I think it hampered things a bit, maybe. We sent each other a text the next day, and decided we wouldn't give each other a bad write up but after that, there was nothing.

It was a fun thing to do though. I always like surprises. July Before the date, what were you hoping for? A fun night and interesting chat. He was smiley and relaxed, which put me at ease. Dubious homemade cocktails, afternoon tea, gingerbread, magic tricks. Erm, you mean apart from when the large man in a tutu told me not to look desperate?

Or when Sam was forced to kiss the cabaret singer? There was also an unfortunate incident with a pornstar martini. But there was no awkwardness, really, more amusement. Easy to talk to. I'm sure he'd get on with them. Surely nobody introduces a first date to their parents. We had a couple more cocktails, then went to a nearby bar. I'd order a different dessert. Perhaps for a cup of tea. Sam on Emily Before the date, what were you hoping for? Outlawed An action packed story than meets up with an adventure into the predator, Blind Dating.

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blind dating actor

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blind dating actor

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