Are kronk and yzma dating advice

Are kronk and yzma dating

are kronk and yzma dating advice

He's hired help. He gets paid to do what Yzma says and keep his mouth shut about it. The world first met Kronk from the Disney movie "The Emperor's New I just got four pages of material that had a 'Kronk' and an 'Yzma' on it. Suddenly, Kuzco slams the door open, and Yzma tells Kronk to get the Emperor a drink. Even though Kronk's more interested in cooking dinner than carrying out.

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Of course, they forget. On their journey back to the palace, they encounter another human who has been transformed into a night owl -- a princess, in fact. All three royals have to bargain with an evil sorcerer to regain their human forms. Cuzco sat at the crossroads of the adjacent corners of all four of the major provinces of the Incan Empire.

Plenty of callbacks and visual humor punctuate the unwelcome intrusion. Pacha looks closely at some of the labels on the shelf for the potions. The very next potion over is the one for humans, but the potion in missing.

are kronk and yzma dating advice

Well, according to producer Randy Fullmer and director Mark Dindal, they both hated including this joke. Perhaps it is a bit contrived, especially for such low-hanging fruit. Chicha, on the other hand, is a much more impressive and realistic female character. Chicha appears throughout the movie instead of getting killed off in the first act.

She has opinions and motives of her own, and is a wise, loving, and not at all evil, mother. Chicha and Pacha are in a functional loving relationship with 2 precocious children, and she gets to bring the laughs on her own while interacting with the other characters.

In addition to being a great character, Chicha is the first prenant female character to appear in a Disney animated feature film, at least according to the DVD commentary.

It would have certainly gained a lot of attention for Kingdom of the Sun to cast her, which was once reportedly a near-reality. How exactly the role ended up going to Eartha Kitt is unknown. How would her take on the elitist power-hungry advisor have looked? He slips out into the streets with Kuzco stuffed in a bag on his back and starts humming and singing his own Mission Impossible-esque soundtrack. Perhaps Disney thought it was that charming and catchy.

The scene also includes a Citizen Kane reference, when Kronk has second thoughts about sending Kuzco falling over the waterfall to his death. The camera then draws out dramatically to a monkey eating a bug. The squirrel returns for vengeance.

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Out of nowhere, he inflates and bends a balloon llama and pops it with a cactus nettle. Kronk and Yzma find the squirrel themselves and ask for directions when they're searching for Kuzco to finish him off for good. Bergen has been doing voice work in TV, movies, and video games since Misty is also the name of the llama in the children's book, Secret of the Andes.

There are more subtle visual llama motifs in the film as well. During the toast, Yzma discretely dumps her drink in a potted cactus conveniently next to her. In a similar little detail, the salt shakers at the diner Kuzco and Pacha stop at are shaped like llamas as well. Pacha has gotten back to the street level. He wanders into what appears to be a cardboard cutout model of his village before a group of soldiers marching to the following chant appears: As a running gag, he can never remember that Principal Amzy is really Yzma, and as a result, thinks he is in trouble when Yzma calls for him.

In the last episode, he tells Yzma how obvious her disguise is, but when asked how long he has known, he replies "About three episodes back. In a rather fitting irony of the show's outcome, Kuzco appoints Kronk his new advisor since he sometimes gives thoughtful, eloquent advicewhile Yzma is his assistant.

Other characters[ edit ] Chicha: Throughout most of the first film, she is heavily pregnant with her third child, Yupi, who is born before the final scene. She was voiced by Wendie Malick. Pacha and Chicha's children, who constantly try to one-up each other and compete for their father's attentions.

Chaca is a little 7-year-old [4] girl, has pigtailsa yellow shawl and a red skirt with her bellybutton showing up.

Are kronk and yzma dating

Her name is not mentioned in the first film, though. Her younger brother is Tipo, who is a 6-year-old. Matta likes to cook weird stuff such as octopus burgers, and speaks in cafeteria speech when she talks.

are kronk and yzma dating advice

She was voiced by Patti Deutsch. He warns Pacha about this, and Kuzco apologizes to him at the end of the film, which he accepts with good grace. In Kronk's New Groove, Rudy and his friends from the old folks' home are tricked by Yzma, who sells them sewer slime as a youth potion. They have to sell their home to pay for it, but Kronk gives them their home back. Rudy was voiced by John Fiedler and currently by Travis Oates. Bucky later tells Kronk and Yzma which way Kuzco went, and appears in the final scene as Kronk's helper in teaching squirrel talking.

Bucky makes various appearances in The Emperor's New School. He was Kuzco's tutor in the episode "Squeakend at Bucky's". Bucky was voiced by Bob Bergen in all of his appearances. Kronk's love interest in Kronk's New Groove.

are kronk and yzma dating advice

Like Kronk, Birdwell is a camp counselor. When Tipo pulls a prank to win the camp championships and is caught, Kronk protects the boy at the cost of alienating his love.