Sikh religion and dating

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sikh religion and dating

But anyway since I am in an awesome relationship with a Sikh I think I can answer your question. ▫️They will take care of you very well. ▫️They will never let you. I work out, have friends from every race/religion, I consider myself to be a when we first met (before we started dating), and she has a TON of. Dating Zayn Singh taught me a lot about my faith, my spiritual health, and His religious tenets not only do not conflict with mine, I bring them.

Nisha Tuesday, January 8, at I primarily look to date a good person — and we know good people come in all shapes and sizes. There are plenty of women including me who find sardars very attractive — i guess we should be more vocal about this! For both men and women, there is nothing more attractive than confidence in an individual.

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I've always been surrounded by men who wear their turbans with confidence and pride and have never used it as an inhibition. However, i also understand that experiences with bullying and other forms of discrimination impact an individual's self-confidence, so i wish there was a way to address that in the community.

Shamsher Sandhu Tuesday, January 8, at In other words, they probably don't view kesh and a pag as something that is desirable but it's not a deal-breaker and they are willing to "overlook" it. The percentage of Sikh women who actually prefer a sardar is negligible.

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I am sure that there will be many posts after mine claiming that my assertion is false. But keep in mind that most people who read blogs like this are people who go out of their way to connect with other "religious" Sikhs.

sikh religion and dating

They then think that their social circle reflects the larger reality, and they lose sight of what the majority of the Sikh community is really like. When Sikh women from such a background see a sardar, they don't see him as one of their own.

He is some strange, backwards "other.

sikh religion and dating

Yes, there are exceptions. You will occasionally meet a girl from a "clean shaven" family who is exceptionally open-minded and will be open to talking to a Singh. It's amusing how it will be brought up during a conversation out of the blue. And the questions the girls usually ask make it seem like they are interviewing an alien from another planet.

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I'm not trying to be critical of such girls, as it's not their fault they haven't been exposed to sardars, and it is commendable that they are being open-minded. But it just goes to highlight how differently they view you. He read me the list of other things he can't do. Him and his sister seemed very upset that they didn't get to prepare for this and that they didn't find out about it until the day they had to start following this rules.

I asked if he believed in that and his response was "well now I have to.

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I thought about how much I love him and about how much this doesn't make sense to me. I couldn't help but wonder what would it be like if we were married? Would I "have" to follow this rules?

What other expectations are out there?

sikh religion and dating

I'm trying to be open minded, but I don't know if I can find a way to make this work. Of course it was disappointing, but I never once considered cutting my hair. If a girl didn't respect my hair, she wasn't worth my time, that was my train of thought. Looking back at it now, I can't believe I asked most of them out either, they may have been Punjabi, but they didn't have an ounce of Sikhi or Sikhi knowledge in their bodies, I wouldn't look twice at girls like that today.

I live in an area with a very small ethnic population, so since Uni started, it has been harder for me to meet Punjabi girls.

sikh religion and dating

Last month, something unexpected happened to me. One of the white girls I have a class with, that I met at the beginning of the semester, asked me out. She is really smart, funny, we clicked the first day we met, plus she is extremely mature for her age, not the kind of girl who drinks or does drugs or goes clubbing and comes back at 3 am. Dare I say it, she acts more "Sikh" than almost all the Punjabi girls I've known throughout my life.

sikh religion and dating