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AJ was the neglected girlfriend of the World Champion, who had started Kane's goal was to cause destruction, with everybody else using him. comTen years after making out with Terri Runnels, we learned when AJ Lee made out with Kane on an episode of Monday Night Raw leading. AJ Lee debuted on the main roster of WWE a year and a half ago and has had multiple romantic It was not humorous, interesting or valuable for anyone in WWE. We have seen Kane dating divas such as Lita in

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After the kiss, Daniel walked into a Brogue Kick by Sheamus who pinned him after 18 seconds. AJ began becoming psychologically lost in the ring, with the end of her relationship taking a major toll on her. In one particular match on SmackDown!

AJ suddenly snapped and attacked Natalya, with the match thrown out due to AJ being unable to control her emotions. These tactics included kissing Kane in order to win herself and Punk a tag team match on RAW and even dressing up like Kane. AJ continued to play both men before Punk eventually picked up the victory. How none of their matches never got a pay-per-view main event is beyond me, but AJ became the first diva in years to become a major part of a main event program. AJ was playing as the puppet-master all along, manipulating the situation initially to get the affections of CM Punk.

Punk was not really made to look like a fool, as his main intention above all was to still be the WWE Champion. Unfortunately for Kane, he was the bumbling boob of the entire story. Kane was initially brought into the program by Punk and Bryan, in order to play them off against each other in matches on RAW. Following this, Kane interjected himself into the WWE title picture. She did drop a subtle hint or two, though.

In fact, the lip-lock was so bizarre, so left-field and so instantly iconic that she still gets tweeted about it today. Even though The Big Red Monster gave AJ the heave-ho before their relationship could begin in earnest, it seems like the former Raw General Manager may still hold a bit of a candle for her evil ex-beau.

Vickie Guerrero ousted AJ from the Raw General Manager job by claiming she had inappropriately canoodled with the Cenation leader during a supposed business dinner. The relationship was never proven despite the hearsay and vague testimony called forth by Vickie, but Cena — who had been proclaiming his innocence all along — eventually rendered the point moot by kissing AJ just to annoy the newly appointed Raw Managing Supervisor. AJ took the ball and ran with it, though, and so began her very odd, very short-lived relationship with the time WWE Champion.

Their fling ended about as catastrophically as possible — she threw him off a ladder, which puts most breakups in perspective. Thankfully, AJ took a second to collect herself, after which point she was all-too happy to expound upon Mr.

Kane’s 10 Most Disturbing WWE Relationships

I had my first kiss with Daniel Bryan, but clearly I just went up the ladder of kissing success. In the hierarchy of kisses, Dolph Ziggler apparently reigns supreme.

Part #2 AJ Lee/Punk/Kane - life without you...

Frankly, to doubt her at this juncture would be just plain crazy.