Serena and drake dating photos

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serena and drake dating photos

Drake and Serena Williams are rumored to be dating and, according to And, although blurry, the photos do look like they were talking mighty. Serena Williams and Drake are dating and here are the pictures to prove it. Social media photos put Drake in Cincinnati for Sunday's final. Serena has shot down rumors that she's dating Drake about as often as she's.

Sadly for Williams, it wasn't the first time she had learned such a lesson.

Is Serena Williams dating Drake?

But there was almost no time to mourn for Serena, because she had met someone new. And this time it was a guy that she and everyone else could take seriously. Since the tennis player and the Reddit co-founder got together, they have been operating in the exact opposite fashion from what we'd come to expect from one of the sports world's biggest stars.

They never made an official "we're dating" announcement. They were almost never photographed together. In fact, the only reason anyone even knew they were together from the start is on account of their friend's overly chatty tendencies.

Is Serena Williams dating Drake? | For The Win

It happened in He was often spotted watching her tennis games from the stands and cheering for her. For a long time, the rumors about their involvement had no basis. But soon, Drake gave the media a valid reason to speculate about his romance with Serena Williams.

The media had a hard time interpreting this message as something other than the romantic relationship between the rapper and tennis player. Therefore, the pair started getting more attention from the various news outlets, who tried to catch them in action and prove that they are dating. Except that, the hot-headed rapper had a feud with the ex-boyfriend of Serena Williams, the rapper Common, who she broke up with in However, Drake did not rest for long — he hit back at Common in the interview, and then recorded a diss track in return.

The most interesting thing about this entire feud between two rappers was that it was actually over Serena Williams.

Drake Shows His Intense Emotions While Cheering on Serena Williams at Wimbledon: Pics

When Drake was asked about the nature of his relationship with the living legend of tennis, he spoke very highly of Serena and praised her. He said that he loves her and cares for her a lot. He called her incredible and confessed that he is proud of knowing her. He also added that he enjoys seeing her play tennis, and she is always very impressive on the court.

Drake supporting Serena on her game, photo from capitalxtra. The rapper sat in the stands with her team, and there were reports that he spent some time with her after the game.

On Instagram, Drake celebrated Serena's Wimbledon victory, posting the photo of her with the trophy and congratulating her on winning the tournament. Nevertheless, both sides were remained silent on their supposed romantic connection and did not comment on it.

serena and drake dating photos

Drake then released a freestyle that posed more questions. Did they break up? He glided over the production with a number of sporting references: Serena Williams and Kim Kardashian sipped tea.

This photo posed many questions.

serena and drake dating photos

Where were the rappers? How do the women know each other? Did Drake introduce Serena to Kim? What type of tea were they drinking?! Drake was then spotted at Serena Williams' biggest match of the year in With Serena Williams one match away from securing her status as the greatest female tennis player of her generation, Drizzy was again supporting her from the stands.

serena and drake dating photos

However after she was defeated in the semi-finals of the US Open, he quickly became a scapegoat for her loss - many people blamed the Canadian rapper for making Serena lose focus. However the pair left the match together. Drake was spotted watching Serena Willams' at Wimbledon The pair's romantic links may be long in the past, with Serena now married with her first child, but that hasn't stopped Drake from stopping by Wimbledon to watch the tennis whilst he's in London after a surprise performance at Wireless Festival.