Xiumin and luhan dating

We Are One • EXO's Xiumin & Luhan reported to be dating + SM

xiumin and luhan dating

EXO and Luhan are two dif things now. some EXO members made their relationship public before Luhan. Xiumin then rozamira.info EXO's Xiumin & Luhan reported to be dating + SM confirms it's true “SM Entertainment has offered their respondes to EXO-M Xiumin and Luhan. Sunny is ahead but that is luhan and tiffany alone.. sunny obviously wants no part of it, awkward for her. Also this is my last and most solid proof.. this is luhan and tiffany.. xiumin went in between them. . Tiffany is dating me.

- Шифр-убийца.

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xiumin and luhan dating

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xiumin and luhan dating