Fast car beth and daryl dating

Who Took Beth Greene?! 3 Theories After The Walking Dead Season 4 "Alone"

fast car beth and daryl dating

"Bethyl" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Daryl beth, Fear the walking dead and Walking dead stuff. Daryl and Beth- Fast Car. Daryl Dixon Walking. Main · Videos; Dating someone overweight dating fast car beth and daryl dating fast car beth and daryl dating online dating no pictures sign online dating no. Main · Videos; Fast car beth and daryl dating. This is so damaging i headlong screamed. ” gracefully dispensed trophy once we raze to trophy the chastising.

Daryl was enjoying her reaction to his touch. It had been such a long time since he'd been with a woman and never one like Beth. Never one that he loved. Just the cheap sluts his brother Merle brought around.

She moaned as he put his finger inside her tight wetness. He felt her suck in her breath. Leaving a finger inside, he used his thumb to gently rub at her clitoris. He knew she was close. Then suddenly he stopped what he was doing with his fingers and she felt his hot breath and then his tongue.

She couldn't stand it anymore. She couldn't breathe and from far away she heard him. He could tell how close she was, her clit like a diamond on his tongue. He could do this to her all day, just listening to her sigh and moan because of him. In truth, Beth was the first woman he had ever done this to and he loved her reaction.

He could feel it on his tongue and when it was over he took her in his arms. Beth moaned as his kisses trailed down her body. Then she felt him spreading her legs "I promise I'll go slow," then he was pressing into her wetness. Beth moaned as he pushed once, then twice and she felt him inside her.

fast car beth and daryl dating

It did hurt a lot but she never wanted anything more than this. She wrapped her legs around his waist. She was so tight and Daryl wanted her to enjoy every moment of this. He knew only too well this may be their only chance together. A thought he didn't think he could bear. Beth felt like she was dreaming, had in fact dreamed many times of this very moment. Ever since the first time she saw him back at the farmshe had been attracted to him though she never spoke to him.

fast car beth and daryl dating

And now he was inside her, his muscular arms holding her tightly. From far away she could hear his sweet voice moaning her name and she felt that beautiful blessed heat rising inside her as she rode the waves of pleasure. She came moaning his name just like in her dreams even as he was moaning into her ear.

Daryl wrapped his arms tightly around her and pulled her close as he felt her orgasm around him. He was ready to explode inside her. Then she whispered in his ear, sending him over the edge. He kissed her lips, unable to believe how different this was from the few times he'd screwed the sluts Merle brought around.

Different because he was in love with her and she with him. She looked deeply into his crystal blue eyes and kissed him. He looked at her so beautiful in his arms. As beautiful as she was the night they had taken the prison. He came back from the bus with Carol and she had been singing for Herschel and he saw her really for the first time.

Her voice was so sweet ; her song the most beautiful thing he had ever heard in his life. He watched her after that night, not in a perverted stalker way, but the way someone does noticing for the first time a beautiful woman.

Beth had matured so much since the farm, taking over full care of Little Asskickerhelping in any way she could. She was always so sunny and warm, even when it was dire.

When the prison fell, she would have continued to search for Judithdying in the process if he hadn't stopped her and dragged her away. In truth, she was who he was waiting for.

fast car beth and daryl dating

He knew Carl had a serious crush on her, but she only thought of him as a kid. Daryl could remember telling her to look after him after Lori died and Rick went crazy for awhile. That was the first time he had even spoken to her and he almost couldn't get the words out. It wasn't until she started dating Zack and every time he saw them kiss and it stabbed him in the heart that he was no longer able to deny what his heart already knew.

That night in her cell when he told her Zack didn't make it and she hugged him, it took all he had not to take her in his arms and kiss her like he had been dreaming about for so long. The only one who really knew what he was feeling was Carol who had become like a sister to him. Not long before the Flu had hit and they were walking the fence line she had brought it up.

We're not guaranteed anything anymore," she put her hand on his shoulder. They had been walking for days when they found the deserted town. The silence was eerie. Not a walker in sight. Still Beth and Daryl were very cautious as they checked houses for walkers and supplies. Daryl was kissing her, his lips moving down her cheek til he found her lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he carried her upstairs, never breaking the kiss.

The place was clear; they had searched thoroughly. After so much time in the woods, Beth was glad they'd have real shelter for the night even though she knew Daryl would die himself before letting anything happen to her.

He broke the kiss long enough to pull off her clothes, dipping his head to her breast. His lips were on her nipple and she moaned his name. The sound of his name on her sweet lips brought the butterflies to his stomach. He sat her down on the bed, kicking off his boots and laying down his crossbow. He sat down beside her and just looked at her, his desire for her growing. His eyes moved up and down her naked body. They were safe for the moment and he wanted to enjoy her, so many things he wanted to try with her now.

She sat up to unbutton his shirtrunning her hands over his muscular chest and Daryl moaned, closing his eyes. The bulge in his pants was huge and he stood up so Beth could unfasten them. Since that night by the fire, they hadn't had much opportunity to get naked. It wasn't safe out there. Too easy for a walker or another group to wander in. That didn't stop Daryl from making her crazy every night with his fingers and tongue.

Beth had never known it could be like this. It certainly hadn't been that way with Jimmy or Zack. Now she really looked at Daryl up and down like he looked at her. His erection was huge compared to feeling Zack's through his clothes. He gently pushed her back on the bed and leaned over her kissing her lips. He wanted this time to be perfect for Beth even though the first time had been amazing. Everything about Beth was perfect. Even after the prison fell, she never lost hope of the group reuniting.

At this point, Daryl wasn't so sure. Cut off from the group, they'd had to travel quite a distance to outrun the herd.

Now they were going in the opposite direction. He wished he still had Merle's bike. Tomorrow they'd check the cars on the street, hotwire one. She was running her hands on his back. She touched them so lovingly, making him forget his shame and the echo of his brother's voice: Then his tongue was inside her.

He felt her tighten around it, his name on her lips. Then he moved to her spot as he worked his finger in and out as she writhed and shook. He gazed on Beth's flushed, sweaty face until her eyes were on his, pulled out his fingers and put them in his mouth. She shuddered at the torturous pleasure as he entered her. She was still so tight it drove him crazy the way it gripped him.

Daryl tried to go slow so he wasn't hurting her but as Beth wrapped her beautiful legs around him pulling him deep inside her, he sped up his lips on hers, moaning her name.

He knew they could draw walkers like that but he just couldn't help himself; she had that effect on him.

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Daryl had never been much into cuddling, but he found he couldn't help himself with Beth. He loved how she felt in his arms, so soft and warm.

It made him feel safe.

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He never knew he could feel like that. Because you're in mine. Can't reply, not when he has no idea what to say to that.

fast car beth and daryl dating

I love you too. One day he'll be brave enough to say it. His head hurts from the repetitive thumping bass blaring from the cheap speakers set up in the backyard. It's late and he's half expecting the cops to show up any minute. He can hear Merle leading a chant of chug, chug, chug and he wonders which unfortunate teammate is going to throw up on his front lawn in the next hour. And Beth Greene is naked in his bed.

Beth Greene

He doesn't know what to say. Because ten minutes ago she was a virgin and now she's not and, fuck, that sort of thing matters to a girl like her. She deserves her first time to be romance and flowers, and instead he's slightly buzzed and most of the football team is in his backyard partying. And will know the second they leave the room what went down. He didn't want that for her. Didn't want that for them. Trying this thing where he believes in his own self-worth.

That he is good enough, that he is good enough for her. Tries to focus on the way he made her come with his fingers and his mouth and not the way the tears pooled in her eyes when he thrust into her for the first time. Tries to focus on her little whimpers that followed, her moans as he slowly moved inside her, and not the blood staining the sheets.

fast car beth and daryl dating

However, the group protests. Dawn claims she needs Noah because Beth took his place and she needs him back. Noah reluctantly agrees as does the group until Beth hugs him goodbye before turning to Dawn. She tells Dawn she "[gets] it now", that her act of kindness was a masquerade in order to keep Beth under her subservient order.

Beth defiantly plunges a concealed pair of surgical scissors into Dawn's shoulder, causing Dawn to reflexively shoot her in the head by accident, and in turn prompting Daryl to kill Dawn in retaliation. Daryl lifts Beth's corpse and brings her out in time to see that the other survivors have returned, which include Maggie who breaks down in tears seeing Beth killed after only finding out she was alive.

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IGN 's Eric Goldman commended the development presented in the episode; "While there's no denying that Beth was pretty much a non-entity until this episode, I did like a lot of her material here with Maggie—especially when Maggie said she couldn't handle another funeral and Beth told her, 'You can't avoid it,' which is of course a very sad, very true statement, given the circumstances they're in.

We are very tired of watching survivors of a still undefined and non-wondered-about apocalypse talk other survivors into not giving up. They are two sides of a coin, and that's not something that had been entirely clear prior to this entry. First, they were just trying to get along" because they did not see "each other's point of view very well" and, later, "as the story went along they maybe became friends" and "it started to sort of go, 'Oh, what more could this be?

Could it keep going into something else? And if you're going to survive, you can't sit around mourning for very long," and that Maggie likely had unseen moments where she worried about Beth. Club stated that the episode ends in "a shocking finale which reminds us that, whatever else it's learned, the show still hasn't given up on its most beloved trick: Beth's sudden death was a shock, no question, although I imagine some viewers were expecting just such a gut-punch.