Lucahjin and proton jon dating websites

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lucahjin and proton jon dating websites

Jobs 1 - 10 Protonjon lucahjin dating websites Make New Friends They are joined by Lucahjin, ProtonJon, Yungtown. Intro Im just. Somethings wrong with. Emiliano "Emile" Rodolfo Rosales-Birou (born April 8, ), known as Emile Rosales and best Proton Jon; NintendoCapriSun; Josh Jepson; SuperJeenius; Lucahjin He would later go on with ProtonJon to found the collaborative Let's Play channel .. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Last relationship and learning how to be the best dating choice for thousands protonjon lucahjin dating; all produced media & material on this.

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Screen name is Lucahjin. May I hug you at.

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Please enter your date of birth. She began dating fellow gamer Proton Jon. Find and follow posts tagged lucahjin on Tumblr. Date sJuly 28—30, Venue, Hamilton Convention Centre.

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Location sHamilton, Ontario. Their one-eyed cat, Bagel, was watching them put up he. Lucahjin's Pokemon HeartGold Fanart by silverfan Part of a side-quest in the game involves collecting Sam's stray socks to appease his mother.

Lucahjin joked that he was trying to hide them from his mother because he ejaculated into them. Stick of Truth Let's Play. In the game, she projected her own personality onto the player character known as "Douchebag". The character, by default, is always male.

lucahjin and proton jon dating websites

She purposefully dressed him up and crafted his facial features and hair to resemble her own. Whenever in-game characters reference the character's sex as male, she responds with "I'm a girl"! Several fans drew pictures of her as Eggman, prompting her to cosplay as him a video game convention. She described his physiology as "a beach-ball with arms and legs" and likened this to her own body type. The two share glaringly prominent red-hair, furthering the gag. For example, the "I'm a Girl" meme and running gag employed during her South Park: This has gone so far that she has begun to cosplay him at cons.

lucahjin and proton jon dating websites

In her Heart Gold LP, she has made it a recurring gag to sing along to the pokemon center music using fan-submitted lyrics.