Julie anne san jose and alden richards dating history

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julie anne san jose and alden richards dating history

26 Feb – Julie Anne San Jose is leading the 9th PMPC Star Awards for competing with two other big nominees Alden Richards and Michael. Julie Anne San Jose dating history, , , list of. Julie Anne San Jose Julie Anne San Jose has had an encounter with Alden Richards (). . Anne . Alden Richards dating history, , , list of Alden Richards relationships. Alden Richards has had encounters with Julie Anne San Jose (), Sam.

Collectively, they were known as the musical tandem JuliElmo.

julie anne san jose and alden richards dating history

A Wazak Love Storyand Status: She also made the list of the new breed stars to watch out for in She played the role of Antoinette Escueta, more popularly known as Toyang, a boyish daddy's girl who fell in love with her best friend. The film was directed by Mac Alejandre. This birthday concert entitled Julie Anne: It's My Time was a success with tickets sold out just five days after going on sale.

Julie Anne Naglalambing Sa Bagong BoyFriend!

Musical direction was by Marc Lopez and concert director was Rico Gutierrez. She played the lead role in primetime drama series Kahit Nasaan Ka Man where she played a visually impaired but musically talented girl named Pauline Gomez. She was paired with Kristofer Martin who played her love interest. She was also part of the now defunct Sunday musical variety show Sunday All Stars as one of the lead performers.

Her hosting skills were also showcased in her stint in the self-titled weekly dance show of Marian RiveraMarianalongside her co-host Christian Bautista. She also plays a recurring character named Nikki in Pepito Manaloto who is the love interest of Chito played by Jake Vargas.

Amongst a bevy of beauties jostling for that much-coveted position in his heart, where does Maine Mendoza actually sits? Alden Richards is the quintessential bachelor. To say that he is very good looking is an understatement but more significantly, he is a man of substance regarded by many as kind, God-fearing and a gentleman personified. He is highly successful in his craft and one of the best young actors around.

The last time Richard had a girlfriend was in high school. Very little is known about his previous girlfriends. He likes a girl who is simple and unpretentious and shies away from someone who is high maintenance, loud and vociferous. His previous showbiz crushes reflect his weakness for va va voom girls, the alluring type that makes men weak at the knees. Needless to say, Richard is in an enviable position in terms of choices for a partner. The ocean is teeming with all sorts of fishes, beautiful, colourful, attractive, young and old species alike.

The selection is vast and wide and all he has to do is to take a pick. The Array Photo credit: Anne Curtis — Richard has been vocal about his admiration for Anne, a half-Filipino and half-Australian actress. No doubt Anne is a looker with a hot body to boot.

As Anne is in a serious relationship with a non-showbiz guy, she is out of the equation for now. Sam is currently off the market being in a relationship with an athlete. Patricia Tumulak — she is a beauty queen, model and noon time show TV host.

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She rocked the AlDub boat when rumours floated that Richard was courting Patring in real life. If you still don't see it, then I pity you. If you can't still see God's Love, look at the cross where Jesus showed His great love for us. He didn't have to die, and yet He laid down His life for us. That is God's Amazing Love! Now, before I preach, let me go back to showbiz.

So there, having discovered the past secret?

Julie Anne San Jose

I don't know if it was a real and personal thing, but their action speaks louder. Nevertheless, that ended in a very mysterious way, which leaves people really, really wondering. If I would put myself on Alden's shoes, I think he had his reasons.

Well, that's just my thoughts. And probably also relates to his Alden's own career. Well, as I've said, these are just my thoughts. And I just want to express it in writing. But after 2 or 3 years. Things indeed have changed! Many things, especially for Alden. His career seem to have boosted so high! And that is because of Maine's arrival to showbizness. And of course, the reality of her having a crush on Alden. Which I think sparked and boosted their careers.

And of course, with the twist of coincidences, people would call "destiny" or whatever. With people intrigued and like me wanting to know more, truly secrets can be uncovered.

A reason why some folks would really go to the extend bashing one against the other.

julie anne san jose and alden richards dating history

A very tiring one actually or irritating for that matter. But anyway, I just hope there won't be very devastating effects on people for that matter.

Julie anne san jose and alden richards dating history

On the other hand, I was thinking. Could the "kalyeserye" of Eat Bulaga keep up with the demand of having a longer period of showing scenes for kalyeserye?

I wonder how will writers and thinkers add up their story, which should still hook up people into watching it. Most often, if I'm right, stories are made with conflicts. To make stories go longer, conflicts has to be made. I don't think a "kilig" moments only would suffice.