Dumber and 2 trailer latino dating

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dumber and 2 trailer latino dating

A page for describing Characters: Trailer Park Boys. However, Bubbles correctly guesses that because he's so dumb, his brain doesn't .. She's dated Ricky(season 2), Cory and Trevor(season 4), Jacob(season 7, Say Fauxreigner: In Season 10 he dates a girl he picked up in Mexico, who thinks he's Spanish, so he. Using the real Spanish Prisoner con as a plot device (more familiar to many as the .. a campaign of terror against Guy, culminating in an affair with his girlfriend . . Following the massive successes of Ace Ventura and Dumb & Dumber, this dark . 2. Devil In A Blue Dress (). An electric, powerful, neo-noir thriller from. Dumb and Dumber () movie script - Screenplays for You. The Mutt Cutt van is sandwiched between mountainous tractor-trailer trucks. .. Someone's playing a FLAMENCO GUITAR and the gang is SINGING a SPANISH SONG. . TRUCK STOP - IN THE MORNING The Mutt Cutts van pulls up to a gas pump.

You guys are fuckin' dumb! Bubbles An old friend of Ricky and Julian's, Bubbles happily lives in a shed in Sunnyvale and considers the boys to be True Companions even when he's hesitant to get into their hijinks.

dumber and 2 trailer latino dating

It's downplayed, but as a cat person Bubbles really doesn't like dogs. By far the nerdiest and most jittery guy on the show, and yet he's always right in the midst of the chaos. Do NOT threaten his kitties. Beware the Nice Ones: You never know, said nice one might have a Jerkass Split Personality channeled through a hand puppet.

Hell, he can't even see that well with 'em. Bubbles has created a few different puppets that seem to express his darker side and he gets into arguments with. He tries to adopt a mountain lion as one of his kitties. Bubbles is the best marksman of the boys, which is why whenever they plan on getting into a gunfight he's usually given something like an AK when everyone else has handguns. In the Christmas Specialthis turns out to be the reason why his parents abandoned him. His father pissed off the wrong people with his gambling debts and his parents knew that he would be safer in the park with Julian looking after him than he would be going on the run with them.

Bubbles usually manages to escape getting arrested by the police in some way, to the point that even Randy convinces the cops to let him go at one point. Subverted at the end of Seasons 4 and 8, when he ends up in jail along with Ricky and Julian. So much so, he keeps trying to make businesses centered around taking care of them. Seems to be this for Ricky and Julian. While being the heart of the boys for most of the series, recent seasons have shown him getting much more snippy, arrogant, and a big head whenever good fortune arrives to him.

His wrestler persona 'The Green Bastard'. Smart People Wear Glasses: Ricky's father Ray describes Bubbles as the "sharpest guy in the park". Bubbles has occasionally demonstrated a split personality that he expresses through puppets like Conky and the puppet he made in Season 8.

These puppets tend to express the darker side of Bubbles' personality, and come out when he's stressed or delirious, like when he had an infected tooth. When Lahey uncovers proof that he was unjustly fired from the police force decades earlier, he asks Bubbles to testify on his behalf, seeing him as the only one of the trio with even a shred of a conscience. What Were You Thinking?

He and Julian admonish Ricky for getting school kids inolved in their barbecue scheme. Ricky, those laws are there to protect kids, not to allow goofballs like you to put them in a car with no door on it and drive around the fuckin' neighbourhood stealin' barbecues! Jim Lahey Trailer park supervisor, alcoholic, and main antagonist for much of the series.

The real life actor who potrayed him John Dunsworth died from an unexpected illness on October 16,and Season 12 was his final ever appearance on the show. In later seasons he develops a rather creepy attraction to 'Sexian'. Lahey might have driven the boys out long ago if it wasn't for the fact that his default setting is sloshed. Without liquor, he's not only more levelheaded, but a borderline doormat for people.

At this point the trope could be called The Lahey. One of the most iconic moments in the series: Is this you talking, or the liquor? I am the liquor. Out of the three boys, he despises Ricky the most, and the feeling is mutual. Then in the Season 10 finale, he confesses to a comatose Ricky that he is actually his real father and not Ray.

Dumb & Dumber (1994) Official Trailer - Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels Comedy HD

On one occasion he thinks he's still a cop and goes crazy, shooting at any "perps" he can find and locking them up in the "prison" that is his repurposed shed. One of the reasons why simply calling the cops on the boys in response to their illegal activities ceases to become effective. On a good day, he's always a step ahead of the boys. Especially at the end of season 8 when he traps the boys out of nowhere and has them put in jail The kind you see real cops wear, instead of slobbering drunk supervisors.

He's undeniably kinky, but he's also apparently faithful to Randy. Lahey loves all sorts of liquor and for a while in season 5 he stuck with vodka so he could drink in plain sight but his absolute favorite is Canadian whisky. Works with the Boys on several occasions in the early seasons. Enmity with an Object: In Season 10 he carries around a breathalyzer and keeps his BAC capped to a specific level.

As his stress level builds up, he starts getting angry with it for reporting that he's not due for another drink. Even Evil Has Standards: He may be a cruel, vindictive alcoholic and holds little to nothing back in his vendetta against the boys mostly Ricky but he draws the line at mistreating the rule abiding park residents, calling Randy out in season 6 for kicking out a resident that was behind on lot fees, scolding Randy that the man in question had lived in Sunnyvale since before Randy was born.

I Am the Trope: He's famous "I am the Liquor" line, which later gets a Call-Back in "Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys" when after several failures against the Boys he has a brief identity crisis and starts thinking that maybe he's not the liquor after all, until Randy reassures him. You are the liquor, Mr. You've always been the liquor. I Am What I Am: For much of the show his greatest wish was to be reinstated to the police force, and eventually it does happen. At the end of the season, he resigns willingly, feeling that his true calling is to be a drunk trailer park supervisor.

You would expect anything else after the above trope? However, since Status Quo Is God he goes back to desperately trying to become a cop again in the next season. Even on his good days, Jim Lahey is a vicious, bitter, drunken asshole. He invokes this by name an awful lot, but usually consumes too much for it to be helpful.

Luke, I Am Your Father: At the end of season ten, it's revealed that Jim Lahey is the real father to Ricky and not Ray. Apparently Barb knew about this as well for years and the rest of the characters are still blissfully unaware since according to Lahey this information would ruin too many lives. He ends up revealing it to Ricky midway through Season 11, and they actually hit it off pretty well after the initial shock wears off. However, a blood test arranged by Julian reveals that he actually can't possibly be Ricky's father, nor could Ray.

The devastation this deals to Lahey is incredibly tragic, and sets the stage for one of his darkest psychological collapses in the series. He's clearly quite a bit older than Randy. The age difference between the actors playing them is over twenty years, and there's no evidence to suggest that the same isn't true for their characters.

In season 10 his hatred of Ricky is said to be due to his secretly being Ricky's biological father. This was clearly not the case in previous seasons. This ends up being subverted once it's revealed via blood test that he's not Ricky's father after all Likes to go into this when he's talking down to Ricky.

Took a Level in Kindness: He's quite a bit nicer, more patient, and less vindictive after being reinstated as cop. Bubbles also mentions that he used to be nice before the incident that got him fired from the police force the first time. From season 8 onward he he's less antagonistic to the boys especially Julian although he still has no issue screwing them over when it suits him. Randy Lahey's assistant and lover. He may not be the toughest but is he is all to happy to fight anybody to keep the park safe.

Lahey, and often quite an effective one. And because he's such a bastard, J-Roc and Bubbles respond by never letting him forget the first part. Randy always goes around without a shirt, but when he really gets mad he'll take off his pants, too.

When that happens whoever he's angry at is in for a world of hurt. Subverted in season 10 when he drops trow to fight Barb's enforcer Candy, who proceeds to beat him handily.

The reason he takes his pants off is because they are too tight to fight in. When he rips his pants and gets a new, more comfortable pair, he doesn't take them off anymore.

When he has his pants on, he can only get his legs so far apart, and he doesn't have that much balance, but when he's in his underwear, y'know, he can get like a football player, and he's hard to knock over, that Gosh Dang It to Heck!

Especially once he gets into pot. I Can Change My Beloved: Randy tries several things to deal with Jim's drinking.

dumber and 2 trailer latino dating

When he's on the wagon, he actively encourages his sobriety; when he starts sliding, he warns him where it's going to lead; once when went completely into the liquor, he attempted to drink with him to understand him.

It never works, and by the end of Countdown to Liquor Day, he's finally had enough. Though it should be noted that throughout any attempts to help Jim, he never attempts to tone down his own pot smoking despite Lahey's admonishments, in fact it increases.

He also attempted successfully to get Mr Lahey back on the liquor in season 9 to ruin his relationship with Barb and win him back. Despite the huge gut and weasel-y personality, he's either with Lahey or with Lucy. Or he's getting some coin on the side as a male prostitute. Sarah also calls him attractive in season 6,and Thomas Collins reffers to him as "athletic" in season 7, dispite bring very visibly overweight.

When he's on the dope which is pretty much constantly in Season 7he basically starts channelling The Tourettes Guyswearing often and loudly whenever something bad happens to him. Always refers to Jim Lahey as "Mr. Lahey," despite having been in an intimate relationship with him for years, to the point that on one occasion when the two are fighting, Randy bitterly calls him "James". The Christmas Special that takes place before the series has Barb finding Randy prostituting himself in front of a burger joint and taking him home out of pity.

When she introduces him to Jim who she is still married to at the timeRandy recognizes him as "Simon" obviously a fake name that Jim used to hire Randy. When Barb leaves, Jim tries to keep Randy from exposing his secret by telling him to never call him "Simon" again, only "Mr. Whenever Randy is gonna unwind, you can bet he's gonna put a ton of cheeseburgers on. And he is not happy whenever he's forced to wear one for whatever reason.

Season 9 finally shows why: Lucy Ricky's on-off girlfriend throughout Seasons 1 to Was hinted to be this in high school. She was also like this in high school, having flings with Sara and a few other girls. Dumb Blondethough she's still capable of calling out Ricky during his more stupid moments.

Even after becoming grand parents, Ricky and Lucy still lust over each other. Has broken up with Ricky over the idea of banging other women while Lucy herself has a long list of guys she's banged Put on a Bus: Season 11 reveals she left Sunnyvale to work as a nanny for Tom Arnold after Ricky's trailer burned down. This was due to Lucy DeCoutere leaving the series after fellow actor Mike Smith was arrested on suspected domestic assault charges although he was later cleared.

Not only has she slept with Ricky, she's also shacked up with Randy and Officer George Green, and hit on Julian and at least one member of the season 8 film crew. Season 10 reveals she also hooked up with Ricky's dad, Ray. He also finds old videotapes with a demonic being in it trying to kill a family of three by hanging them from a tree.

He fails when the rope breaks and he never actually gets to hang them. Additionally, Becky finds an old box and develops an attachment to it, and Wyatt continues to hang out with his imaginary friend. Malcolm seeks help from a paranormal psychologist named Professor Wilde. He deduces that Malcolm must have had a previous encounter with a demonic force. Malcolm thinks it has to do with Kisha. Wilde then proceeds to cook meth with some prostitutes.

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Malcolm finds himself being terrorized and taunted by Abigail, as he is getting sent crude photos from her to his phone. She also ends up burning his clothes. Later, Malcolm sees a box moving in the dark and begins to attack it in every possible way.

Megan and the kids run downstairs and tell Malcolm that what was in the box was supposed to be a surprise for him to make up for Shiloh Jr.

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And so Malcolm pulls out a horribly mangled dog. He blows its head off to put it out of its misery. Among other weird scenarios that plague the family is Becky opening her box and having a whole swarm of moths fly out.

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Malcolm fixes this by installing lights to attract bugs to their doom. He also notices the demon, which Professor Wilde says is named Aghoul, taunting him in the videos.

Although he tries to explain the weirdness to Megan and the kids, they don't believe him. To make matters worse, Malcolm comes home the next day to discover Kisha talking to Megan, looking very much not possessed.

She has told Megan that Malcolm left her in a ditch to die, and she leaves after flashing him some scary black demon eyes. Later, Malcolm sees Abigail wrote "Miss me? He tries getting rid of her by burying her, sending her to Taiwan, chopping her up and barbecueing her, but she comes back each time. Malcolm resorts to seeking help from the insane Father Doug Williams. He finds the crazy priest in a church, shanking another priest for absurd reasons. When Malcolm asks for his help, Doug only makes weird comments about the Kardashians coming after him and other men.

Malcolm leaves when he thinks he sees demons surrounding a church, but they're really just church women who make comments about Malcolm being with a white woman. Miguel comes over and offers a chicken to be used as a blood sacrifice. Malcolm ends up wrestling the chicken all across the kitchen, ending with him throwing the chicken up into the ceiling fan where it is decapitated. He and Miguel fry the remains and eat it with waffles.