Ourtime dating site complaints form

Our time dating site complaints

Phone number. Submit your complaint or review on rozamira.info I recently joined rozamira.info dating service and the service has been lousy. I never. rozamira.info is an online dating site for mature adults. or something in between, this site helps make the most of "your time" and form those relationships . Our time dating site complaints - So she lied to be seen to use and a scandalous A review of an impressive set without any of people in a complaint form or.

They'll also find information about how to interact with other users, how to enhance searches and be matched with someone.

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Moreover, if a question doesn't appear right away in their list, they provide a search bar. Sure, their FAQs list is helpful enough for people who need basic questions answered.

However, should a question extend beyond the realm of the FAQs, then members pretty much out of luck. They don't provide a phone number or email address to contact them with.

The one contacting tool they do provide is their Customer Care form, where they can submit an email address and question and then select the category the question falls under such as technical support or account settings.

ourtime dating site complaints form

Then, if the question still hasn't been answered, they instruct members to reply to their email with the question. They claim that they respond to most emails within 48 hours.

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Also, that's only "most. A lack of live support is almost unheard of in today's business world. No matter how detailed a website is, every business should provide a means to contact a representative right away. Especially in the online world, immediate help isn't just convenient; it's crucial. If members just want to browse profiles, they can enjoy that free membership.

ourtime dating site complaints form

But it would be nice if the company made the upgrade prices more affordable. No Member Screening OurTime.

ourtime dating site complaints form

If members find that another user is sharing content that is illegal, harmful, or threatening, they can report that user. Once reporting a user, OurTime. We wish OurTime had more safety features and a better verification process for its users.

Unfortunately, the site has a bad rep elsewhere too.

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There are negative reviews about the site, with claims that they scam users and charge unnecessary amounts for account upgrades. Every review is relative, of course.

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Their reputation could use a little love, and they would do well to reconsider its prices and customer support resources. But all the same, members can't beat the fact that the membership is free and, of course, that they've devoted their entire site to connecting one specific demographic-people in the 50s and beyond looking to meet real mature singles. As far as online dating sites, a membership certainly can't hurt. You agree to pay the Company all charges at the prices you agreed to for any use of the Service by you or other persons including your agents using your Billing Account, and you authorize the Company to charge your chosen payment provider your "Payment Method" for the Service.

You agree to make payment using that selected Payment Method. It is advisable that users of the website exercise caution, and never send money to anybody they meet on the site. App The app's design is simple and linear Icons and text are highly visible for the benefit of the users on the site The app has the same amount of features as the desktop version At first glance, an app for a dating site that caters to people over the age of 50 might seem impractical, but the app has seen a lot of usage and downloads since its launch.

To be fair, the app's design and layout complements the site's target group, with visible fonts and accessible menus. Although it doesn't offer anything new in terms of features, it offers a chance for its members to use the site even while lying down or reclined on a chair. Real Life Review "I lost my husband to a heart attack and I was ready to live the rest of my life alone. At first, I felt that looking for someone new would mean cheating on my husband's memory, but 2 years as a widow have been nothing but pure loneliness.

I'm still in good shape, and I still love going out to cafes, theatres and parks. However, I did not want to do it alone anymore. Through OurTime, I met Rick, who was a widower with 2 grown children. After 3 months of talking in chat, he finally wanted to meet and we had a lovely evening - a nice dinner and a walk may seem like an ordinary date to anybody else, but to me it felt as if I was young again.

Because of OurTime, I found my constant companion, dear friend and lifetime partner. All features are easily accessible through the side and top navigational menus.