Are kurenai and asuma dating sim

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Stopping Neji from killing Hinata? Nope, 2 other Jounins stopped Date Posted: Nov 9, #1 Lol no, Asuma and her were both useless and did nothing. As a child, Kurenai met Asuma Sarutobi during the Academy entrance ceremony and graduated at age 9. Appears in, Anime, Manga, Novel, Game, Movie . he asked if they were on a date, which made Kurenai blush and made an excuse. Well out in public kurenai and asuma appeared pretty much average together like two friendly coworkers, but they were secretly lovers.

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That's the only real fight we've ever seen with her. Hinata is essentially a weak-willed woman who needs a man to help her feel good enough to do anything. She's an old-school stereotype that's persisted during ancient times that expresses that a woman cannot do anything without a man's help.

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And what exactly has she accomplished besides a continuous losing streak to men? Hinata's teacher was Kurenai. All Kurenai ever really did in the story was get pregnant.

are kurenai and asuma dating sim

I'm not saying she should be fighting in a war while pregnant, where did I say anything like that? Don't twist my words around. Before that, she isn't shown to have accomplished anything. You're just changing the issue to twist my argument around.

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I never said anything about the girl's personalities. I simply pointed out their consistent failures in accomplishing anything on their own and that the men are always shown to be superior to anything they do.

are kurenai and asuma dating sim

About seven years before the start of the series, he had a disagreement with his father and left Konoha to pursue his personal interests. He was a heavy smoker, but, despite this, he would abruptly break the habit under certain circumstances, such as when his father died [11] or learned that Kurenai was pregnant. To help them overcome their underachieving natures, he attempted to use bribery and outright trickery to manipulate them into doing what he wanted. Out of his students, Asuma spent the most time with and was closest to Shikamaru.

The two appeared together in most of their scenes, and the other characters made it a point to note this fact on several occasions. When Kakashi Hatake found the two together at a dumpling shop, Kakashi asked if they were on a date, to which Asuma responded by quickly changing the subject. When she heard of his death, she fell to her knees grief stricken. She later laid flowers on his grave during his funeral. The truth of their relationship was then made clear when Kurenai revealed that she was pregnant with Asuma's child.

She is able to skillfully fight off multiple foes at once and simultaneously strike at them with each of her limbs.

are kurenai and asuma dating sim

Shikamaru was greatly impressed by her and determined to come back alive after the incoming dangerous mission, in order to be her teacher sometime. Naruto the Movie Main article: Naruto the Movie On her second birthday, Mirai was visited by her father's studentswho gave her birthday gifts.

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The Perfect Day for a Wedding Main articles: She has also pulled Akamaru's ears, with the latter surprisingly tamed. Later, she attends Hinata and Naruto Uzumaki 's wedding alongside her mother, where she gave the bride flowers.

Being acquainted with Shikadai Nara since his birth, Mirai developed a sibling-like relationship with him since they both were being trained by his father Shikamaru Nara.

are kurenai and asuma dating sim

She would regularly use Shikadai to experiment and improve on her genjutsu. Straight after her promotion, she visited her father's grave to tell him of the news, where she encountered Shikamaru, who congratulated Mirai and handed her Asuma's chakra blades.

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Steam Ninja Scrolls Main article: Steam Ninja Scrolls Mirai leaving for her mission. After packing for the journey, she told her mother that she would be away for two to three days. Graduation Exams Arc Main article: Graduation Exams Arc In the anime, when Sarada Uchiha and Boruto Uzumaki were displeased with being put on the same genin teamthey were given the option to make a formal request to the Seventh Hokage to be reassigned.

During which, Naruto was in charge of a training session with the elite ninja of the village to better prepare for future attacks. Mirai was put in charge of making sure that no unauthorised individuals interrupted it. When the two genin came, Mirai refused to let them pass. Determined to be reassigned, Boruto and Sarada attacked. Despite being outnumbered, Mirai easily overcame their assault, exploiting their lack of synergy. When Mitsuki pointed out that the two were focusing too much on the other's actions, Sarada and Boruto readjusted themselves to better take advantage of the other's skill set while fight with their own individual style.