Steve mcqueen and katerina graham dating

Who is Kat Graham dating? Kat Graham boyfriend, husband

steve mcqueen and katerina graham dating

Get to know The Vampire Diaries' Katerina Graham! KG: It's so weird because we're all brothers and sisters [in real life], so I can't imagine dating anyone in our cast, but I am KG: Steve McQueen and I share that throne. Katerina Graham, Steven R. McQueen. Although The Vampire Diaries' Steven R. McQueen: Jeremy is throwing his heart on the line. Another. The year-old actor Steven R. McQueen will soon walk down the aisle. The pair officially started dating more than a year ago. alongside Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Kat Graham, Nina Dobrev, Matt Davis and so on.

While the dots on Ian Somerhalder's eyes may suggest simple motion capture, the reality behind the editing is far more complicated. Mat Beck, senior visual effects supervisor, detailed the special editing process they used to make each vampire unique. It's just another intricate detail that makes this show so great! While the Salvatore brothers aren't always on best terms in the show, behind the scenes it's another story. Wesley remembers"Ian and I were trying to make each other laugh between takes If you look on the floor you'll see the actor's marks that they have to hit.

The Vampire Diaries’ Katerina Graham: Steven R. McQueen is “Such a Cutie”

Someone even had measuring tape to the left to make sure everything is precise. The camera also appears to be on a roller, which would make sense seeing as how this scene got a bit chaotic. This scene takes place after the decade dance in Season 1 where Elena Nina Dorbev learns that she has accidentally given a violent vampire an invitation into her home.

In a show filled with vampires and other mystical beings, more than a few characters saw their untimely demise at the hands of someone else. Jow's staked chest looks pretty real thanks to the makeup and costuming department. She also doesn't look too pleased about being offed - and neither does Pralgo!

Unfortunately no character is safe on this show. Not only is it from the last episode to ever be filmed of The Vampire Diaries - you can see Season 8, Episode 16 on the bottom right corner - this clapperboard is also a tribute. Here we see Wesley trying to sneak a peak of the season finale's script before anyone else in the cast.

Plec was quick to close her laptop and keep it all a secret.

steve mcqueen and katerina graham dating

Co-creator Kevin Williamson shared this candid moment on his Instagram page. Don't worry fans, you are not alone in your obsession of knowing what comes next. Actors are just as curious, and if you're Wesley, you'll try anything to get a spoiler!

The Vampire Diaries always truly made us feel like we were transported back in time when we stepped through the Salvatore mansion.

steve mcqueen and katerina graham dating

It's no secret that the intimate scenes in The Vampire Diaries are anything but intimate. In fact, kissing scenes can be down right awkward when you have to perform in front of a bunch of crew members scrutinizing your every move. Thankfully Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder are total pros, because they really don't seem to be phased in the slightest by the makeup artists doing her touch ups.

What would the last day of filming be without a customized wrap cake? Whoever baked this creation left no detail behind. From miniature cast and crew members, to the Mystic Grill, and even the camaro.

They even included Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec on the clapper board with the final date of filming. We would have loved to get more of a behind-the-scenes look at the wrap party, but some things are left for the cast and crew to enjoy themselves. After 8 seasons, these guys are more like family than friends. Here we see Kat fooling around on set, exuding the same fun, strong energy we came to know and love from her on the show.

When reflecting on The Vampire Diaries coming to an end, Graham admitted that Bonnie really became one with her.

steve mcqueen and katerina graham dating

She described playing Bonnie as her "saving grace" through hard times. Here we get a beautiful night shot of the town we all came to love over the years.

Candice Accola bumps into fellow stars Kat Graham and Steven McQueen in NYC

Julie Plec, co-creator of the show alongside Kevin Willimason, posted this on her Instagram as a fond farewell to everything that made The Vampire Diaries what it was. Here, Nina Dobrev, who plays Elena, is deep into her script, studying lines for the scene she's about to shoot.

Dobrev takes her acting very seriously. When talking about her exit on the show with US Weeklyshe explained why she's ready to move on: He played Elena's younger brother Jeremy in the series, and everyone was definitely sad to see him go. The cast and crew weren't letting McQueen go without one last party. Everyone on set dressed up as superheroes for his last day, which is where the hulk hands came from, as well as getting him a cake to celebrate.

It's clear that The Vampire Diaries gang is very close, and it's nice to know that McQueen felt the love on his last day. No worries here, because Graham has the acting chops to keep up with her ever struggling character. Here we get a glimpse of what it looks like through the director's perspective.

Graham admits that working on The Vampire Diaries gave her a new perspective as well.

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Her hard work has definitely paid off! Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham still apparently talk and text all the time. Fell reveals to Damon that Elena wasn't suffering from a concussion, but a bleeding in the brain and that she did what she had to do to save her, by giving her vampire blood.

The episode ends with Elena waking up as a vampire. He feeds on vampires and is hunting Klaus.

The Vampire Diaries' Katerina Graham: Steven R. McQueen is "Such a Cutie"

When his plan to kill Klaus backfires, Mikael is killed by Klaus instead. She was first seen in a flashback in episode eight.

steve mcqueen and katerina graham dating

She uses vampire blood to cure people and starts dating Alaric. Storylines[ edit ] Season three begins in the aftermath of Jenna's death and the ceremony which lead the creation of Klaus being the first hybrid this has heavily affected Alaric, Elena, and Jeremy. Stefan is on a ripper binge where he can not control his urges for human blood and continues to become a darker character.

In trying to help Stefan, Elena and Damon spend time together and they begin to realize that they have feelings for each other. The both feel guilt over this and do not speak about it out loud but it is a silent truth between the two of them. Jeremy is still having trouble with his ghosts and they are trying to convey an important message to him. He and Bonnie are becoming more distant as the distractions of ghosts from his past in his every day life are distracting him.

Klaus is intent on creating an army of hybrids half vampire half werewolf that are sired to him. In the beginning he enlists Stefan to help him but Stefan eventually leaves. The season also has an focus on how the Original family of vampires came to be vampires by their father, Michael Mikaelson, asking Esther to make them stronger than their neighbors who were werewolves.

steve mcqueen and katerina graham dating