Sonja glass and valeska steiner dating

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sonja glass and valeska steiner dating

I met up with Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass on a sunny afternoon to discuss their debut Mutual Friends, them as a band and their up-coming tour. So your. For your information, BOY is actually two girls. It was when Swiss singer Valeska Steiner and German bassist Sonja Glass met via mutual. Valeska Steiner | BOY Beautiful People, Idol, Feminine, Women's Spass haben , Songs basteln: Valeska Steiner und Sonja Glass verbreiten skandinavisches.

Yeah it tends to be more girls than boys. Musically you can be very upbeat and positive, or sombre and fragile. Which would you say you prefer writing and performing?

BOY interview - Valeska & Sonja (part 2)

I really love both. The good thing about slow songs or more introverted songs is that maybe because people are quite, in good moments they really listen which creates a concentrated atmosphere in the audience.

Yeah we love performing Little Numbers because people really dance to it. There is a prolific use of violin on the album and some brass and woodwind thrown in as well. What do you feel this adds to the album?

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I think they give it a more specific because we worked so intensely on detail, they give a slight colour to it, rather than if we had just used the normal instruments. I think they make it more- VS: They give them their own personality. But we were definitely perfectionists, the two of us and our producer.

sonja glass and valeska steiner dating

It was like a research camp. We really enjoyed trying out a lot of instruments and seeing which ones fit better. There is obviously a lot of Chemistry between the two of you. How far do you think this helps your music? Yeah I think so. It would be tragic because we spend so much time together.

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Is there ever any frustration with the two of you spending so much time together? Is it hard being a two-piece band? You always make democratic decisions about things; you discuss them until the end.

But it can be good until you get to the point [of agreement] SG: Valeska Steiner sang in several bands in her native Switzerland before moving to Germany, where Sonja Glass grew up, playing the cello in classical orchestras as a child, and later working as a bass player for several pop bands.

Boy: Good music and good friends

The duo met when Valeska won a place at a prestigious summer holiday music workshop in Hamburg. There she met Sonja, who had recently returned from a spell studying bass guitar in Holland.

BOY's debut album, "Mutual Friends", is an autobiographical affair. We want to make music that's positive and hopeful," explains Valeska. In complete contrast however, "Waitress" explores the melancholy story of a barmaid stuck in time and wondering when her life is going to start: The dozen songs on "Mutual Friends", painstakingly recorded over a two-and-a-half year period at the 12 square meter home studio of producer and multi-instrumentalist Philipp Steinke in Berlin, have gone through many transformations since they were written.

sonja glass and valeska steiner dating

And some of them have ended up sounding completely different from the way they began. Only in some cases, such as drumming duties, a rotating roster of friends jumped in to play, among them Phoenix's live drummer Thomas Hedlund. Their irresistible debut single "Little Numbers", which has sparked countless YouTube tributes, is something of a straggler, being the last recorded from the sessions. But this is arguably precisely why the track is imbued with such a rambunctious drive and dizzying joyousness; it is the product of studio playtime, the long-awaited period where musicians can relax and have fun knowing - wrongly as the case may be - that all the work is done.

sonja glass and valeska steiner dating

The colourful video, shot on the streets of Barcelona last summer, has already clocked up nearly two millions YouTube hits since it was uploaded in July.