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Joint Base Lewis-McChord Airman supports deployed airlift ops as C loadmaster in Southwest Asia. AddThis Sharing Buttons According to her official Air Force job description for the 1A2X1 career field, Date Posted: 1a2x1 bases of dating. What are the 3 bases in dating and what age should they start happening?. Selections are tentative until the data verification process is complete, which is normally within 10 days of the promotion release date.

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C loadmasters also accomplish the initial pre-flight of aircraft according to flight manuals. They pre-flight specific aircraft systems such as restraint rail and airdrop equipment.


They also pre-flight aerospace ground equipment and apply external power to the aircraft. Additionally, they perform in-flight and special mission specific duties as required. When supervising aircraft loading and off-loading, loadmasters like Joiner ensure cargo and passengers are loaded according to load distribution plan. They direct application of restraint devices such as restraint rails, straps, chains and nets to prevent shifting during flight.

They also check cargo, passengers and troops against manifests, ensure availability of fleet service equipment and brief passengers and troops on use of seat belts, facilities and border clearance requirements. In the deployed environment, loadmasters like Joiner are trained to conduct cargo and personnel airdrops according to directives.

They are trained to attach extraction parachutes to cargo and platforms and inspect cargo and platforms, extraction systems and connects static lines.

What Are the Bases in Dating?

They also check tie-downs, parachutes, containers, suspension systems and extraction systems to ensure proper cargo extraction or release. To do their job while deployed or at home station, loadmasters have to maintain a wide array of mandatory job knowledge, the job description states. They must know the types, capacities and configuration of transport aircraft, emergency equipment and in-flight emergency procedures, personal equipment and oxygen use, communications, current flying directives, interpreting diagrams, loading charts and technical publications, border agency clearance dispensing and preserving food aboard aircraft, and cargo restraint techniques.