Tyrese and taraji are they dating

Taraji P. Henson Dating Tyrese, Drake? She Spills On “Wendy” VIDEO | WRNB Philly

tyrese and taraji are they dating

Dec 6, Tyrese Reveals Possibility of Ever Dating Taraji P. Henson. Notebook" with Taraji as she sipped on wine and they made up some popcorn. Baby Boy is a American coming-of-age hood film written, produced, and directed by John Singleton. The film follows bicycle mechanic Joseph "Jody" Summers as he lives and learns in his everyday life in the hood of Los Angeles. It represented the film debut of actress Taraji P. Henson and R&B singer Tyrese Gibson. When she discovers his cheating, they get in a heated argument. Jun 28, maybe they working on another baby boy movie? lmao for some reason i dont see her with him or her type, but you never know or just trying to.

tyrese and taraji are they dating

Melvin comes home and admits to Juanita that he planted it. Jody and Melvin get into a heated argument, which results in Melvin punching him in the face and breaking the table. Jody leaves the house to see Sweetpea.

After this, Yvette kicks Rodney and his friends out of her apartment. Eventually, after some more bickering, Yvette and Jody reconcile at Sweetpea's house, and Yvette tells Jody that Rodney attempted to rape her in front of JoJo. Rodney steals the money and keys from her wallet and takes off in her car to go and find Jody.

Rodney tries to kill Jody in a drive-by shooting; however, he is unsuccessful. Later that night, Jody and Sweetpea confront Rodney, and as he attempts to escape, Jody shoots him in the back of the legs.

tyrese and taraji are they dating

Sweetpea urges Jody to kill Rodney, but he refuses, at which point Sweetpea shoots Rodney anyway. Horrified by Rodney's death, Jody prepares to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head, but Melvin catches him in the nick of time and takes the gun.

Taraji P. Henson Boyfriends 2018: Who Is Taraji Dating Now?

After reflecting on the death of Rodney and how he put Yvette and his son in danger by not being around consistently, Jody finally moves out of his mom's house and in with Yvette. Jody has now become a mature man, realizing that Juanita's relationship with Melvin is a stable one and that he has a family of his own that he needs to protect and take care of. Afterward, Jody and Yvette get married and look forward to the birth of their unborn child. Sweetpea decides to turn over a new leaf and gets baptized, putting his old life as a thug behind him.

At one point, he has affairs with Peanut, the mother of his baby daughter, while dating Yvette. Omar Gooding as Sweetpea, Jody's mischievous best friend who is known for his somewhat crazy antics.

tyrese and taraji are they dating

Henson as Yvette, Jody's older girlfriend and later wife, and the mother of his son and unborn child. Snoop Dogg as Rodney, Yvette's ex-boyfriend, who was recently released from prison and has a strong dislike towards Jody.

Ving Rhames as Melvin, Juanita's ex-con boyfriend, for whom Jody has disdain. Adrienne-Joi Johnson as Juanita, Jody's mother. Mo'Nique as Patrice, Juanita's best friend.

Taraji P. Henson Boyfriends Who Is Taraji Dating Now?

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