Zach rance and victoria rafaeli dating

'Big Brother' Evicts a Second Houseguest: Our Latest Rankings

zach rance and victoria rafaeli dating

Jun 2, Zach Rance confesses love for Victoria Rafaeli . no friends, and I tried dating but it didn't work out, because I met this person online and when. Oct 13, Since leaving the Big Brother 16 house, Victoria Rafaeli and Zach Rance have formed a close bond. So close that fans often speculate of. Jul 11, Zach Rance, 23, is a recent college graduate from Palm Beach, Florida. Victoria Rafaeli, 22, is a photographer from Brooklyn, New York, and.

Derrick says its got to be a double eviction on Thursday. Derrick says everyone is going to have fans and people that hate them. Derrick, Cody, Frankie and Caleb are playing pool and watching each other play. Zach comes out and starts twerking. Zach says I love that you laugh at everything I do.

Palm Beach Gardens’ Zach Rance returns home from “Big Brother” | Pop File

Christine says I especially love it when you twerk on something. Hayden asks what is the plan for how we go about the next few days? Cody asks with who? Hayden says with Caleb and Frankie. Like how are we going to do that? Cody says I feel like Frankie is going to flip because of Christine. Hayden asks you think Christine is getting in his ear?

The Bro abides (in Palm Beach Gardens): “Big Brother”‘s Zach Rance comes home

Hayden says its so ridiculous how we have to treat him like a kid. Like how are we going to break it to him this week.

zach rance and victoria rafaeli dating

Like last week and this week. Hayden says maybe 2nd times the charm. Cody says maybe plant a seed tomorrow and then tell him on Wednesday.

zach rance and victoria rafaeli dating

In the kitchen — Cody, Christine, Zach and Derrick are talking. Zach looks at the memory wall and says one of those people are going to win half a million dollars!! Caleb pulls out his Memory wall key and hold it on his forearm. Cody says that the other day Christine told me about how Frankie told her about the Tres Amigos.

Not the Tres Amigos the three, the Tres Amigos the final 3. Cody says Frankie said he never said anything to her. Derrick says he said the same thing to me.

Stop That! — Zach Rance confesses love for Victoria Rafaeli

Cody says Zach told him, Frankie told her. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Cody says to Christine someone is going to get tripped over it and say someone told me this for him to stay. Christine says thats why we have to make sure its Hayden.

Cody says that Nicole and Hayden are tight. Cody says its risky convincing people for Zach to stay but wanting him gone. Derrick says the more I think about it the vote should just be unanimous and then we do damage control when he goes out. Derrick says we just need to wait to see where the vote is in a couple days because Caleb could come to us and be like I want to vote Zach out.

Frankie says I think at least a vote it gives him something to think about. Cody says I think he would still blow up on Christine and. Zach comes out and ends the conversation. Like concerta, adderall, xanax, etc. Why would I need it, when I can just sleep all day. The conversation turns to talking about whether or not Victoria is lying about having a photography business.

Zach says you think she smart? I try to see people at their best. Zach asks am I just a hateful person?! Also, with his buddy Derrick in power, we can assume he'll live to see another week. Like the wise Derrick said, you get one.

Then, you become that crazy person who can't control their temper. Hayden makes a big leap this week because he's proven to be smarter than initial impressions let on. When Devin basically forced him into the Bomb Squad as a replacement member, he went along with it, telling the confession cam later that he only intended to "blow up the bomb squad.

Use Nicole's new position of power to your favor. HOH competitions that are heavily determined by chance tend to be the most frustrating because that's how you end up with weak HOHs. Derrick can handle the position, but Nicole probably can't.

Nicole is going to be used and manipulated and it's going to be sad. But here's where the "dangerous" potential comes in Also, stop wearing so many head accessories.

Bb18 spoilers: are big brother 16's zach and victoria dating?

That's just life advice. Because no one hates him. For being a jock, Cody sure is flying low these days. Be drone-ish as long as you can. The woman talked herself off the block. Not just anyone can do that. No advice for you. You've made a deal with Devin, who is the devil. Ask the guys on Supernaturalthese never work out well. She's not — but the tiny clown whose clothes she's been wearing might be. Time to make a move, Jacosta. Your floaterness is going make you a target very soon.

If she's dangerous, then my pet fish, Hidalgo, is a lethal weapon. He's also dead, FYI. Honestly, until you voted to evict Paola, viewers probably forgot you were in the house. If this was a week ago, Christine would have found herself at the top of this list with her Nerd Glasses Alliance member, Nicole. But Nicole is having major doubts about Christine after last week, when Nicole found herself on the block. I think the Nerd Glasses are broken — as nerds' glasses tend to We've reached the Nobody Trusts You portion of our rankings, which is more dangerous than being invisible like Victoria.

Zach flirts with Victoria while he paints Nicole's nails