Are kaitlyn weaver and andrew poje dating

Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje on being the perfect pair

are kaitlyn weaver and andrew poje dating

For Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje, the partnership that comes with pairs skating is one of complimentary skillsets and emotional makeups. As Shanghai's world figure skating championships heated up the skating world this week, fans zero in on skaters' performances -- and love. Wea Po Family's got your back during the last ten years, and will stay with you for the rest of the journey - and it's going to be a beautiful, beautiful.

are kaitlyn weaver and andrew poje dating

But figure skaters admit their sport has some of the more quirky rituals. Many of these can be found in pairs and ice dance, where the skaters seek out an intangible emotional link with their partner right before they hit the ice.

Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje understand partnership is about balance

They are not the kind of strategies you can expect to find the hockey players or snowboarders using. But figure skating is a different game. The connection moment can take different forms depending on the pairs team or ice-dance duo, but they've all got one.

are kaitlyn weaver and andrew poje dating

On competition day in Sochi, Moir said he and Virtue will make a point of having a quiet precompetition meal together "or at least take a couple of minutes when we get to the rink and just chat.

A lot of the oddities in figure skating also happen in plain view on the ice, which makes the sport a fascinating game within a game to observe.

Figure skating partners rely on ‘a whole conversation you can’t see’

Look closely at some of the world's best over the next two weeks and you'll see some unusual things — details so small they go unnoticed even by the judges. In the middle of a spin, some pairs skaters will talk to each other. And before the man lifts his partner over his head, she may whisper in his ear. Performing in her first Olympics with partner Dylan Moscovitch, Moore-Towers expects she'll be saying a lot on the ice.

Look carefully, and you may see her lips moving. Heading into a lift, they might tell each other to "curve," a word that reminds them to focus on form. She also tries to not make it too obvious: Watch the Canadians in a spin, and you may see them chatting. They were sent to the Four Continents where they won the gold medal. They did not qualify for the Olympic or World team.

Are kaitlyn weaver and andrew poje dating -

They qualified for their first Grand Prix Finalwhere they finished 5th. They were fourth at the Four Continents. They were sent to the World Championships and placed 5th, a significant improvement over their previous best result of 17th at the event.

are kaitlyn weaver and andrew poje dating

They took the bronze medal at Four Continents before ending their season at the World Championshipswhere they placed fourth. Weaver fractured her left fibula on December 14, when she fell into the boards during training in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and underwent surgery on December 18 in Toronto.

are kaitlyn weaver and andrew poje dating

After taking silver at the Canadian Championshipsthey were selected to represent Canada at the Winter Olympics in Sochiwhere they finished seventh.

They capped off the season with a bronze medal at the World Figure Skating Championships. However, they received the feedback from the judges that their Elvis Presley medley did not have clear rhythm required for the short dance. The team capped of their season with a fifth-place finish at the World Figure Skating Championships.