Lorelai and luke dating games

This is the 'Gilmore Girls' episode where Lorelai and Luke's relationship began

lorelai and luke dating games

Storytelling and plot device aside, why do you think she didn't date Luke but Lorelai kind of enjoys the game and is happy to keep it there. Gilmore Girls: Did Luke and Lorelai Get the Happy Ending They Deserve? This story contains spoilers from the final episode of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life! And lastly, fans needed to know if Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Luke (Scott Patterson) eventually received the happy. And even though Luke and Lorelai do get their happy ending — it still bothers he promised to be with Lorelai, then ran back to his ex-girlfriend Sherry? game: Emily didn't want her daughter ending up with a diner-owner.

Right away bad, "Okay? It sounded better then 'hello, I haven't been in a serious relationship since you left 6 years ago'…" Lorelai conceded… he had a point. You've done all the hard work? She spoke slowly to make sure his objective was clear, "Are you asking me to pretend to be your girlfriend … for Rachel's sake? Lorelai was more likely to eat a bushel of carrots than to want to date him, even if it was only pretend.

Lorelai couldn't believe what a weird night she was having. Almost killed by a papier mache star, a nearly 3 hour blind date with my parents as chaperons, and now Luke Danes asking me to be his girlfriend?

Just help me do this one thing. She heard the stories of how badly Rachel had broken his heart, and wondered if he had really kept a torch for Rachel all these years. Luke knew that he didn't want Rachel back because he knew she wouldn't stay long anyway. It would be foolish to get his hopes up. And since Luke had met Lorelai, he hadn't really thought of Rachel till the rummage sale when Lorelai walked into the diner with that old rhinestone sweatshirt, the one that belonged to Rachel.

And now he was asking the girl of his dreams to pretend to be his girlfriend, to make his ex-girlfriend go away for good. She always comes back and I always just take her back. She has to learn that I won't fall for it again; I … will not… fall …for it …again," he stressed fervently, "She's made a fool of me before, she just left in the middle the night, she didn't even say good-bye the last time. I got over it, but I'm not going through that again…. She knew Luke could rant, but she never really heard him rant straight from his heart before, and then she was mad that Rachel could affect Luke that way, Sweet wonderful man that he is.

Catching his breath, Luke admired her in the dim light of the diner. The bells above the door chimed, and Rachel came in. With the way Lorelai had been carrying on and gesticulating through the window, it seemed she wasn't too pleased with the ex-girlfriend's surprise cameo, or the fact that Luke spent his night away from Lorelai with Rachel. From what she could see through the front window, Luke defended himself quite well with his own body language and Lorelai took his hand and forgave him or apologized for overreacting or … whatever they did when they made up.

Rachel could have sworn Lorelai told him she loved him as she stroked his cheek and a knot formed in Rachel's stomach.

lorelai and luke dating games

She was keeping hold of Luke's hand, which was … weird; she never really took interest in his hands before. They were large, a little rough, and in terrible need of moisturizer, no doubt from washing his hands constantly between cooking orders. Lorelai then had the better idea for the manly hand she didn't really know what to do.

She decided to force it around her waist as she stepped into a hug with Luke. They couldn't let Rachel think they had been fighting, that's bad; the whole point is to make her see how happy we are.

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Lorelai slid her arms around Luke's waist as well, again a little weird, and she hoped by smiling at him, Rachel would see how in love with him she was. Big eyes baby… Rachel eyed the couple, "Okay … well I just realized I didn't make … any arrangements for… overnight.

And Luke assumed, Okay, Lorelai can offer her a room at the Inn and then Rachel will be out of the way… "Oh well… you can stay here," Lorelai offered a little too brightly, "…and Luke can stay at my place. But that is no reason why we can't be … friendly, you can use his place," and Lorelai gave Luke a squeeze, "and he'll just have to stay with me.

As always, she managed to turn this into a situation of power and fun for her.

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She was holding all the key cards and could make this game go any way she wanted. Trying to get the stupid look off his face, Lorelai reasoned to her boyfriend, "I mean, Luke, how would that look, if you were sharing that tiny apartment of yours with your ex-girlfriend? Miss Patty would have a field day. And you are practically over every night anyway…" "Ummmmm well, okay," Rachel had to get used to the fact that Luke was with someone else, and that meant seeing Luke be with her, holding her, sleeping over with her… it was not the homecoming Rachel expected when she impulsively bought the plane ticket in Chicago.

Well, Luke, why don't you get Rachel settled in here, fresh towels, fresh sheets and what not, and I'll see you at home…. Oops, I mean my place. Rachel felt a little intimidated by this new girlfriend. However, Lorelai seemed a little nervous around her too. Lorelai seemed to be openly staking her claim on Luke. Holding his hand when Rachel walked in, putting her arms around his waist, making sure Rachel knew he was sleeping over at her house.

Could it be that Lorelai does see me as a threat? Lorelai did seem a little self- conscious when I first sat at the counter this morning, but she was going full steam now to keep her diner man. And it still bothered Rachel that Luke would have moved on. She opened the door and turned back to him, shielding herself from whatever it was that was making her act like an idiot.

He rearranged his jacket and settled more comfortably on the settee. In the house Lorelai went straight to the kitchen and leaned up against the wall, feeling the cool, sturdy support at her back.

Slightly recovered, she grabbed two beer from the fridge and went back outside. Outside, Luke had taken the extra pillows and fluffed them for her. She sat next to him and crossed her legs, then handed him his beer. He took a very long draft, glad for a moment of familiarity in this world, sitting next to Lorelai, whose face he had seen when he fantasized about exactly these moments. Swinging her leg nervously, Lorelai spoke. His elbows rested on his knees, both hands wrapped around the beer bottle, he turned his head toward her and said, "Thanks for the beer.

He smiled at her, letting her feel the moment. He sat back, laid his arm across the back of the settee and turned to face her.

Her arms were crossed in her lap, and her foot was swinging a little too fast. No way out now, she thought, better to just jump. Unseen to her, his face lit up, pleasure visible in his eyes.

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It was a date, right? She held her breath. His eyes crinkled again. I've been looking forward to this date since you accepted my invitation.

She pulled off her shoes, leaned back in her corner of the settee. Pulling her feet up and tucking them underneath her skirt, she knew suddenly where she was — in date mode.

Date mode with Luke was definitely not the standard date mode, but there was a certain thrill.

lorelai and luke dating games

Now that could be a problem, don't you think? Luke, missing the spark, replied, "No, I don't see it. There were no problems tonight.

What problems do you see? We kinda both recognized that we don't really have this dating thing down, remember? She touched her cheek with cold fingers. I'll always be there for you, you'll always be there for me, in my life, permanently, forever. Sure sounds a lot different when he says it. Now starts date mode, OK? What the hell is date mode? Show me what 'date mode' is. Have I done it right so far? Gold star for you, maybe another photo up at Stars Hollow High," her smile twinkled.

Sounds like we achieved the first goal. Lorelai continued, "Second, take some time to get to know each other.

We've known each other for eight years. We know each other as friends, not as er, um, NOT friends. We've had a relationship for eight years, AND it's gotten better each year. You just want me to say it, don't you!

lorelai and luke dating games

A delighted laugh fell from his lips. Lorelai was still pouting. If my gut says it's right, it is right. This evening, it felt right. I'm totally comfortable with you, and I had a great time.

No 'date mode,' no labels, just us. The one thing I knew when you left was that I wasn't ready to say goodnight. Luke stared back, disconcerted.

One hand around her waist, he reached over and fingered a stray curl. Lorelai put her hands on Luke's cheeks and kissed him back, deepening the kiss as she threaded her fingers into his hair. She broke the kiss just long enough to whisper, "Round two, Luke.

He's gotten a job as a courier, which isn't much, but he's at least showing some responsibility. I'm pretty proud that he came here for his mom's wedding. Do you know he even gave me a telephone number?

I can actually call him. Not only did you go to New York and get him to come to the wedding, but it sounds like some of the good things you tried to teach him sank in. That's a lot to be proud of. Luke had his arm around Lorelai's shoulder and was smoothing her hair with his hand when he noticed the back door standing slightly open.

Did you leave the door open? What were you thinking? He walked over to the door and discovered the keys were still in the lock. Call me to replace the lock if it happens again. Fixit, we're on a date. You are not going to spend the evening fixing things. Let's go back to the porch. Luke put the keys on the table, picked up their beer bottles and followed willingly. Lorelai picked up a quilt off the chair in the foyer and carried it outside.

She wrapped it around herself as she settled in place on the settee. She bent her knees and tucked her bare feet under Luke's wool-clad thigh as he took his place beside her.

For example, instead of 'talks incessantly' I'm an 'open communicator. You aren't the Euell Gibbons of the new millennium, but …" "Euell Gibbons? Where did you get that? Jess told you I was the Euell Gibbons of the new millennium? He said, 'Euell Gibbons wasn't a healthy eater like Luke. Backwards baseball cap and flannel shirt? Compulsively participates in every Stars Hollow festival? Makes countless repairs on his friend's house before she even knows they are needed?

Helps out with his uncle's funeral? Built her own inn? Did I ever say thank you for the chuppah? Did I ever thank you for the baseball cap? The gratitude continued until there was nothing left but the kissing.

Luke finally pulled away. And do all of this knowing it will be disappointing, no matter how hard we try? The waltz was a critical success factor, and yes, you now have the challenge to outdo yourself on our second date. Wouldn't it be easier to just plan a disappointing second date from the start? Now I need to go, the diner opens in just a few hours. Lorelai sighed, wrapping her arms around Luke's waist.

We are so close, but there's still so much to do.

lorelai and luke dating games

Every Chinese person in the world. You are coming to the diner tomorrow, right?

lorelai and luke dating games

I kind of like him. We can discuss this later as we get to know Logan better and I have more time, but essentially I feel like he makes room for Rory to be a good influence on him, he's as smart as she is and he deeply values her intelligence and her opinion, and he always treats her like an equal, but also like a real, fallible human being - something neither Jess nor Dean ever did.

This is Logan, by the way. Later, at the wake, Marty asks Rory if she has a boyfriend, and she says she doesn't know. Marty looks sad, poor guy, but Rory takes off to Dean's to settle this issue. He opens his front door, letting her in, and I guess that settles that. And finally, Richard's living in the pool house with his new valet, Robertand Friday night dinner now starts with Rory and Lorelai having cocktails with him there before entering the main house for dinner with Emily.

They're still hiding their separation from their friends, and Emily is getting awfully lonely in that big house by herself. When she sees Richard taking off at 7: How many times do I have to drink? How many cups of coffee do the Gilmore girls drink? This may be the flirtiest episode ever. Second, Logan's eyes light up as he looks at Rory, and he clearly loves debating with her - and she doesn't seem to mind it either, even though she's still fighting very hard to be annoyed with him.

And finally, she shows up on Dean's doorstep for a relationship or whatever. But Luke and Lorelai, good lord! She urges him to flirt with her at the diner, and he says he can't because it's his place of business Their date is the most beautiful thing, and when he tells her he's all in, I die every time. They're in the sweetest, honeymooniest phase, but it still feels like Luke and Lorelai, complete with her intentionally driving him crazy and his custom crotchetiness, and I love it all so much.


This isn't actually crazy, and also her legs look amazing, but I list it here because when Lorelai tells Luke that everyone in the diner saw her in his shirt and now knows they're having sex, they have the following exchange: This is why we have the category, people.

I am enamored of this sweater. She looks so grown-up here. It's brief, but it makes me laugh. As Taylor's presenting all of the repercussions the town will suffer if Luke and Lorelai break up, he says: Suddenly you'll either be a 'Luke' or a 'Lorelai', or, if you're Kirk and you can't make a decision to save your life, you'll be neither.

Sorry, I have to give this to Paris. When she tells Rory that Asher died of a heart attack, Rory asks indelicately if he died in bed.