Rubber band self harm scars and dating

How Can I Stop Cutting? (for Teens)

But a therapist or counselor can do more to help you heal old hurt and use your strengths to cope with life's struggles. For example, some readers have told us that snapping a rubber band works Distracting yourself with something else helps time go by and gets your mind off the urge to cut. Date reviewed: July cutting, self harm injury, self-harm, mental health, psychology, college The scars are “like proof of hurting,” says Sarah, who sought help for her insistence of her girlfriend and has been seeing a counselor there. “We'll have someone wear a rubber band and snap it, and for some people that will help. Questing self harm can help asking your self are the scars worth it? I know others have used the snapping of a rubberband or hair tie. Others.

Some people turn to therapy and some people turn to other people. It's all unique to the individual, and our coping mechanisms will differ. What works for one, may not work for another. For example, someone may do sports, and finds that really helps them cope and take their mind off self harm, whereas another may draw instead!

That way you will distract your thought and the urge to self harm. For example,I have used drawing as a way to get throught those urges. Do something that you love and that fulfills you but also that is distracting enough. I've also asked to go for an evening walk with one of my family members, I find the cool night air helps clear my mind. She would snap it whenever she felt the need to cut.

It worked for her. Another friend got tattoos of beautiful art, and she liked the art better than cutting, so she wouldn't cut anymore. I used to struggle with self harm but no longer do.

Some of the things that helped me stop and continue to help me cope are: For example, for me, it's a lake near my house. Eat although emotional eating can become unhealthy as long as you avoid binge eating you should be okay. Play a game video game, board game, etc. Call someone Write down some other things on your to-do list whether it's homework, mail a bill, clean, etc. This could take away some anxiety thus causing you to lose that urge to self harm.

Those are just some of the things that seemed to work for me, I hope you guys can use them too! If those don't help try going to one of our self help guides. The best technique in my opinion is the distraction technique; resist the urge for 5 mins and then another 5 minutes and the longer you delay it, the less you feel the need to self harm.

I plan on getting tattoos on the places I harm the most so that I'll be afraid to ruin the beautiful art in those places. For instance, I used to cut my left wrist a lot and I'm planning on getting a music note type of sleeve so then I will refrain from hurting the art. However, something I've known to be of more help to both myself and others is to draw on yourself-- it sounds a bit weird to some, but instead of cutting in the place where you want to, just take a pen and draw a line, or a picture, or even write a word that you are feeling in that moment.

The pen on your skin can provide just enough pressure to provide a slightly similar feeling to cutting, but without the actual injury. And there are no scars-- when you want to, you can just wash it off. Do I really want to do this again. Trying talking to people. I also started to do photography and helping others and it really helps! Others have used ice or cold water of the sort to distract. I use reading or writing as method to get my emotions out.

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I haven't made it to 2 months yet, but I am trying so hard. When I feel like I have to cut, I take a cold shower.

rubber band self harm scars and dating

Or I put ice on my arm. You still get that numbing sensation. Good luck on stopping. I eventually became addicted and couldn't stop. I have been seeing a counselor for around 2 years or more. I finally came to the point in my life, with my counselor's help and my best friends' support, where I got tired of hurting myself and I was seriously ready to stop cutting for good, this time. I have now been cut-free for a few months.

I haven't had any more urges since I came to that conclusion. I wear coats all the time cuz my arm is all chopped up. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm scared I'm gonna get out of control with my cutting and end up cutting really bad one day.

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It was my only way of getting away. It was the one pain I could control. But one time I did go too far. I cut too deep. When my mom found out, it was really bad. When it got to the point to where I was lying all the time and hurting my friends, I knew I had to stop.

I now deal with my scars every day, and if I could go back in time, I would have never made them. I have people that care about me and it took me almost 2 years to figure that out.

At this point I am cutting free. And I don't plan to start again. It's hard to deal with and usually people who don't know or understand tend to make it worse. I wish my family and friends cared more, but I don't think they get it. Everyone expected me to get straight A's.

Cutting: The Self-Injury Puzzle

I only wish my parents could have been more understanding. When I told them, they were shocked and disappointed, which made me feel worse. I'm just starting to go to counseling and I hope it helps. I mean, I would just be so upset when my brothers and mom fought, then I had friends fighting at school Anyway, I never knew how bad cutting was until after I stopped. That's the main reason I stopped.

rubber band self harm scars and dating

Once it became habit, the best thing and the hardest thing I did was to tell an adult. It may seem impossible, but if they truly love you they will help you to stop.

Congratulate yourself on every cut-free day. And on the days you do [cut], try to stop. It's hard but it will eventually work. The thing is, when cutting became a habit for me, I did it when i got bored, partially because I'd start thinking of the horrors of life, partially because there was nothing else to do. I suggest that, before one picks up a knife, blade, match, etc. Online, there are plenty of pointless yet addicting games that you can get lost in. Also, I can distract myself with Sudoku, because it's a challenge that leaves no room for any other thought.

Those are just two things that helped me. Being classed as the odd one out in my group, I grew more and more jealous. Now my friends are helping me and are sending me to the school counselor, which is a good thing. During that time I was being physically and mentally abused and neglected.

The deep pain and agony led me to cutting, because I had no one to turn to. Everyone in my family knew about me cutting but didn't know what to do. Eventually, a teacher caught me with a razor blade in school.

I am an honor-roll student with a flawless record, so everybody was shocked. I found myself in a hospital for a 3-day stay. I felt so incredibly abandoned and lonely, and it seemed that nobody could understand me.

Mostly because I wouldn't accept help. I lied to everybody involved. I couldn't get my father in trouble. Finally, I overcame the struggle. My father is still dealing with his alcoholism, but I have only relapsed once, and luckily I pulled myself out of it.

I just want to say to all the girls and guys that can relate to my story that there is hope. Take care of yourselves. It's something you want to do over and over again. I know it's truly hard for me. Every time I do the dishes, every time I shave my legs, I get so tempted to cut!