Doctor and lawyer dating clients

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doctor and lawyer dating clients

Practical Practice Tips: Lawyers Lusting After Clients and Their Spouses By comparison, the rules of professional ethics for doctors are far more stringent. While this list may not be entirely up-to-date, the clear trend among. We have friends who say, “I could never date a lawyer” or “how do you about having sex with your potential clients in order to, quite literally, seal the deal. If a doctor is still single by the time he's out of med-school, make it. Lawyer hopes you're in trouble, doctor hopes you're sick, cops hope you're .. I heard of a programmer that used to put a check on the system's date in his Even the rest want you to be prosperous as you'd be their rich client.


Computer and office machine repairers. Housekeeping and janitorial services. Other therapists, including exercise physiologists. Food preparation and serving supervisors. Finally, general and operations managers commonly marry lawyers, although the genders are indeterminable. So what observations can be made from this data?

First of all, some traditions still stand. They favor mid-level professionals who have steady jobs and incomes. Also, marrying an event planner, a fundraiser or a public relations specialist can make financial sense. These are jobs that require constant networking and follow up. They usually meet with high-net-worth individuals or other pillars in the community, which can lead to potential client referrals.

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  • Practical Practice Tips: Lawyers Lusting After Clients and Their Spouses

With this arrangement, lawyers can enjoy financial benefits without having to resort to unethical fee splitting.

A solo practitioner can save a lot of money by marrying a paralegal or an administrative assistant. The couple can work together at home and save overhead costs. A female solo can do the same thing. As for female lawyers who are attracted to male actors, jewelers and farm product buyers, I assume they are independently wealthy enough to marry someone for reasons other than money. Recognition of Legal Problems EC The legal professional should help the public to recognize legal problems because such problems may not be self-revealing and often are not timely noticed.

Therefore, lawyers should encourage and participate in educational and public relations programs concerning our legal system with particular reference to legal problems that frequently arise.

EC Whether a lawyer acts properly in volunteering in-person advice to a non-lawyer to seek legal services depends upon the circumstances. The giving of advice that one should take legal action could well be in fulfillment of the duty of the legal profession to assist the public in recognizing legal problems. EC Repealed EC A lawyer who writes or speaks for the purpose of educating members of the public to recognize their legal problems should carefully refrain from giving or appearing to give a general solution applicable to all apparently similar individual problems since slight changes in fact situations may require a material variance in the applicable advice; otherwise, the public may be misled and misadvised.

Talks and writings by lawyers for non-lawyers should caution them not to attempt to solve individual problems upon the basis of the information contained therein.

Selection of a Lawyer EC Formerly a potential client usually knew the reputations of local lawyers for competency and integrity and therefore could select a practitioner in whom he or she had confidence. This traditional selection process worked well because it was initiated by the client and the choice was an informed one. EC Changed conditions, however, have seriously restricted the effectiveness of the traditional selection process.

doctor and lawyer dating clients

Often the reputations of lawyers are not sufficiently known to enable potential users of legal services to make intelligent choices. The law has become increasingly complex and specialized. Few lawyers are willing and competent to deal with every kind of legal matter, and many people have difficulty in determining the competence of lawyers to render different types of legal services.

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The selection of legal counsel is particularly difficult for transients, persons moving into new areas, persons of limited education or means, and others who have little or no contact with lawyers. Lack of information about the availability of lawyers, the qualifications of particular lawyers, the areas of law in which lawyers accept representation and the cost of legal services impedes the intelligent selection of lawyers. EC Selection of a lawyer should be made on an informed basis.

Disclosure of truthful and relevant information about lawyers and their areas of practice should assist in the making of an informed selection.

Disinterested and informed advice and recommendation of third parties--relatives, friends, acquaintances, business associates, or other lawyers--may also be helpful.

Lawyer Advertising EC The attorney client relationship is personal and unique and should not be established as a result of pressures and deceptions. EC A lawyer should ensure that the information contained in any advertising which the lawyer publishes, broadcasts or causes to be published or broadcast is relevant, is disseminated in an objective and understandable fashion, and would facilitate the prospective client's ability to select a lawyer.

A lawyer should strive to communicate such information without undue emphasis upon style and advertising stratagems which serve to hinder rather than to facilitate intelligent selection of counsel. Although communications involving puffery and claims that cannot be measured or verified are not specifically referred to in DRsuch communications would be prohibited to the extent that they are false, deceptive or misleading.

In disclosing information, by advertisements or otherwise, relating to a lawyer's education, experience or professional qualifications, special care should be taken to avoid the use of any statement or claim which is false, fraudulent, misleading, deceptive or unfair, or which is violative of any statute or rule of court.

A lawyer who advertises in a state other than New York should comply with the advertising rules or regulations applicable to lawyers in that state. EC The name under which a lawyer practices may be a factor in the selection process. The use of a trade name or an assumed name could mislead non-lawyers concerning the identity, responsibility, and status of those practicing thereunder. For many years some law firms have used a firm name retaining one or more names of deceased or retired partners and such practice is not improper if the firm is a bona fide successor of a firm in which the deceased or retired person was a member, if the use of the name is authorized by law or by contract, and if the public is not misled thereby.

However, the name of a partner who withdraws from a firm but continues to practice law should be omitted from the firm name in order to avoid misleading the public. EC A lawyer occupying a judicial, legislative, or public executive or administrative position who has the right to practice law concurrently may allow his or her name to remain in the name of the firm if the lawyer actively continues to practice law as a member thereof. If the lawyer does not have the right to practice law concurrently, the lawyer's name should be removed from the firm name, and the lawyer should not be identified as a past or present member of the firm; and the lawyer should not hold himself or herself out as being a practicing lawyer.

EC In order to avoid the possibility of misleading persons with whom a lawyer deals, a lawyer should be scrupulous in the representation of professional status.

doctor and lawyer dating clients

A lawyer should not hold himself or herself out as being a partner or associate of a law firm if not one in fact, and thus should not hold himself or herself out as being a partner or associate if the lawyer only shares offices with another lawyer. EC The following, if used in public communications or communications to a prospective client, are likely to be false, deceptive or misleading: EC The legal profession has developed lawyer referral systems designed to aid individuals who are able to pay fees but need assistance in locating lawyers competent to handle their particular problems.

Use of a lawyer referral system enables an individual to avoid an uninformed selection of a lawyer because such a system makes possible the employment of competent lawyers who have indicated an interest in the subject matter involved. Lawyers should support the principle of lawyer referral systems and should encourage the evolution of other ethical plans which aid in the selection of qualified counsel.

EC Persons unable to pay all or a portion of a reasonable fee should be able to obtain necessary legal services, and lawyers should support and participate in appropriate activities designed to achieve that objective.

Financial Ability to Employ Counsel: Persons Able to Pay Reasonable Fees EC The determination of a proper fee requires consideration of the interests of both client and lawyer. A lawyer should not charge more than a reasonable fee, for excessive cost of legal service would deter non-lawyers from using the legal system to protect their rights and to minimize and resolve disputes.

The Lawyer's Code of Professional Responsibility

Furthermore, an excessive charge abuses the professional relationship between lawyer and client. EC The determination of the reasonableness of a fee requires consideration of all relevant circumstances, including those stated in the Disciplinary Rules. The fees of a lawyer will vary according to many factors, including the time required, the lawyer's experience, ability, and reputation, the nature of the employment, the responsibility involved and the results obtained.

It is a commendable and long-standing tradition of the bar that special consideration is given in the fixing of any fee for services rendered another lawyer or a member of the lawyer's immediate family. EC As soon as feasible after a lawyer has been employed, it is desirable that a clear agreement be reached with the client as to the basis of the fee charges to be made.

doctor and lawyer dating clients

Such a course will not only prevent later misunderstanding but will also work for good relations between the lawyer and the client. It is usually beneficial to reduce to writing the understanding of the parties regarding the fee, particularly when it is contingent. A lawyer should be mindful that many persons who desire to employ a lawyer may have had little or no experience with fee charges of lawyers, and for this reason lawyers should explain fully to such persons the reasons for the particular fee arrangement proposed.

EC Contingent fee arrangements in civil cases have long been commonly accepted in the United States in proceedings to enforce claims. The historical bases of their acceptance are that 1 they often, and in a variety of circumstances, provide the only practical means by which one having a claim against another can economically afford, finance, and obtain the services of a competent lawyer to prosecute a claim, and 2 a successful prosecution of the claim produces a fund out of which the fee can be paid.

Although a lawyer generally should decline to accept employment on a contingent fee basis by one who is able to pay a reasonable fixed fee, it is not necessarily improper for a lawyer, where justified by the particular circumstances of a case, to enter into a contingent fee contract in a civil case with any client who, after being fully informed of all relevant factors, desires that arrangement. Because of the human relationships involved and the unique character of the proceedings, contingent fee arrangements in domestic relations matters are rarely justified.

In administrative agency proceedings, contingent fee contracts should be governed by the same considerations as in other civil cases.

doctor and lawyer dating clients

Public policy properly condemns contingent fee arrangements in criminal cases, largely on the ground that legal services in criminal cases do not produce a fund out of which the fee can be paid.

EC A lawyer should not accept compensation or anything of value incident to the lawyer's employment or services from one other than the client without the knowledge and consent of the client after full disclosure. EC Without the consent of the client, a lawyer should not associate in a particular matter another lawyer outside the lawyer's firm. A fee may properly be divided between lawyers properly associated if the division is in proportion to the services performed by each lawyer or, by a writing given to the client, each lawyer assumes joint responsibility for the representation and if the total fee is reasonable.