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On Archive of Our Own (AO3), users can make profiles, create works and other Content, post comments, give Kudos, create Collections and Bookmarks. Follows the adventures of Aang, a young successor to a long line of Avatars, who must master all four elements and Swearing to protect the Avatar, Katara and Sokka journey with him to the Northern Water Kingdom in his Release Date. Toph and Zuko are two of the most beloved characters ever. But I am The char i dislike would be korras girlfriend (forgot her name) and #2 would be Mako, simply because of the lack of screentime, i still like their .. Since you aked in latin.

England has a long history of working class politics. Because of this, disparaging remarks towards the upper class can be considered especially hurtful. Toph hates being viewed as someone who needs special care, as her royal parents did. She might hate being called the term, but might actually use it herself in reference to that society.

Luckily, no one would be able to call her such, because at the end of her life we see her living in the roots of a tree. Very much not toff. But a year-old girl? In one of her matches against an earthbender known as The Boulder, Toph is told that her opponent is conflicted about whether to go against her or not.

When Toph confirms that she wants to fight him, he states that he is no longer conflicted. Featured Today 18 The Leading Ladies via: But not all were that good. When Aang needed to learn earthbending from Toph, Katara offered some advice: In fact, it was probably in said in good faith. Toph knew that waterbending and earthbending were different, and thus taught Aang differently. It was never a calm acceptance. When people forgot, she had to point it out.

When people joked about it, she had to rise above it and overcome them. It fueled some of her greatest achievements. But it also hurt her ability to form relationships. She had negative relationships with most people who surrounded her.


It took a long time for Aang and Katara to warm up to her, and Sokka as well. In the end, she lived in a tree, alone. No animals to keep her comforted, and no friends to see her. One wonders if her sight had something to do with it.

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This reflected with most people in the series. Even the themes were above the normal cut, delving deeper into morality and liberty, and the duality of nature. Bolin was quite the exception.

Viewed as comedic relief of the show, and slightly more childish in prospects, he was definitely not self-aware. Upon seeing Toph Beifong for the first time, he squealed quite loudly at someone so famous.

This new type of bending would eventually become well-known and a staple of earthbending everywhere, especially Zaofu the city made by metalbenders. But before any of this could become widely available, it had to be learned.

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However, most of her students were not successful. It resulted in them trying to run away from the school while Toph was on an Avatar adventure.

Luckily, they got better soon after, but for quite the time they were not up to snuff with what she expected of metalbending students. Toph, our firecracker of a gal, had done most of her own work herself. She usually carried her own, even going as far as to make her own shelter with her earthbending skills.

I mean, if you have the ability to do so, why not? She was always motherly towards Toph, and Toph hated it. When Toph caught a con artist trying to pull a scam on a fun side game, Toph used her earthbending to sense the cheater.

Katara became angry at Toph for cheating the con artist although I think we can all agree that he got what he deserved, scamming all those fire nation citizens. However, we eventually got the Toph we have today in my opinion, a vast improvement. This changed the way the writers viewed the relationship between Toph and Sokka. They were slated to be a Sokka befriended her, and stood up for her on multiple occasions. It eventually turned into something small, where they both recognized a greater interest in one another.

They shared kisses in front of Toph which made Toph jealous. Our earthbending girl would eventually come to tolerate the relationship, although the burn of it being over before ever being started might not ever have healed. Because she was born blind, they believed her to be unable to ever take care of herself. Her existence became something to hide so that it could never be used against them and their wealth.

Talk about being selfish! Their actions led to Toph hating home life entirely. They also expected her to act like royalty, not misbehaving or being a brat.

She was a noble and to the few people who knew she existed she was supposed to act like it! Luckily, she had enough time to dwell on ways to prevent herself from becoming a part of the system. She found out she could bend and see with her shoes off, starting her down a path of consistent rebellion.

At first she put up and kept quiet about her rebellious attitude, simply going with what her parents wanted her to do. She eventually ran away from her parents and hid in a cave of badgermoles. Badgermoles were considered the first animals to use earthbending in official form.

By hanging with the badgermoles, Toph learned how to improve her earthbending. The badgermoles were blind, thus allowing Toph to connect with them on a different level.

aang vs toph latino dating

They gave her the ability to sense with her feet through seismic activity as well. The second time she ran away was when she came into contact with Team Avatar.

Characters you dislike that everyone loves and vice versa.

This adventure lasted an entire life time, and formed the basis for much of her known history in the universe. Sokka and Aang were servers at the party.

The disguises of the girls were working. They had successfully fooled Long Feng, master of the Dai Li agents, into getting them into the party. This put them all in jeopardy. In fact, by and large, the world of Avatar lacks much of that diversity that we do in our society. This makes for a lonesome world. Toph was one of three disabled people in the world of Avatar.

These people used bending or bending-like abilities as an extension of their disability. He used his mechanic skills with his father to overcome his inability to walk. Ming-Hua used water tendrils as arms, bending them to act as arms and weapons.

Toph used earthbending to sense see.

Avatar: The Last Airbender: The 25 Worst Things To Happen To Toph

Their disabilities were not what defined them, and they were able to move beyond them. The Beifongs were a wealthy family that wanted their cherished daughter back away from what they thought was a horrible and evil outside world.

Upon her capture, she was placed in a metal jail cell. Obviously, if it was made of rock, then she would have gotten out. But she had a trick up her sleeve. It's almost as if the characters think they are in a radio drama, as the plot is rehashed for us, the audience almost every third minute as the characters catch us up to speed in a quick narration.

The script is bloated and filled with all sorts of unnecessary dialogue which is delivered either so lazily that it's hard to care or with such overblown emotion that the lines become laughable.

This excess dialogue serves as a catalyst to suck all depth out of who should be well-rounded characters that even a quick-3D conversion process cannot rescue them. These two actually have some good moments among all the poorly written lines and end up being the best part about the film script-wise.

aang vs toph latino dating

Watching The Last Airbender makes me wonder if anyone besides the special effects supervisors and the fight choreographers even cared about what they were doing. Shots seem well-composed enough though not even close to usual Shyamalan standardsthe special effects are simply incredible, and the choreography is excellent.

However, everything else about the film is just terrible. Even the way the choreography is presented is so over-dramatic that it takes all emotion out of what is happening. Every action scene is put in to slow motion.

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This highlights the spectacular of the choreography, but makes me wonder what could have been done had at least a few of the fight scenes been left in real-time. Another quick note related to the adaptation, most of the film is dedicated to the last episode of the first season. Over an hour of the movie, in fact. Because of this, the first hour of the film feels rushed, trying to speed us to the "big battle scene". I realize that a series adaptation is tough, but to skimp out on important character details makes it near impossible to identify or even care about a single character.

The Last Airbender is not only a terrible adaptation, it's a pretty terrible movie on its own right, and may even go down in history as Shyamalan's worst.