Mikado and anri dating after divorce


mikado and anri dating after divorce

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However, once Shizuo makes it to Izaya's workplace, he is frustrated to see a note about moving information.

Mikado and anri dating after divorce. rozamira.info

Aoba and his friends take Mikado to an abandoned factory, but this is the site where Vorona and Slon plan to ambush Celty. Aoba says that he and his friends were responsible for attacking Toramaru, before revealing that they also go by the color gang named the Blue Squares. Chikage discreetly follows Walker, who seems to be blacklisted at an art gallery, and ends up at a girls' high school.

However, Kyohei stands in Chikage's way. As an email is sent to the Dollars that Toramaru is beginning their revolt, Aoba demands Mikado to be the leader of the Blue Squares. Mikado tries not to smile when Aoba says that either war or surrender can be an order. Anri and Akane are waiting at the mall, while Masaomi is concerned why nobody from the online chat room has appeared recently.

Impatient with Mikado making a decision, Aoba has his friends shut the doors of the abandoned factory. Shiki visits Shinra, who says that Shizuo recently came by with a short fuse and had a little girl in tow.

Aoba, believing it was Izaya who gave the warning instead of Masaomi, plans to keep Mikado in the abandoned factory while meeting up with Anri. Celty, who was peeping behind a broken window, receives a call from Shinra, blowing her cover and having to reveal her identity.

mikado and anri dating after divorce

Some members of Toramaru come to fight Aoba and his friends, prompting Aoba to defend Mikado and refer to him as the boss. Shiki's henchmen find Anri and Akane at the mall before Mikado and Celty arrive. However, other members of Toramaru arrive as well and start a fight with Shiki's henchmen, allowing Mikado, Celty, Anri and Akane to escape, with Celty turning Shooter into a headless horse and phaeton.

Vorona and Slon continue to follow Celty, proceeding with caution. She believed to have led a carefree life in elementary school until she researched that her family business was really a crime syndicate. Unable to face her parents again, Akane confined herself in her bedroom and read an online message board. She met up with Namie and Izaya at a restaurant to explain her current family situation before she decided to run away from home a month later.

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Izaya also convinced Akane that Shizuo was the most dangerous hitman in the city. In the present, Masaomi contacts Izaya and inquires about Mikado's recent behavior, but Izaya replies by suggesting Masaomi to talk to Mikado himself.

Chikage demands Kyohei to reveal the leader of the Dollars, but Kyohei says that the leader is irrelevant, comparing this gang to a swarm of locusts or a school of fish. The two agree to a fight outside Raira Academy Field No. In the abandoned factory, Aoba and the Blue Squares receive a message of the whereabouts of Kyohei and Chikage. Shizuo runs to the observation deck and receives the same message.

Mikado, Celty, Anri and Akane hide out in a parking garage, but Mikado runs off when he receives an email. Vorona follows Mikado, while Slon stays behind. Celty shows Anri that Izaya sent an email to the Dollars, saying that he spotted Chikage's girlfriend Non with her female friends in a restaurant. Anri decides to catch up to Mikado, but Slon lets Vorona know about this. Celty and Akane arrive at Shinra's apartment, and Shiki prepares to call Akane's parents.

Outside the apartment, Celty and Shinra hear an explosion, and Akane ends up being kidnapped by Slon. Aoba, who was following the shadow trail from Vorona's tainted motorcycle left behind at the abandoned factory, sees Celty riding from Shinra's apartment.

Anri finds Mikado in an alleyway, and they head to Field No. Kyohei and Chikage engage in a gruesome battle, and the former is the victor. The delinquent members return to pick a fight against Kyohei and Chikage, even showing that they have Non and her friends as hostages. Walker and Erika as well as Toramaru also arrive to fight off the delinquent members. He then interrupts the quarrel and wreaks havoc on the leader of the delinquent members, causing the delinquent members to run away.

She was confused, it was the same confusion she felt when he first left. Her mind was in turmoil, did she have feelings for Masaomi too?

mikado and anri dating after divorce

It made her feel guilty just when she had started a relationship with Mikado. They sat down to eat at a small restaurant. As they ate Mikado excused himself to use the restaurant and Saki got a phone call.

Mikado and anri dating after divorce

It left Masaomi and Anri alone. She had believed that the feelings she had for Mikado was love and that you could only really love one person but now she had feelings for Masaomi. Her mind was in in a turmoil and her heart ached, she felt she was being disloyal to Mikado. The same feelings of being a parasite entered her mind was that all she was doing using them to feel something she couldn't feel.

mikado and anri dating after divorce

It wasn't like with Mikado. It wasn't like when he said it even at the spur of the moment when they were together. I love you as much as I love Mikado. I don't love you like that. She spared him the talk about Saika and her parents deaths a talk she decided was better to have when they had more time.

I love you like a friend. I love Saki in another way. Its just I want you guys to be happy and safe and be in my life. Explaining love to someone is not an easy task. He personally never thought he would have to explain it and now he was mentally scolding himself. He thought he knew exactly what it was because of all he went through with Saki. He took a deep breath and decided just to speak from the heart, "It a special love.

I don't think there is a definition for it, you just sort of know when it romantic love. It just you and this person and you see them different than anyone else. It kinda hurts not being without them.

You are happiest when you are with them. You want to be your best, you want be better than your best just for this person. They are the person you love the most. That person is special, that they stand out from everyone you know, they have a special place in your heart and you want them to be happy. I really don't know how to explain it other than that. I mean I just guess you know. The feeling you have for the person you really love is different from what you feel for anyone else.

That's basically what it is like with Saki. No one had ever tried to reach out to her like he had. He always went the extra mile to try and get her to smile. In the last few weeks he had made her happier than she had ever been. That very night that she went to sleep she was eager to wake up so she could be with him again. She had a lot of feelings she didn't understand but Mikado did stand out to her.

They thought of losing him scared her, she never depended on someone like that, it felt that she wouldn't be complete without him in her life. A small smile formed on her face. Mikado is my best friend. And I worry about him.

He's smart but sometimes he takes on more than he can handle, he's more delicate than he will admit. You're my friend too but please don't do anything to hurt Mikado. Anri smiled and inched closer to him.

mikado and anri dating after divorce

It had never occurred to Anri that there were other forms of love. She did care about Masaomi but not like she cared for Mikado and that started to be clear.

Mikado was special to her and she couldn't even imagine herself being with anyone like how she was Mikado. Since Anri locked away all her emotions after her parents died specifically loveSaika merely balances out the emotions she has locked away which is how she is able to keep the spirit of the sword from going berserk.

Anri is afraid that if she allows herself to fall in love with Mikado, it will give Saika enough power to take full control and cause her to hurt him.

This fear appears to be well founded as Anri seems to have more and more trouble keeping Saika in check as the novels progress.

As for Mikado, things get more strained after the Toramaru incident in volume 5. After seeing Anri save his life not once but twice with Saika, Mikado begins to realize how useless he is towards his friends, and resolves to become stronger. This causes Mikado's darker half to emerge and he begins acting coldly towards many of the people he knew, Anri included.

mikado and anri dating after divorce

When Anri confronts Mikado about this, he coldly brushes her off and even breaks their promise about keeping their secrets until Masaomi returned.