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Del and Rodney think that the dog may have eaten some reheated pork leftovers for breakfast, and the vet quickly informs. and Lennard Pearce in Only Fools and David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst in Only Fools and Horses. Release Date: Amazon Affiliates. Amazon Video Watch Movies & TV Online · Prime Video. Watch Only Fools And Horses Sleeping Dogs Lie Online. In an attempt to earn an easy £60 a week, Del persuades Boycie and Marlene to entrust him with the. Sleeping Dogs Lie/Watching the Girls Go By. 13/16 The Trotters spot a chance to make some easy money when Boycie needs a dog-sitter.

I thought why don't we paint these walls a nice subtle shade of blue. What shade of blue? And then I changed my mind.

I thought not blue. I thought we should paint them gold. This is gold, Rodney. Are you illiterate or something? You see I remembered the name of your beautiful restaurant. Gold for the Golden Lotus. Chin's Golden Lotus restaurant. Don't let him go! That's not gonna please Mr Chin, ain't it? Was it his pet? No, but number 39 is off the menu.

What have you been up to, Del? Oh, bits and pieces. Where have you been? So what have you been doing? As long as I know. I thought you'd winkle it out of him in the end. You swore to me it wasn't nicked.

Bankrupt stock you said. British Railsame thing init? Rodney is angry after finding out the paint used for the kitchen was hooky Tunnels? No, he said that! Trigger said the paint was used for painting signs in tunnels, well how can you see a sign in a tunnel, it's pitch black innit?

Nah it's alright, this is luminous. See Grandad, it's luminous, which means you can see in the No Del's gone out. Where have you gone to, Del? Chin's kitchen walls are luminous yellow. Don't you "Hello, Mr. What have you done to my walls?! Tell them not to be frightened, cos this is new energy saving paint we're using. It's designed to cut down on the electricity bills.

I'll be round to see you first thing in the morning. Does he want his money back? No, he wants you to go round tomorrow and do out his living room in it! Is this where you've been for the last couple of days, painting Mum's monument?? It was her favourite colour and we both agreed it needed brightening up. That's more like a rocket launch. Well I didn't know it was going to be luminous did I? D'you realise our mum's grave is now going to become a beacon for every Satanist and acid-head in England.

There's going to be white witches dancing round that on a full Moon - there's going to be chicken blood everywhere! What worries me is that it's on the flight path to Heathrow!

Only Fools and Horses

You were gun-running in the middle of a civil war? Well, that's the best time to do it Rodney, supply and demand. Why you dirty little mercenary. Oh we didn't do it purely for financial gain.

Oh no, we both felt a deep commitment to a political cause. Which side were you selling to? Well whichever side had the most money, really. Woke you up at one point, didn't it? Can you manage, Grandad? Yeah, I think so, Del. That's not bad, you know? I reckon we done well there. Waste of money if you ask me, come all this way and all.

What do you mean a waste of money? Not only are they exquisite ornaments, guaranteed to brighten any sideboard, they are also a revolving musical box! Don't you think it's a bit sick? A cat playing a song about a dog.

No, it means they're unique. It means there was a balls-up at the factory and they put the wrong chimes in. When a North Korean came to live in London, he thought that Battersea dog's home was a takeway. You want a jemmy? Had one before we left Del. How you getting on? All right Del Boy. I found it Del. There you are, he's found the nut. Told you we could trust him. I'm starting to undo it.

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You silly old duffer, we ain't up the ladders yet! Grandad, don't you touch nothing 'til we tell you!

Right up we go Rodders. Yeah, I wanna go home. All right Grandad, we're ready. You can start undoing it now. One more turn, Del. Right, now brace yourself Rodney, brace yourself.

How can you tell? The next day, Del and Rodney arrive at the park. Del reminds Rodney that it's his turn to take Duke for a run. As Del walks off to hit on a beautiful woman walking a Dachshund, Rodney is horrified to see Duke lying in the back of the Trotter Van with no sign of life, and tells Del the bad news. The Trotter Brothers run back to the van to see that Duke is still breathing, and quickly drive him to the vet.

At a local veterinary clinic, as Rodney believes that Duke being ill is all because of Albert, the vet enters and tells the Trotter brothers that Duke is not injured, yet his illness is a mystery. Del mentions that Duke ate re-heated pork. The vet comes to the conclusion that Duke has been struck down with salmonella poisoning, and so has Albert since he ate the rest of it.

Del phones Albert and tells him that he has to go to hospital. Later that night, back at the flat, Boycie and Marlene phone the Trotters to check on Duke, and Del pretends to be Duke by doing a quick barking noise into the telephone receiver.

The next morning, the Trotter Brothers arrive at the hospital to pick up Albert, who complains about what the doctors were doing to him.

The good news Del has for Albert is that there was nothing wrong with him, and he's fine.