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laval and eris dating nake

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Eventually the kiss was broken and everyone went back to enjoying the river.

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Worriz put Wither on his back and they continued swimming,feeling happier then they ever been. Meanwhile Laval and Cragger saw the entire thing. I just think it's cute. Everyone was laughing but Worrez gave Laval a stare so deadly Laval might die from it.

Wither pulled Worriz back the best he could but realized he couldn't hold on for much longer. Wither,after getting up, walks next to Cragger. Worrez threw Laval off the cliff Laval screaming loudly. Lagravis runs next to Wither looking in fear. As that happened Worriz walked next to Wither and held onto him. It's just that I don't want you hurt.

laval and eris dating nake

Suddenly it started to rain and everyone ran to get cover. Eventually Laval and Cragger were in a hut with Wither and Worriz. Wither sensed Worriz's anger. Wait are you still mad at Laval? A wolf doesn't forgive so easily.

laval and eris dating nake

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Read latest members like a woman, quotes, Dating a rugby player quotes girls online dating. These are 5 things to dating. A player ollie the scotland rugby speed dating. There was sounds coming from the back round and the figure appeared. Laval was surprised when he saw the man his was buff and had strong thick arms, his shirt was large but looked medium on his chest you could clearly see his chiseled chest his pecs were firm and average body builder size, his eyes were a beautiful ice blue you know what the rest looks like Laval felt his mouth go dry this guy was rugged and handsome.

Laval was about to leave when he turned around but the saber tooth tiger was busy. He sat in his car for a bit and tried to calm down his beating heart. He started his car and drove back to school the bell rang signaling lunch.

Laval went to the lunch room while everyone got the lunch room slop he had a delicious sub made by Fangar. Laval momentarily blushed as he remembered the extremely hot saber tooth tiger. Laval was snapped out of his thoughts when he saw Cragger and Eris sit with him. Laval, Eris, and Cragger all got into Laval's car and went down to Cold subs and delicious choices.

As they walked in Laval saw Fangar and blushed. Eris and Cragger kept walking and went to the counter to order there subs. Fangar looked over to Laval and smirked. Cragger pulled her off the counter. I was trying to hit on this handsome man" Eris said batting her eyes at him. Laval was in turmoil he was was hurt because the saber tooth lion wasn't like that to him when he visited first and kinda angry that Eris was hitting on the guy she just met.

But anyway he walked over to the counter and ordered his new favorite sub ham and cheese with red whine vinegar, Eris got the pulled pork sub, and cragger got the veggie lovers sub the three went to a table and started eating. Laval listened to Eris ramble on about school about how smart she is, she was talking loud purposely making so that the hard working saber tooth tiger could hear every word.

Cragger just shook his head. After everyone was finished with their subs Laval went up to the counter and left a tip for Fangar.

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Laval cringed on the inside she Fangar said that. I don't have a chance, wait what am I thinking I don't like guys! Fangar looked out the window and watched Laval get into his car with his friends and drive away.

He sighed and continued with his job. Laval got back home at 5: He sat on the couch and reflected on his day that man, Fangar really tested his sexuality he was confused was he really gay? He didn't know he was straight he had to be right?

laval and eris dating nake

Laval sighed and decided sleeping on it would be the best choice. He walked up the stairs and to his room and crashed on the bed he fell asleep instantly. Laval woke up with a groan, he went to sleep with out anything to eat last night he was hungry. Laval decided that he would go get breakfast and lunch from the sub shop. I hope Fangar is there.

Wait what am I thinking! Laval just shook his head he just needed to go and get something to eat.

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Soon Laval stepped out of his room dressed and ready to go "Hey son. Laval was already in the road when he got a call from Cragger. Laval pulled over to the side and picked up the phone. He drove up to the Sub shop and walked in there was barely anyone inside Laval walked over and rang the bell. While Fangar was getting Laval's sub he started a small conversation.

Umm do you work out alot?