Pros and cons of dating a smart girl quote

pros and cons of dating a smart girl quote

One woman told me that she loves dating a guy who lives close by because she can Like anything else in life online dating has its pros and cons, but it's too. All that said, there are pros and cons to every situation, and dating a Whether you need to think of a clever gift for someone (like a clock made. Love · Quotes · Zodiac & Horoscopes · Entertainment & News · family · self · Health & Wellness · heartbreak Did you ever wonder why so many smart girls end up with dumb guys? Here's why some girls dig dating dumb guys and why most girls are wise to stay away from them. The pros: 1. The cons.

Sure, she knows what will make you smile, but she also knows what will tick you off.

pros and cons of dating a smart girl quote

So while conversations may take you to a whole new level, we're sure your arguments catch fire within seconds too. We have the same goals Pro: Couples who share a lot in common and are very similar are often on the same path when it comes to their professional lives.

Having someone going through the same as you are in the work place can be reassuring and engaging. It can also turn you into competitors. You will eventually start comparing yourselves to each other which can get nasty. So when one wins, say in the form of a raise or promotion, it can result in jealousy and feelings of resentment.

We are so comfortable with each other Pro: When you and your girl are alike, your comfort zone turns extra cozy. Your life together is content and you both fall into designated roles and patterns day-in day-out. You may think it's the start to your happily ever after, but it could also lead to… Con: You two getting stuck in a rut. And because it's just so comfortable there, neither of you have the interest or capability to get yourselves out of it.

pros and cons of dating a smart girl quote

Dating someone who is the mirror image of you is great in the long run and often leads to a happy couple, provided you both take the time to develop your own interests. But, that hot guy is all yours. He is all yours. But, sometimes that attention comes with perks.

The Pros and Cons of Dating a Hot as Hell Guy!

He catches the eye of plenty of people, including bartenders, bouncers at trendy night clubs, and hostesses at nice restaurants. All that sexy can make it easier to get a drink, to get into a hot club, and to get a good table at a great restaurant. Eventually it can get more than a little irritating how much other women can and do fawn over him. And, no you are not just imagining it.

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Pretty people get hit on in public. They get flirted with, people strike up conversations with them. No matter how secure you are, it can get annoying having women hit on your man unsolicited. People assume you are superficial Sure, you know you are with him for more than his looks.

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But, other people may take one look at your hottie and assume that is all you look for. It can create insecurities Even if he is the most faithful person in the world, even if he is oblivious to all the women flirting and fawning over him, it can have a toll.

You might not be insecure or jealous at the start, but over time all the attention he gets can wear on you.

pros and cons of dating a smart girl quote

Ego Some hot guys know they are hot, most do. Some come with an ego greater than their amazing good looks. Some hot guys are just naturally hot.

Some hot guys are naturally hot and work extra hard to stay that hot. Be prepared for the possibility of manscaping, tanning, hours at the gym, and shopping trips that rival your own.

It can be funny when he takes longer to get ready to go out than you do. It can also get pretty annoying sometimes. Attractive on the outside and attractive on the inside, the complete package: